Ideas of Work Kitchens 2020

Ideas of Work Kitchens 2019

Ideas of work kitchens 2019 that you will love. More than 100 photos of kitchens of different colors, materials and styles, so you can find the kitchen of your dreams.

What Are The Work Kitchens?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, where large dishes are prepared and the best smells are created. This may be one of the reasons why so much time and attention is devoted to decoration, to get a stay where you can enjoy the real home.

One of the charms that has the kitchen of work is that it moves away from the preconceived , being able to create an own space and to the taste of each person. This option also allows to combine very different materials, furniture or wall coverings peculiar, far from what are standardized kitchens.

Therefore, work kitchen is called those in which the furniture is created and designed specifically for a specific space. The kitchens of work are adjusted to what we want, and although they seem to be more expensive, the truth is that we can also find some that are economical without subtracting beauty.

How To Make A Cheap And Simple Kitchen

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and want to have a special or charming one, maybe the best option is to bet on the kitchens that not only have a much more personal style , but in most cases allow us to save space.

The kitchens of work, as we indicated before, do not have to be more expensive. You are the one who can choose cheaper or expensive materials depending on your budget, without having to do without a personalized kitchen.

How Can We Make Our Work Kitchen?

If you want to be able to make your kitchen work, but also one that you do yourself and that allows you to save space and money, it is best to start taking measures . To do this, think about the sizes of the sink, those of the glass ceramic as well as those of the gas heater, and of course, the length of the countertop, leaving holes for the ceramic hob and the sink.

If you do not want to make mistakes, you should leave a row of clean bricks with which to delimit the area in which then sink and glass ceramic will go. We will also have to trace the width that the sink will have and it will always be necessary to leave 10 centimeters for each side.

The step arrives in which you will have to build the partitions with the added mortar. At a height of about 80 centimeters, and placing a square of 40 millimeters in the back and anterior. We will also have to place scrapers always taking into account the holes in the ceramic hob and sink. And do not forget to add a good layer of mortar with which to give more consistency to your kitchen.

Once this is done, you can place the pre-frames of the front part, in order to be able to place the doors. Also if you wish, and it will look better, you can add shelves.

Now you can start putting elements and everything you want, such as tiles and the countertop. Do not forget to place the drain of the sink too.

This is how you can have your kitchen without too many complications and above all without spending too much money, but also it is always good to take examples of others that have already been manufactured.

More Than 100 Photos With Ideas of work kitchens 2019 That You Will Love

Work Kitchen In White Color

Until recently, very few people opted for kitchens in white or light colors for fear that you see a lot of dirt. Nowadays, we see more and more kitchens with these colors challenging these myths.

They are ideal kitchens for any type of space because their luminosity makes them look much bigger. In addition, you can continue using wood as a main element, you just have to bear in mind that it will be lacquered in white.

You can also opt for tiles or bricks seen painted in white tones, which will enhance the feeling of brightness that we mentioned before.

Work Kitchen With Work Bell

Not only can you choose to have a kitchen work, but also you can add the count with a work bell like the one we see in this other image. Much more special and with an insuperable style.

If it is not possible to have a work bell, do not worry either, nowadays there are so many types of bell that apart from being extractors fulfill a wonderful decorative function.

Kitchen With Wood And Brick

This is a clear example of how well we can cook kitchens when they are well designed and without pretending that it is a kitchen beyond its possibilities. Two elements, wood and brick (together with others), make a photo like this, we all see ourselves capable of making our own kitchen.

Another different combination of these two classic elements would be the exposed brick walls, which give it a very beautiful rural and authentic look, and to enhance this effect, aged wood could be used for the doors of the cabinets.

Work Kitchen In A Small Space

The good thing about kitchens is that we can design them in reality, for any space or corner of the house. In the photo we see an idea with a lot of charm for a kitchen designed for a holiday home.

We can find smaller spaces than these but one does not have to do without the enjoyment of a real kitchen, with its details and functionality.

The kitchens of work what they allow is this, to create something authentic and functional in a concrete space, independently of the size.

Modern Work Kitchen

That is of work, it does not have to mean much less that it is an old kitchen. In fact, you can make it the most modern kitchen of all , including a bar with its corresponding stools. What convinces you?

Another type of style would be this minimalist kitchen in which we see some refined lines on the furniture and a white tone that enhances the luminosity of the room.

Built-in Kitchen With Laminate Floor

In addition to having to think about the furniture, countertop, sink, glass ceramic and others, when you do your kitchen work will also be good idea to look at the type of floor you want . In the image we can see how well this type of kitchen will be with a laminate floor.

You have many types of laminate flooring to choose from and I recommend you to reflect on it, because the color will vary greatly the sensation that the kitchen gives, how it is combined with the furniture and also the dirt.

Kitchen With Pastel Furniture

And again we see an idea related to color, because the truth is that in addition to choosing how you want the kitchen, it is important that you opt for a particular color such as the pastel tone you see in this image , combined with wood of the countertop and the handles of the doors and drawers.

With regard to the pastel colors of kitchens, green is one of the most chosen colors. The green generates a feeling of tranquility, nature and the memory of some food that is great for this stay.

Kitchen With Avant-Garde Design

This other idea seems to us of a design of the most avant-garde although clear, surely it will cost enough to do it by oneself. Anyway, it is spectacular to have a kitchen that seems out of a dream or a story.

If you are looking for something similar, it is important that you look at the grain of the wood, to maintain the greatest possible naturalness of the piece and that it may look like an enchanted kitchen.

Work Kitchen With Shelves

Shelves are also a great idea for work kitchens. It is not that it is the main thing, but they are essential , so it will also be the one that we think of including them in our design.

In the event that you can not count on some shelves, for whatever reason, keep in mind that every time there are more functional furniture that allow you to enjoy a comfortable storage without subtracting space.

Wood Counter-Top

Among the ideas that we show you, I want you to see also some that are in detail. Like this countertop and shelf that are made of wood and that bring a very elegant style to the kitchen.

The wood is really good in any space of the home but where it shines most is in the kitchen, so if, in addition to putting the wooden top, you place a wooden kitchen table nearby, you will have harmony in this room, comfort and beauty.

Rustic Work Kitchen

The rustic kitchens are also a very good option or in fact any kitchen work, it is still something rustic. Some more than others and some as simple and charming as this one.

As you can see in both photographs, you can have a rustic kitchen with all kinds of furniture and details or you can choose this kitchen that seems simpler but really lives up to the previous one.

Rustic Kitchen With Wood

And of course, a good rustic kitchen must be made of wood or at least have this element as a main thing.

There are rustic kitchens that do not take us directly to a country house. But they can have these main elements but without appearing to be excessive.

Modern Rustic Kitchen

We can also choose a kitchen that is rustic, but modern, with elements such as wood, but also with appliances and latest design elements.

Kitchen With Brick

Another idea is to give it an essential priority also in brick kitchens.

If you look at this image, we can see a shelf of rustic style sensational for any kitchen of this style. Take note, because that way you can see how you can take advantage of any space.

Work Kitchen With Island Construction

And as I mentioned before, do not focus only on the kitchen. You can even add a central island as beautiful as this one made of stone and marble.

Or you can opt for another type of design, like this one, in which wood remains the key and striking element of the island.

Work Kitchen With Wood, Simple And With Two Colors

Ideal for a small space, in a color that is appropriate and with a primordial element. I would say that this kitchen is perfect.

In the event that the wood does not convince you, for whatever reason, I recommend you take a look at the natural stone countertops that are so fashionable and that are very decisive.

Kitchen With Fabrics

We saw them before, and we show them to you again. Fabrics can be a good resource for a simple kitchen. 

I do not know about you, but it reminds me of my grandmother’s old house in the village. Where instead of putting wooden doors, a cloth was placed to cover what was stored.

Work Kitchen With Dark Wall

The walls will play a fundamental role in your kitchen. So do not let random or another the choice of what colors the wall will have.

I do not recommend painting it completely with dark tones. Because it will be very muted but you can paint only one side of the kitchen, as you can see in the image.

Built-In Kitchen With Shelves On Brick Wall

As we saw before, shelves are a wonderful way to get space and organize the kitchen.

On this occasion, we have chosen a design of shelves on brick walls that call a lot of attention. Both for the contrast of colors and the combination of materials.

Simple Work Kitchen

In short, we advise you to always try to bet on simplicity. Since this is one of the best qualities that the work kitchens have.

Open Kitchen With Modern Touches

When modernity and the rustic go hand in hand. We can find small “works of art” as far as open-plan kitchens are concerned. The model above is from Marcello Gavioli.

This kitchen is the combination of before and after, an ode to the kitchen calmly, enjoying the preparation of each dish and the result.

Stonework Kitchen With White Furniture

We realize that white and stone combine perfectly. So that surely you can not resist the charm of this other open-plan kitchen, with stone finer than previous models, and with white furniture.

Kitchen Work Seen With Vintage Style

Having a wall of work in the kitchen, supposes that we can play to combine styles or directly. That we opt for one in particular. For example, the “vintage” style or the retro style can be very good. When it comes to kitchens like the ones we see now, do not you think?

In addition to choosing colors and appliances of vintage type. We also recommend that you make a purchase of items of this style to enhance the effect.

Kitchen With Brick Wall And Central Island

We are seeing many open-plan kitchens and sure that all convince you. But next to the stone we have already told you how brick is another element to be highlighted. That’s why we love kitchens like this, which also points to the trend of using a central island.

The island is an element that should not be missing in any kitchen as long as it has space.

Kitchens With Modern Hoods

The brick kitchens, as we have seen, can have many elements that allow them to benefit from the modern style. In details like this, with an extractor hood in gold, is where we realize the beauty of the combination between rustic and modern.

Work Kitchen With Dark Colors

We have already seen how good are the work kitchens with white furniture. And they can also look great with dark tones. Even with a black roof.

It is important to bear in mind that these types of colors are better in spaces that are very wide. Since in small kitchens it would make them look even smaller.

Kitchen With Small Size Work

Having a brick kitchen not only means that we have to cover all the walls with stone or brick. Our kitchen may be small and the work seen only fits well into a single wall. Well the result can be as beautiful as this one.

Kitchen With Red Brick

If you want your kitchen to stand out by itself, nothing like using red brick, which is the most classic of all. But also allows you to bring some color to your kitchen.

Kitchen With Different Colors

The brick kitchens have basic colors such as the color of stone or brick. And we have already seen that they are combined with others such as white or black. Although the truth is that the choice of our color can be varied. In this way, you can choose colors like yellow, blue and even brown.

Kitchen With Brick Wall

We also see how a simple brick wall can turn our wall into a brick wall, to which we also add the tiles in a successful white color.


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