How to make your kitchen cozy, comfortable and trendy with color

The choice of the color scheme of the kitchen must be approached consciously, evaluating your choice from all sides. It also matters which side the kitchen is on, and the general style of the room, and what “message” you want to convey with the chosen color scheme. Each color carries a certain meaning. It is important to preserve the correspondence between the objectives of the room and the properties of the dominant color in it.

Color in the kitchen

colors for the kitchen

Precisely selected color will delight the owners of the premises for a long time and create the right atmosphere in the kitchen. At the same time, poor color choices can make kitchen decor tiring and overwhelming. If there is no opportunity to make repairs often, then in order to avoid this, you need to stock up on useful advice on the color design of the kitchen.

What psychology says

Psychologists have long determined that there is a relationship between color and the psycho-emotional state of a person. Color can provoke certain emotions, as well as affect appetite. Consider the main properties of flowers that are relevant for the kitchen:

  • Red – this color is associated with dynamics, high activity. Red color provokes appetite stimulation. It suits energetic and temperamental people. If you want a calmer and more comfortable environment, then you will get tired of red after a while. The same characteristics are inherent in orange.
colors for the kitchen

Red kitchen – bright, stylish and passionate

  • Yellow is a positive and cheerful color. The yellow color of wallpaper for the kitchen affects the intellect, activates creativity.
colors for the kitchen

The yellow kitchen is very warm and is often used for small rooms.

  • Green is the calmest, most static color. The famous artist, Kandinsky, noted that all movement stops at this color, statics and peace set in, the desire to remain inactive. Green wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen will contribute to the atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.
colors for the kitchen

The green kitchen is very fresh.

  • Blue – This color is also associated with a state of calm and relaxation. However, blue is a colder color and therefore a blue-dominated room will appear “cooler” in spirit. Blue provokes prudence, orderliness. Contemplation of blue reduces appetite.
colors for the kitchen

Blue, cold scale goes well with metallic

  • Brown tones – in the language of color, brown means comfort, coziness, security. In the kitchen, this color is very appropriate, it emphasizes the homely, relaxed atmosphere.
colors for the kitchen

Brown cuisine is always associated with wood, which means with something rustic and cozy.

Feng Shui

colors for the kitchen

The secrets of organizing space, outlined in the teachings of Feng Shui and tested over the centuries, are reduced to the idea of ​​balance. According to feng shui, the kitchen in the house corresponds to the element of fire, there is a stove, food is prepared. Accordingly, the colors of Feng Shui associated with the fire element – red, orange, bright yellow, will enhance the fiery characteristics of the kitchen, this can provoke aggression and nervousness of visitors to the kitchen.

On the other hand, cool tones like blues and blues can quench your appetite and conflict with the purpose of your kitchen.

Beige, green, light brown and green – the cuisine of these colors is closest to the instructions of the feng shui masters.

Color and lighting

It is worth remembering that improper lighting changes color.

When choosing a color, it matters which side, light or dark, the room is on.

Sunny side windows

colors for the kitchen

If the kitchen is sunny, the cold scale will help to add coolness.

If you are attracted by darker tones, then on the sunny side you can safely afford to use them in the interior of the kitchen. In a well-lit room, a dark color will not visually greatly reduce the space and create a gloomy atmosphere.

The same applies to cold tones, their imperfections are neutralized by a lot of light. Blue, gray, blue in a kitchen filled with sunlight does not produce such a “cooling” effect.

North side

colors for the kitchen

Warm colors will add light if the sun is not a frequent visitor in your kitchen.

The kitchen located on the north side is characterized by a lack of light. Therefore, it is advisable to use more color in the design that reflects light – more light tones. White, cream, light yellow, light green – these colors will create more light in a shaded room.

It is advisable to refuse dark colors on the north side, they will visually greatly narrow the space.

Cold and warm range

colors for the kitchen

Lighting greatly affects the perception of interior color. So, for example, blue under certain lighting conditions can turn into green. This is due to the fact that electric lamps have different color rendering characteristics.

In the interior of warm colors, incandescent lamps can be used. This type of lighting gives a cozy, yellowish light, so warm colors – red, yellow, orange are perceived organically in it. The warm interior will be spoiled by fluorescent lamps labeled LHB (cold white). At the same time, other types of fluorescent lamps will be able to preserve the color palette.

colors for the kitchen

In a “cold” kitchen interior, you should not use incandescent bulbs. It is the yellowish light of these lamps that turns blue shades into green and thus completely changes the designer’s idea. For the same reason, fluorescent lighting LTB (warm white) must be avoided.

The halogen lamp is suitable for any interior, the properties of this lighting are as close as possible to sunlight, so it perfectly reproduces the colors of the room.

In any interior, it is preferable to choose warm or neutral light to illuminate the dining table. The bluish lighting produced by some types of fluorescent lighting (LHB) spoils the appearance of food, making it unappetizing and instills inexplicable anxiety.

Small room: choosing the tonality

colors for the kitchen

For a small room, it is important to add space.

In the design of a small kitchen, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Give up dark colors in favor of light ones: beige, light yellow, light green, light brown.
  • Do not use contrasts, prefer furniture in dim colors.
  • Prefer monochrome in design, refuse large patterns.
  • The color of the floor is best done the same as in the adjoining room.
  • Provide an abundance of light.
  • Use mirrors and reflective surfaces.

With the help of colored furniture, you can also change the tone of the kitchen.

Monochrome interior: advantages and disadvantages

colors for the kitchen

Monochrome interior needs to be diluted with color accents

The advantage of this design is softness and refinement, stylistic accuracy. On the other hand, such a design may seem monotonous and boring.

In order to diversify the monochrome kitchen, to make it interesting, you can resort to the following techniques:

colors for the kitchen
  • Apply more pronounced shades of the base color.
  • Combine different textures, for example, a combination of matte and glossy surfaces.
  • Create accents, add a few revitalizing contrasting spots to the interior.

A monochrome kitchen involves the use of different shades of the same color in the design. All design effects are created by playing with different intensities of the selected color.

How to place accents correctly

colors in the kitchen

The accent can be different: wall, floor, or even a chandelier

A common balanced color combination in the kitchen involves the use of three colors. About 60% of the interior should be devoted to the main color, 30% to the complementary color and 10 percent to the accent color.

Any item can be used to create an accent: a chandelier, pieces of furniture, decor and even dishes. A kitchen apron can be an accent spot.

The accent color is created in a more neutral environment. It should not overload the interior. On the contrary, its task is to create a bright spot that complements a harmoniously balanced design.

To determine the color that will become accent, it is advisable to master the work with the color wheel. The color wheel allows you to determine the colors that most aesthetically combine with each other. That being said, there are several color options for the accent:

colors in the kitchen
  1. A shade of the dominant color. For example, in a light brown kitchen, a dark brown chandelier can be used.
  2. Adjacent colors on the color wheel. So, for the dominant yellow, the neighboring color will be orange in the interior of the kitchen.
  3. Complementary colors. In the color wheel, complementary colors are opposite each other. For example, for red, blue is complementary. The use of complementary, or contrasting, colors creates dynamics, brings bold energy to the design of the kitchen.
  4. For a neutral or monochrome interior, any other color will be accent.

Color and style

Loft – this modern style involves the creation of an atmosphere in the spirit of “industrial”, large spaces, no partitions. The best colors for a loft-style kitchen are white, brick, gray, metallic. Accents are created using lighting or rough textures typical of the loft.

Colors in the kitchen

Loft: it is brick, pipes and wood

High-tech – in this style, practicality and reliability, technological effectiveness in design come to the fore. Within the framework of this direction, contrasts are actively used in design, bright color combinations, consisting, as a rule, of two colors. Decor and color variety in high-tech is not used.

A widespread version of high-tech kitchen in a monochrome key. Gray, black, silver, metallic, white colors are actively used.

High-tech does not accept inaccuracies and disharmony, therefore, the design of the kitchen in this direction requires thoughtful combinations. All furniture should be ideally combined, for example, be from the same manufacturer.

colors in the kitchen

High-tech is usually in a cold scale

Minimalism is the goal of this style to create space. In a minimalistic kitchen, most often a white interior or any light color combined with several bright color accents is chosen as the main color.

colors for the kitchen

Minimalism is most often in one color

Modern – almost all colors are suitable for an interior in this style. The main stylistic effect is achieved through the use of shades, they should be softened and as if whitened.

colors for the kitchen

Modern is sophistication and extravagance, simplicity and pretentiousness

The art deco style in the interior of the kitchen uses the play of black and white. The sophistication and character of this style is given by the use of gold and silver interior details.

colors for the kitchen

Art Deco is a luxurious interior built on contrasts.

Pop art – flashy, crazy colors are used, even acidic. This style is characterized by extraordinary and even crazy combinations.

Cheerful pop art is a symphony of color.

Cheerful pop art is a symphony of color.

In order not to overload the space and at the same time maintain the style, it is better to take white as the main color, it will emphasize the boldness of colorful combinations.

Provence – This trend uses a soft color palette. The colors of the walls seemed to have faded in the sun: olive, sand, mustard. For furniture, even in a small Provence style kitchen, unusual colors are suitable: blue, lavender, yellow. The interior is diluted with plenty of white or beige.

colors for the kitchen

Everyone associates Provence with a rustic style, but it should be all very light.

Country – in such an interior, the colors of natural materials play an important role: wood, stone, the color of straw, clay. The headset can be painted in soft colors.

Russian style – this trend is characterized by floral ornaments, the use of natural wood in the interior.

colors for the kitchen

The Russian style is modernized, and it doesn’t look like a hut.

When deciding on a color scheme for the kitchen, it is important to create a holistic and harmonious design. To do this, you need to decide on the style and choose the right combinations, for example, using the kitchen planner. By carefully considering the color scheme of the kitchen, you can create an attractive space, being in which will charge you and your guests with positive energy.


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