White kitchen interior: modern design solutions for a small kitchen

White kitchen interior: modern interior design with appliances and furniture in light colors for a small kitchen with a wooden countertop

White kitchens of any style are, first of all, a flight of imagination in the design of decor, in accents of color. White furniture and white decoration of the walls and ceiling are just the basis for filling the interior with individual features. And to cleanliness, freshness, an abundance of light and air, a feeling of comfort and tranquility will be added.

White interior

In recent years, white has been very popular in the interior of the kitchen. This is due to the fact that

white kitchen interior
  • finishing materials and paints have become more perfect;
  • the quality of household chemicals and equipment allows you to quickly clean, so it is easy to take care of the white countertop;
  • white color visually expands the premises, which is important in small spaces of apartments;
  • he tunes in a cheerful mood and treats depression.

And here you need to follow some rules:

  1. The main problem with such an interior is that any dark object, the color of which cannot be changed, will be inappropriate to attract attention ; for example, fireplace, artificial stone sink, hob burners; hence the first rule: try to avoid unnecessary dark spots, mask them .
  2. The second rule: simple shapes make the white interior solid, and complex ones give it dynamics.
  3. Third: a simple white interior causes boredom, so it is necessary to introduce elements here that are pleasant to stop the eye: vignettes, complex textures, volumetric patterns, and so on.
  4. Fourth: the difficulty is created by the selection of lighting, it must be designed so that the desired shade of white is not distorted.
white kitchen interior

A contrasting apron will liven up the kitchen interior.

The difference in textures: roughness, gloss, transparency creates an interesting play of light and shadow in white interiors.



  • bleached, with stucco molding; it is made around the perimeter or in the form of a plafond in the center;
  • hinged;
  • tension.


  • whitewashed boards;
  • light-colored tiles (cream, baked milk, light sand);
  • laminate of any shade.

white kitchen interior


  • plastered;
  • decorated with textured wallpaper;
  • with bleached wood panels.


  • classic suite with straight lines and a convex facade;
  • a cupboard completely with glass doors looks good in such kitchens;
  • lightness and airiness will be added by open shelves instead of upper cabinets;
  • if you do not deviate from the classic headset, then it is better to choose the upper shelves with glass doors.


  • curtains with any shade of white and embossed patterns;
  • tulle ─ white organza.

Some design features:

white kitchen interior
  • small wooden tables look good in such kitchens , in this case the floor should be the same color as the table or laid out in a cage: white and in the color of wood;
  • furniture can be made in different styles; furniture from different eras can also be used;
  • one of the walls can be wooden or decorated with wood, this will create a softer atmosphere and set off the main white color;
  • you can create a bright spot on a white background using a kitchen apron: it can be tiled in a checkerboard pattern, alternating white with any bright one;
  • in a white kitchen, the use of chrome equipment and dishes is successful;
  • nowadays, an island is often installed in such kitchens;
  • you can arrange niches using drywall and place cabinets there;
  • kitchen options are in vogue, where white furniture and kitchen appliances are placed against the background of walls decorated with wallpaper with a bright or somewhat darkish pattern.

Completely white kitchens look only when the rest of the apartment has a bright interior.


white kitchen interior

Modern is an interesting and unusual style, the highlight of which is in the details.

Modern is a universal style; any materials are suitable for its creation.

Walls. They can be finished:

  • decorative plaster;
  • whitewash;
  • wallpaper;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • the above materials can be combined.

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white kitchen interior


  • better hinged, with built-in lamps;
  • the multilevel ceiling looks good;
  • can be bleached, with stucco molding, but stucco molding should have geometric shapes.


  • tiled with dark tiles to contrast with white walls and furniture;
  • you can use a dark gray, almost black stone.


  • decorated with curtains with a metallic sheen and an asymmetric shape;
  • curtains can be panel, Roman, roller;


  • modern spotlights or metallic shades are suitable for this style;
  • there should be a lot of light, every corner is illuminated, the light is blurry, soft.

Art Nouveau kitchens are filled with expensive household appliances on display, all in a metallic shade.


white kitchen interior
  • furniture of the correct geometric shape;
  • transformer cabinets and tables;
  • all shelves are closed;
  • glossy facades;
  • chrome and matte handles;
  • glass dining table and transparent chairs;
  • a white apron in the kitchen can be matte or glossy.


Scandinavian style is a good option for low-budget renovations.

white kitchen interior

Scandinavian cuisine must be combined with warmth: southern windows or underfloor heating, which will add coziness to the room.

Cold tones always prevail in Scandinavian-style cuisine. But if you want a white, cozy room, a Provence style kitchen will suit you.

  • One wall can be decorated with white stone or white brick tiles , the rest with textured white wallpaper or simply whitewashed;
  • the furniture is the simplest , with many shelves with glass doors, from floor to ceiling; there are no cabinets above the work table, there are several simple shelves;
  • Scandinavian cuisine is characterized by the presence of a large number of folding furniture: reclining tables and benches attached to the windowsill or wall, narrow high tables like a bar counter (it is believed that these tables were invented by the Scandinavians in order to save space);
white kitchen interior
  • in white Scandinavian kitchens, you can select a dining area and decorate the wall near the table with a large forest or northern seascape; this will help to set accents, and a white kitchen will look somewhat different than a faceless cold space; the same can be achieved by laying a wooden floor and making a kitchen with a wooden countertop ;
  • it is better to buy lamps with oblong or round shades and hang them in several places in the kitchen; if the kitchen is completely white, then the lamps can be rich blue or green (the same can be done if the kitchen is decorated with a landscape, the lamps are chosen according to its main color);
  • equipment can be white or steel color ;
  • there must be a clock hanging on the wall; they can be with white, steel, the color of the lamps, wooden dial.


white kitchen interior

A modern kitchen in white blends well with glass.

Modern style is unobtrusive details, lightness and practicality of furniture.


white kitchen interior

Chalet style elements can be used in the loft kitchen

The loft style is just a fountain of design ideas. This is the style of an abandoned attic, abandoned industrial building.

white kitchen interior
  • Here, stone and brick walls, painted white, untreated whitewashed concrete will be appropriate, the tiles do not fit the style of the loft kitchen ;
  • metal surfaces of the kitchen apron and sink; kitchen appliances of the last century: a white-bellied refrigerator, a manual coffee grinder, an old electric kettle;
  • minimalist furniture, austere white, with a thin metal finish ;
  • blinds on the windows;
  • long ceiling lamps, it is good if they are white on the inside and metallic on the outside.

Beautiful kitchen

white kitchen interior

The combination of white and green looks fresh.

How to avoid mistakes

When decorating a white kitchen, you need to remember that white color has many shades that are successfully used to create a “white” interior:

white kitchen interior
  • lactic;
  • creamy;
  • melted milk;
  • unbleached wool;
  • cream;
  • white with gray or blue;

You can’t have only one white color in the kitchen. A number of details must be of a different color. In a white kitchen, it is imperative to use a variety of forms: furniture, wall textures, lamps, furniture handles.


white kitchen interior

Wood in a white kitchen adds warmth

For a white kitchen, decor plays an important role, it is he who makes the kitchen cozy and warm:

  • furniture in a white kitchen, especially in a classic style, can be decorated with gilded handles ;
  • it is good to place two or three large magnets of different colors on the refrigerator;
  • put a bright beach bag on the windowsill and nightstand, hang a hat with bright ribbons on the edge of the shelf (reception of a random forgotten detail), suitable for classic and modern style;
white kitchen interior
  • paint the wall above the table (or decorate with stickers) with fruits, vegetables, cups, teapots, and so on, stretch the entire drawing into one or two stripes;
  • put a bright striped long carpet on the floor (especially suitable for loft style, modern, Scandinavian style);
  • make a narrow small shelf above the stove for numerous bright spice jars;
  • paint cabinet doors or a fragment of the wall in the style of children’s drawings.

Colored accents

white kitchen interior

Colored fronts will make the kitchen more interesting

There are several solutions here:

  • arrange several indoor plants in bright pots (juicy greens, red, blue, orange pots) ;
  • hang decorative painted plates on the walls (if there are already pots, then the plates should match in color);
  • the dishes must be bright, jugs, cups, milk jugs, vases of several bright colors — blue, yellow, lilac and so on — look good;
  • materials in peas and a cage give an interesting color: dishes, towels and napkins, curtains, chair covers;
  • you can color two or three kitchen doors;
  • helps in the decor of the kitchen and the design of the apron: it can be laid out with tiles in a checkerboard pattern, alternating between white and colored tiles;
  • you can place a large bright picture, tapestry, textile applique on one of the walls.
A bouquet of flowers on the table can play the role of a color accent in a snow-white kitchen

The interior, built mainly on white, is original, but creating such a kitchen is not an easy task even for an experienced designer. But, if you still want to create a snow-white kitchen – go for it!


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