Ideas for the kitchen: perfect interior design with a mezzanine for the large – design ideas and solutions for the room

Kitchen decoration: design ideas and solutions

Psychologists advise changing the atmosphere in the house as often as possible, if not thoroughly, then at least move furniture from time to time, looking at design ideas. But if possible, it is better to radically change everything: style, color, furniture. Even their own stereotypes about how a home should look like. And it is better to start such drastic alterations from the kitchen.

Ideas for decoration

design ideas for the kitchen

Kitchen design even in an ordinary apartment can be extraordinary

How to equip the kitchen correctly

There are many ideas for decorating kitchens. But, regardless of the choice, you need to remember a few rules:

  • kitchen utensils and equipment needed for cooking should be no more than one step apart;
  • the atmosphere of the kitchen should be conducive to a good appetite;
  • the kitchen must have at least two work surfaces;
  • salt shakers, pepper shakers, sugar bowls, containers with vegetable oil must be in two: one next to the work table, the other with the stove, then they will be at arm’s length.

When setting up your kitchen, it is important to consider the following:

  • wall covering material;
  • general color scheme;
  • choice of flooring for the floor;
  • type of kitchen apron panel;
  • construction and materials, such as stone sinks;
  • a set of household appliances and their placement.

It is better to store constantly used items on open shelves.

Let’s figure it out in more detail:

  • If the kitchen windows face north, then you should not use cold tones as the main colors. If to the south side, then the bright colors will only intensify with the sunny color, and this can quickly lead to fatigue.
  • It should also be remembered that light tones visually expand the space, and deep dark tones reduce it.
  • It has been proven that there are colors and color combinations that reduce appetite, and there are, on the contrary, provocative ones. German psychologists say that the combination of gray and pink dulls appetite, while orange excites it. However, this feature can be taken into account not so much in the design of the walls as in the details of the interior (paintings, appliqués, dishes, and so on).
  • Splashes of fat, soot, food stains are the scourge of a neat housewife. To make it easier for her to bring cleanliness and order, it is necessary to choose the right wall and floor coverings. Now there is a tendency to divide the kitchen into functional zones, so there is no need to glue all the walls with washable wallpaper. In addition, sometimes it does not fit with the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200b designing the entire kitchen. It is enough to cover the “stain-prone” part with easily washable materials.
  • It is worth putting linoleum on the floor, but if in the family it is mainly one adult neat person who cooks, then it can be a laminate. Some put ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor. It is comfortable with it only if it is laid on a warm electric floor system. Otherwise, with all the hygiene, it will cause discomfort, since it is cold and traumatic: it has a slippery surface.
  • An important detail is the apron. It carries two loads: it protects from dirt and at the same time is an interesting design element.
design ideas for the kitchen

The ideal kitchen consists of many small details that make the room comfortable.

The sink can take over some of the functions of the desktop: now there are cutting boards that are attached to the walls of the sink, devices for processing vegetables that are also installed in the sink. It can also play a role in the design of the kitchen.

There are two main requirements for kitchen furniture:

  • it must be strong enough (how many times a day are some kitchen cabinets opened and closed?);
  • roomy enough.

It is good when part or all of the furniture is built-in.

There is a minimal modern set of kitchen appliances:

Everything else is at the request of the hostess. But cluttering the kitchen with appliances is also not worth it. Practice shows that in addition to the above technique, the hostess uses one or two more devices: an electric kettle, a multicooker, a mixer or an electric cooker.

When they begin to discuss the arrangement of the kitchen, they mainly talk about the convenience of the working area, and this is wrong. The kitchen is a dining room and a place to socialize, no matter how small. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the second zone of the kitchen. Read here how to choose an electric stove for the kitchen.

The dining table should be as large as possible in the area. If possible, do not fold it. Imagine how many times you need to perform this action. In addition, the dining table is often the second work surface for food preparation, and it is, as a rule, always in short supply.

There is one more nuance that few people take into account. This is the organization of a cozy corner in the kitchen. Whatever the kitchen, you can try to put a comfortable compact chair there. If you cover with a checkered blanket, put a small soft toy on the back, but several books, a basket of knitting on a shelf next to it, then this will change the whole look of the kitchen, shift accents.

design ideas for the kitchen

A cozy place in the kitchen will always come in handy for friendly gatherings

And to put an old relative, a dear guest there, to sit for the hostess herself with work or a book – what could be more sincere. Ideally, a TV could be installed in front of the armchair. A small old-fashioned knitted rug on the floor would also be appropriate.

Fashionable interior trends

The fashion for everything is constantly changing. She looked into the kitchen too. What is the trend in kitchen decoration now, as they say?

  • Copper and brass are returning to the kitchen. Nickel and steel are no longer in vogue, although metal sinks are indispensable in modern interiors, like hi-tech. Fashion brought back the comfort and warmth of 19th century kitchens. In this case, parts made of copper and brass should be in plain sight.
design ideas for the kitchen

Copper and brass in the interior of the kitchen bring romance and warmth to the kitchen.

  • Wood does not leave the kitchen: wooden wall coverings, beams made of solid pieces, for example, for a loft-style ceiling, not to mention furniture, the facade of which is now usually made only of natural wood.
design ideas for the kitchen

Wood looks warm in the kitchen and adds coziness.

  • Compact sinks are in great fashion, better angular ones. Moreover, such compactness that, perhaps, you can only wash a cup in them comfortably.
Design ideas for the kitchen

The trend of recent years is small sinks, for one cup.

  • Monochrome bases are relevant, especially in the Scandinavian countries: glass and marble surfaces, wooden wall panels.
design ideas for the kitchen

Glass is irreplaceable in modern interiors.

  • Bright unusual aprons, often with exotic elements, laid out of tiles, painted in different techniques – the trend of the season.
design ideas for the kitchen

Bright aprons above the work area will liven up the interior.

  • A large number of different lamps, when every detail is illuminated: light in cupboards, on open shelves, above the stove, above the dining table, above the workbench, plus sconces on the walls — a modern trend.
design ideas for the kitchen

The light in the kitchen is simply irreplaceable

  • For ultra-modern solutions, black matte or glass countertops.
Design ideas for the kitchen

Black countertops just look chic.

  • Open shelves, all kinds of shelves and shelves, crockery hooks with handles – all this in a modern kitchen should take up space from floor to ceiling.
design ideas for the kitchen

Open shelves look cute and simple in a rustic way


Each kitchen is unique. The character of the mistress of the house should be manifested in it. The first rule of any room, especially relevant for the kitchen, is that it should not be impersonal. Remember Soviet-era kitchens in apartments? White (light gray or pale blue) headset stretched along the wall. The table and stools from it are closer to the window, the refrigerator is on the opposite wall.

And now modern design ideas, to which each hostess can apply her own:

  • Combination of antiquity and modern trends; Antique wall decoration: stone, wood that can even be smoked a little, kitchen utensils in a retro style and ultra-modern household appliances displayed in a prominent place.
  • Modern design. Geometric lines, a lot of light, light colors of decoration, a minimum of decor: on the walls there are a couple of designer plates or applications with a geometric pattern, window design with roman blinds, on the windowsill there is a flower in a long rectangular pot. Chairs in bright colors and unusual shapes, a table that contrasts in color with the chairs.
  • Ultra-modern cuisine. Wardrobes with frosted glass walls, a high table – an island with a metal hood. Bar stools, tiled floor. An abundance of household appliances in prominent places. For example, the coffee maker can be placed directly on the table.
  • Small white kitchens. The name speaks for itself. Furniture fronts, table, chairs, sink and kitchen apron in white. But in the rest of the decoration – utensils, sets, decorative plates and so on, can be sustained in two or three bright colors. The walls are decorated in pastel colors, the floor is light.
  • Black and white stylish contrast. The facades of kitchen furniture either alternate: white-black, or completely white, then the countertops are necessarily black. The floor and walls are in light gray shades. The curtains are double – the first layer is black, the second is white.
  • Playful lighting. Lamps with different shades and caps are installed in the kitchen so that the light falls in circles, stripes, squares and has different shades. Furniture in this case should be glossy in order to better reflect this color.
  • Kitchens in different colors. Especially in fashion now kitchens of blue and purple. As a rule, this option looks good in large kitchens, when furniture is pulled along the wall, and a long table is placed parallel to it. Read also our article “Feng Shui Color”. The facades of the headset are maintained in these colors, and the walls, countertops, sink are in all sorts of shades of the main color. Curtains can be sewn from fabrics of several colors.
  • Bright variegation. Using multiple colors at once. It all depends on the imagination of the owners.
  • Colored lawn. Wallpaper in flowers, the apron is painted with flowers, on the walls there are paintings with bouquets, curtains with a floral print.
design ideas for the kitchen

Nice little things will make the kitchen more interesting

Here are a few more ideas in a nutshell:

  • different colors of upper and lower cabinets;
  • mix of different styles;
  • an old-fashioned sideboard or slide among modern furniture;
  • illuminated open shelves under the ceiling for decorative utensils;
  • a small sofa under the window;
  • decorative utensils on small shelves throughout the kitchen.

Planning and renovation

Small kitchen

You can diversify the arrangement of furniture by placing a sink by the window. Thus, the furniture will be arranged in a circle, and the table will be located in the center, while it will be possible to select a corner for an armchair or a flower in a large flowerpot.

Large room

Find out how to make a large kitchen in a private house convenient and practical here.

The manor kitchen is characterized by a large number of bunches of dry herbs, braids of onions and garlic, and baskets of apples.

Combined with the living room

The very idea of ​​designing a living room kitchen came to us from the West, where large dinners are not cooked at home, limited to light dinners and semi-finished breakfasts. And the guests are offered drinks and sandwiches. But this version of the interior has taken root with us.

  • For the visual separation of the two zones, it is customary to use materials of different texture and color for decorating the kitchen, its walls and floor.
  • The podium reception looks good when the kitchen floor is higher than the living room floor.
  • When tearing down the wall separating the two rooms, you can leave small protrusions on one side and the other, which creates the feeling of two different rooms.
  • You can use different levels of illumination: there is more light in the kitchen, in the living room it is muffled.
  • Less commonly, they use a different design of these premises: for example, a loft in the kitchen, country music in the living room.
  • They are also divided by a table such as a bar counter or an island table.
  • In such a room, the idea of ​​the architect Rohe, which arose at the beginning of the last century, about a smooth transition from one space to another, is well embodied. This technique is mainly used in the style of minimalism, loft, country.

DIY decor

design ideas for the kitchen

Nice to spend time in a beautiful kitchen

Wall applications

Applications are made of different materials, more often textile and paper.

  • The most interesting are textile appliques made using patchwork technique. Such wall decor is suitable for any interior style: a geometric ornament made of plain fabrics closer to minimalism, to any modern kitchen design, flower bouquets in colorful vases to a rustic style.
  • Paper applications are made using origami technique, quilling, facing.
  • Bright children’s most naive drawings, appropriately decorated, will add coziness and a special home atmosphere to the kitchen.

Applications can be framed or placed on the wall in the form of a panel.

A large wooden frame attached directly to the wall looks good, inside which there are photographs, applications, drawings. This placement gives the impression of the integrity and completeness of the design. In the same way, it is worth arranging photowall-paper, using them allows you to highlight the dining area.

Furniture decoration

To decorate furniture, use small napkins for vases, jugs, decanters, baking baskets. They can be either colored or solid, depending on the style and idea.

  • For this purpose, do-it-yourself chair covers are made, both for the entire chair and for its parts: a seat or backrest is often with strings and ribbons;
  • in some styles, for example country, fabric screens are often used instead of doors in wardrobes and mezzanines;
  • cover all open shelves with napkins;
  • the tablecloth on the dining table also looks cozy;
  • often kitchen textiles, including curtains, are kept not only in one color scheme, but also in the same style. For example, curtains, a tablecloth, and napkins from a plain fabric with ruffles from a fabric with a floral print.

Flowers, ikebana, designer crafts

Flowers are an important detail that does not get enough attention. But they should not fill an empty window sill, but play a role in creating the interior.

  • For country style, it is better to use not indoor flowers, but spices and herbs planted in old pots. For example, basil and marjoram look good, especially when trimmed.
  • There is a very interesting and delicious way to design a green kitchen in a modern style. Plastic bottles are taken, connected with a garland in any way, each is filled with earth, and several holes are made in it, into which two or three seeds of lettuce of different varieties are planted, the structure is hung closer to the window. The salad grows and the garland turns into a riot of greenery.
  • All types of small palms are suitable for ethno style, for loft ─ zamiokulkas, dzhunkus, nolina.
  • For a rustic flavor, it is worth filling the windowsill with geraniums and begonias.

Ikebana is a universal decoration for any room. If possible, it is better to put the vase on a separate table or, if it is large, in a special corner. At the same time, it is worth taking an old, faience vase, preferably with cracks and chips, dull, monochromatic, so that it does not distract from the composition itself.

Crafts will give it individuality and originality. Various home-made interior dolls look especially interesting, which can fill the empty space on the shelves, find a place for themselves right on the desktop, on the corner of the sofa. The kitchen immediately has its own face, it is worth such a small collection to settle there. As part of this question, it is useful to read about how to create a bottle decor for decorating the kitchen with your own hands.

Organization of space

design ideas for the kitchen

Storing food in the kitchen is especially relevant for small kitchens.


In addition to cabinets in the kitchen, you can arrange several convenient storage places:

  • drawers that can be organized under the bench seats;
  • instead of stools, container boxes on wheels;
  • if there is no battery under the window, then the window sill should be extended by arranging a shallow mezzanine under it;
  • a good idea with a dish bowl ─ a purely piece of kitchen furniture, a modern dish bowl can accommodate not only plates, but also jars with spices, interior dolls, jugs ─ everything that decorates the interior, especially in a private house;
  • the mezzanine above the door is not a new idea, but such a mezzanine, including an open one, can be arranged anywhere in the kitchen, if the ceilings are high enough.

Order at home

design ideas for the kitchen

Order in the kitchen, an irreplaceable attribute of any interesting design, which will simply get lost in the chaos.

There are some simple ways to keep your kitchen tidy:

  • do not stuff things into boxes according to the principle: if only everything fits;
  • use drawers – organizers with compartments for small items;
  • there should be more space in cabinets and mezzanines than is required;
  • keep most of the constantly used items in sight, this will make you keep them in order;
  • have a large number of coasters, containers, drawers for different sizes, where you can put everything from knives to spices and fruits.
  • make sure that there are always hot coasters, oven mitts, kitchen towels, sponges at hand.
design ideas for the kitchen

Kitchen décor will help make your kitchen unique and individual.

Remember: the layout, coziness, and comfort in your kitchen are in your hands. There are many design ideas, it is important to choose the one that will help reflect your personality. For inspiration, you can read about how to create patterns of potholders from flaps with your own hands.


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