Best Kitchen Interior Design

The best kitchen interior design is one of the most important interior in any home. In this part of the house there is usually a lot of life, not only when it comes to cooking, but also for eating or spending time with the family. This causes manufacturers to launch new innovations in kitchen furniture every season to offer to users who are thinking of purchasing new furniture. For this reason, today we want to tell you about some of the trends in kitchen furniture that will accompany us throughout this year 2020 . We will talk about what for us are the most important but you can find more here . Let’s start with this review of the main trends that the kitchen furniture market brings us.

best kitchen interior design 2020

best kitchen interior design

Furniture without handles

Although handleless furniture has been part of kitchens around the world for some time now, this year will be when this type of furniture will be most accentuated. With its absence, furniture with a more modernist line is obtained , resembling a living room furniture. This can be seen as a consequence of the design trend of kitchens that open to the living room, seeking to continue with that same line of furniture.

Furniture in dark shades

When choosing the shade of the furniture, the dark colors will be the ones that lead the way. With this we do not mean that white kitchens are not in demand, but dark tones will be more and more protagonists. It will be possible to find shades ranging from earth tones to completely black furniture . Regardless of the choice, dark tones will help us create more elegant and sober kitchens, with unique and different designs.

Porcelain and natural stone Counter tops

With each passing year, the porcelain worktop manufacturing process improves, imitating better the colors and veining of natural stone, which means that this material is increasingly demanded by customers. Despite this, natural stone will remain the jewel in the crown and the favorite choice of most people. Its hardness and its wide variety of models make it a highly demanded material.

Wooden furniture

People are increasingly aware of the environment, which is why people tend to look for natural materials when dressing any room in the house. The kitchen was not going to be less, being more and more common that the furniture is made of wood, a material that provides quality and elegance . Of course, make sure that the wood comes from certified forests.

Hoods built into the hob or hob

Kitchen campaigns is a sector that is in constant movement, working to launch new designs. For some years now, hoods have been offered that are integrated into the hob or the worktop , improving these systems with each new development. Its use will help us to gain space in the kitchen, in addition to being hidden from the view of people

Showcases with glass

Showcases are a type of furniture that takes us back to the past , to our grandmothers’ kitchens. Now they are back in fashion, with built-in lighting that will allow us to show off all those things that we keep inside, for example, glassware or tableware.


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