Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen

Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen

How to organize base cabinets the best, which cutlery is the right one, which waste separation systems are there, is a pharmacy extract useful or rather a storage cabinet with internal pull-outs? Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen are very well described here.

A range of innovations and clever features make living and working in the kitchen comfortable and functional. Because comfortable work has a lot to do with perfect organization. Which makes daily kitchen work easier and creates order.

In our guide you will find suggestions and a wide range of practical kitchen cabinets, storage space options and kitchen helpers, such as individual pull-outs and drawers, space-saving corner cabinets and clever solutions for storage in tall cabinets.

Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen

Interior For Pull-Outs

Rattling Is Part Of The Craft – In The Kitchen Better Not!

Chaos in the kitchen and in the cupboards where it rattles, crunches, rustles and crackles? That does not have to be anymore. Cabinets with pull-outs are more practical and comfortable than cabinets with doors. Because they provide convenient access to the contents due to the pull-outs.

For drawer cabinets, there are a variety of individual solutions for storing and organizing food, dishes, pots and even crates.

Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen
  • Internal organization with transverse and longitudinal separator: This flexible internal organization system makes it easy to keep order in the pull-out cabinet. With few resources you have a tidy roomy wonder in which even guests are welcome to take a look – even without notice.
  • Solid wood walls: Thanks to flexible solid wood walls, a Vario insert ensures that the good porcelain is protected and stands securely. Pots are no longer beating each other and stocks are neatly sorted. They are available in light beech or ash dark gray.
  • With solid wood bars: With solid wood bars, pull-outs can be set up individually and the contents safely stabilized.
  • Interior organization Move: The variable internal organization system made of solid wood offers individual solutions. The compartments can be arranged as desired and required to sort the content.
  • High-capacity extension: In a base cabinet with large-capacity drawer, two crates can be easily accommodated.
  • Arrangement system pantry box: The internal organizer system is ideal for storing fresh food such as potatoes, onions or carrots. The insert is equipped with a practical plastic grid and a carrying box.
With transverse and longitudinal separator
Interior organization with solid wood walls
 With solid wood bars
Interior organization Move
Large room extract for beverage crates
Arrangement system pantry box

Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen: Interior Fittings For Drawers

Cutlery and kitchen accessories want to be well organized .

Everybody knows the famous junk drawer in his kitchen. Here you will find objects that are used daily or must be within easy reach. Kitchen helpers, scissors and cutlery like to be confused. And cause stress during kitchen work. Different drawer inserts help to organize in a simple and functional way. The equipment options are varied: Cutlery, kitchen utensils, spices, knife block and kitchen foils can be clearly arranged in excerpts.

  • Cutlery insert made of wood: If you value a high-quality, natural material and a modern look. A wooden cutlery insert is an excellently processed and robust alternative. Whether in beech or in the noble ash dark gray. The cutlery insert can be supplemented with film dispensers or inserts for knives.
  • Cutlery insert with flexible division: A translucent cutlery insert is not only practical and hygienic. But also a real eye-catcher. The dividers can be removed so that the cross-divider can be completely adjusted as needed. And the compartments can be easily cleaned. The webs can then be easily postponed.
  • Cutlery insert made of plastic: The cutlery insert convinces with practical comfort and a high standard of hygiene. With its fine pearl structure with soft-feel surface, the insert also has an anti-slip feature that prevents the sharp cutlery from damaging the end walls.
  • Cutlery insert Move: Real wood and metal characterize the high quality and variable internal organization system. The subjects can be put together arbitrarily and can be reorganized again and again in a few simple steps. The anti-slip mat ensures that everything stays in its place.
Wooden cutlery in beech
Wooden cutlery in ash dark gray
Cutlery insert with flexible division
Plastic cutlery insert
Cutlery insert MOVE

Drawers Can Do Even More 

If you only think of the good old cutlery drawer when it comes to drawer fittings, you will be amazed by the clever equipment details that drawers still offer.

  • Pull-out table in the drawer: A pull-out table can be concealed in the kitchen drawer , ideal for small kitchens as a dining table or as an additional work surface.
  • Electric food slicer: there is also room for an electric food slicer in the drawer. When it is not needed, it disappears folded in the drawer.
  • Child-proof drawers: A child-proof lock prevents the drawer from being pulled open as usual. With a little trick, pulling a handle on the bottom of the drawer, it can be opened effortlessly. Safe and practical – to protect the little ones with easy handling for the big ones.
  • Drawer in an internal drawer: The cutlery drawer can also be concealed in an interior drawer – ideal for a continuous and jointless kitchen look, especially for a handle-free and large-area fronts design of designer kitchens.
Pull-out table in the drawer
Electric food slicer
Child-safe drawers
Drawer in an internal extension

Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen: Corner Cupboards Perfectly Used

In every fitted kitchen, which is planned in L-shape or U-shape, there are corners that would remain unused without thought-out solutions. Corner cabinets are therefore the perfect solution to optimally use the available space in the corner. There are various equipment options for corner cabinets, which make clever use of the space and at the same time are incredibly practical.

  • Corner cupboard with swivel extension: The so-called Le Mans base cabinet convinces with a practical and clear use of the corner areas in the kitchen. The height-adjustable shelves are easy to pull out and are ideal for storing cookware.
  • Carousel Corner Cabinet : This variant is equipped with two rotatable railing shelves, which are also height-adjustable. The carousel corner cabinet provides space in the corner for pots, pans, casserole dishes and more.
  • Corner cupboard with shelves: This solid variant of the corner cupboard has two shelves that reach into the corner.
  • Corner cupboard with pull-outs: The corner cupboard is the perfect solution for all those who also wish to have extracts in the corner. The space is exploited to the corner, while the excerpts provide convenient access to the content.
Corner cupboard with swivel extension
Carousel Corner
Corner cupboard with shelves
Corner cupboard with pull-outs

Smart Equipment For A Perfectly Organized Kitchen: Clever Waste Separation Systems

Waste separation comfortable and cleverly organized

Did you know that the garbage collector is the most used cupboard in the kitchen? Waste separation usually takes place in the sink cabinet and depending on the household size also varies the amount of waste. Therefore, there is a large selection of systems with different containers and additional separations, eg for cleaning agents.

  • Waste system in the drawer: Perfectly separated and well sorted, the waste bin and cleaning agent can be placed in an extract under the sink cabinet.
  • Waste system in the XXL extract: If you need more for waste separation, waste separation system gets even for larger extracts. The sizes of the waste containers vary from 8 L over 24 L to the large waste chute with 40 L.
  • Under the worktop: Waste is quickly disposed of in an extract directly under the worktop. Potato peels and other household waste can be easily and cleanly pushed directly into the extract. The containers can be individually removed and replaced.
  • Waste system with Safety Kit: Something can go wrong in the kitchen, considering the high temperatures that are used to cook and bake. All the better, if there are little protectors: The Safety Kit in the Separato waste system increases the safety in the kitchen and gives a good feeling when cooking and baking.

In the extract

In XXL extract
Waste system under the worktop
 With safety kit

Cabinet Solutions For Cleaning And Cleaning Agents

The cleaning and cleaning of surfaces are also part of the kitchen and housework. How nice that there are clever cabinet solutions for the fitted kitchen for the storage of cleaning utensils.

  • Pull-out system with protective bar : Gone are the days when the sink cabinet was always only available with hinged doors. Intelligent pull-out systems with safety bars ensure that the drain does not get damaged when closing the pull-outs or that the contents of the cabinet do not fall down into the next pull-out.
  • Washbasin cabinet with metal protection shelf : The cleaning bucket with wet cloth is often under the sink in the cabinet. Dustpan and broom can also lose dirt. No problem with a metal protective floor: The honeycomb structure allows for easy sweeping and cleaning. For a clean hygienic environment even in the sink cabinet.
  • Cleaning agent extract:  The times when all detergent bottles and cleaners had to find their place in the too small cleaning bucket are over. In the cleaning agent extract not only all cleaning agents are sorted and ready to hand, the extract is removable and can be taken directly to the place of the cleaning action. The compartments and baskets can be adjusted with flexible dividers, depending on which cleaning utensils you need more often.
Pull-out system with safety bar
Sink cabinet with metal protective floor
Cleaning supplies excerpt

Tall Cabinets And Storage Cabinets Well Organized

Lots of space on a small area – typically tall cabinet! 

High cabinets and storage cabinets are ultimate space savers and comfortable to assemble. Food and supplies, but also dishes and cooking utensils are well arranged and always accessible.

  • Apothecary Storage Cabinet: Wire baskets through which small bags fall through? Not with this storage tall cabinet. The floors are slip-resistant and very resilient. The guide system of the drawer can be completely pulled out of the cabinet and stops when too much momentum very gently. Thanks to the soft feeder, the drawer slides back into the cupboard slowly and silently.
  • Tall cupboard Tandem: The tandem tall cupboard offers completely new possibilities in stockpiling. Impressive clarity, extremely high storage capacity and easy accessibility thanks to intelligent door racks – this makes storage fun.
  • Tall cabinet with internal pull-outs : The internal pull-outs in the storage cabinet offer clarity in individually removable drawers and convenient access. High side walls ensure high storage material from falling out.
  • Tall cupboard with shelves and pull-outs : This tall cupboard offers plenty of space for dishes, glasses, pots and pans and is an ideal alternative to cupboards and closets.
Pharmacists pantry
Internal pull-outs
Shelves and pull-outs

High Cabinets Are Real Storage Space Wonders

Thanks to their robust technology and clever details, they are perfectly equipped for daily use in the kitchen: not only for food, supplies and cooking utensils, but also as a household cupboard for vacuum cleaners, cleaning agents and the like.

  • Tall cupboard for crates: The stacking of crates is in the kitchen is over, because they are in a practical high cupboard space. Up to four boxes can hold the tall cabinet. Due to the sloping arrangement of the shelves, nothing falls out and the bottles are easy to remove.
  • With laundry basket: A tall cupboard with laundry basket is handy when the washing machine is in the kitchen, but also for the equipment of a utility room, this tall cabinet is ideal. Two large laundry baskets in the drawer make it easy to sort the dirty laundry and there is room for detergent in the door shelf.
  • Broom and equipment cabinet : If you need more space for cleaning and cleaning utensils, this storage cabinet solution also has storage space for vacuum cleaners, brooms and mops.
  • With laundry basket tray: For the really big laundry, the tall cabinet version with four laundry baskets for pulling out offers plenty of space for sorting the laundry.
For crates
Tall cabinet with laundry basket
Broom and equipment cabinet
Tall cabinet with laundry basket tray

Functional Kitchen Accessories

Multi-functional and really practical – Kitchen gadgets that make life easier

Only with the optimal accessories a kitchen equipment becomes functional. Practical helpers and clever solutions help with kitchen work and make life a lot easier.

  • Pull-out shelf in the roller shutter cupboard: kitchen appliances can be made practical and visually appealing in a roller shutter cupboard if they are not permanently needed. The built-in pull-out shelf slides out of the cabinet as light as a feather and makes operation easier.
  • Socket Distributor: The retractable power strip is the perfect complement to kitchens with comfort. In use, the power strip appears at the touch of a finger to connect devices. The socket distributor with USB charger can be mounted anywhere on the worktops.
  • Upper cabinet with lift shelf: All the best comes from above, because the upper cabinet contains a comfortable pull-out system with lift tray for practical storage of kitchen utensils.
  • Storage tray in the worktop: The storage tray Tara offers well-structured storage space in extra-deep worktops. They are available in stainless steel colors and in black.
  • Folding cabinets for the niche: With this cabinet solution one gains practical storage space in the niche. Behind the folding doors hide storage facilities for small kitchen appliances, cutting boards, kitchen knives and much more.
  • Niche railing system: Railing systems complement the flushing area optimally and provide clever kitchen helpers for more freedom of movement in the kitchen. Installed between worktop and wall cabinets, support railing system in the daily kitchen work.
Pull-out shelf in the roller shutter cupboard


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