Industrial Style Kitchen

That’s Why The Industrial Style Kitchen Is “In”

Industrial Style Kitchen is popular in this era.

The furnishing trend “Industrial Style”, which transforms one’s own four walls – and now also the kitchen – into an incredible loft in industrial charm, is increasingly in demand. The industry style, often referred to as factory style, gives every kitchen a unique look.

With the right colors, furniture and accessories, kitchens are transformed into a chic and modern loft. Old things are being reused, and materials are being used that have a completely new meaning in the kitchen. The industrial style achieves its popularity primarily through the deliberate combination of raw surfaces paired with a cool yet homely atmosphere.

That’s What Makes The Industrial Style For The Kitchen

The industrial style is characterized by its rough chic. Especially as a trend for living spaces, the Factory Style has recently established itself as a popular style of furnishing. It seems rather unplanned and thus a room in the industrial style likes to appear disordered, individual and less like from the living catalog.

Imperfect furniture with obvious signs of wear are combined with warm accessories to create a cozy atmosphere for every guest or your own family. The rough charm is provided with a pinch of soft materials in the form of curtains or pillows. Above all, pieces of wood and metal objects that have long been regarded as unusable are being reused and converted.

Perfect Pair: Industrial Style And Vintage

Especially fitting, the Industrial Style complements the equally popular vintage trend . Vintage means that pieces of furniture or deco elements in the used look are the scene of long forgotten times in the home and in the kitchen. Many of the furniture of the vintage trend are provided with colorful. And playful elements and thus form a perfect contrast to the very clear and robust industrial style in the kitchen.

You can get inspired very well on the web, eg on Pinterest, Instagram or Ebay. Even at flea markets you can often find unique and very old pieces of furniture or accessories. Which are decorated in vintage style and promise a nice used look for your own four walls.

The industrial style is characterized above all by its diversity and imperfection. And which leaves plenty of room for individual and unique living elements. An imperfect beauty is deliberately achieved and gives kitchens in industrial style a special touch.

Set Up The Industrial Kitchen Look With Colors

In the Industrial Style, more and more subdued colors , such as petrol, brown or dark blue, are used. Black and white are equally important. On the walls are also very popular gray colors that give the wall something rustic. Even dark floors made of wood, stone or cork are in demand in the industrial style. Because the furniture and accessories can look much better.

White elements give the room that certain warmth and comfort that. Especially in the kitchen, makes it a meeting place for convivial evenings and cooking. The industrial style provides a soothing atmosphere in the room.

But also colors from the colorful color palette find application in industrial style. So you can work in contrast to black, white or gray furniture with color highlights. Especially great in industrial style look smaller elements in yellow, red or orange. To achieve the perfect industrial style. But sparingly with bright colors should be handled in order to preserve the rugged chic. And use individual splashes of color only as an eye-catcher.

A beautiful industrial spatial effect can also be achieved with wood tones which in contrast to a rough gray floor. For example, return the room to warmth. What is important is that the industrialist is preserved in the room. And uses the colors that one would expect in every warehouse or industrial workshop.

Pattern For The Industrial Style Kitchen Look

Patterns are rarely found in the core elements of the Industrial Style kithcen. So a highlight can be set especially with playful accessories. For example in checked look or with shrill circular patterns. It is important that the raw character of the factory chic is not lost. And therefore patterns are used in the right amount and skilfully. Here is the principle: less is more! Above all, patterns should be used that point to an older piece of furniture. Thus do not always fit perfectly into the picture.

Materials And Surfaces Of Industrial Style Kitchen

In the Industrial Style, materials predominate that are considered robust, hard and also a bit cool. Because at first their functionality is in the foreground. Thus, in a kitchen in the industrial style, especially metal, steel or stainless steel . In the form of pipes, shelves or lamps, metal sets harmonious accents. Rusty elements can also be used, as they give the room just the right amount of imperfection.

Metal sheets are visibly welded or riveted to show how beautiful the imperfect can be. But above all, also copper and brass are very popular here. The materials are considered rough and cold. But give all the necessary portion of shine and elegance. Cooking pots made of copper or brass handles give the industrial kitchen its unique look. Especially great is that these metal materials are very easy to clean or, if desired, develop a great patina.

Natural Materials

In addition to cool metals, the best in industrial style is natural materials such as wood, leather or skins. For example as a small foot rug or seat cushion. The wood does not have to be perfect. Old crates or pallets can be turned into seats or wine crates can be used as wall shelves.

The informality of the Industrial Style is supported by clear signs of wear on the wood. Because only by peeling paint or small marks in the wood style is perfectly implemented. Wood then gives the kitchen the necessary warmth. Leather chairs or stools complete the picture. In perfect harmony with the industrial style in black or dark brown, cosiness invades the kitchen.


Also stone can be found in industrial style again. From old bricks can be built. For example, great wine racks or white painted on the wall especially see bricks very great. It is important that the industrial effect is particularly evident when parts of the bricks are unpainted.

For the floor in the industrial look, stone is just as perfect. In gray, accents are created by sheep skins or old flokati rugs. Parquet flooring or cork materials are equally suitable in industrial design. Old floorboards with clear scratch marks give the floor a special charm and make it look directly warmer.

Kitchen Equipment In Industrial Style: This Is How The Trend Can Be Brought To The Kitchen

The cool elegance of the Industriel looks with its distinctive style elements is now also in the kitchen equipment. For kitchen furniture in industrial style, there are kitchen fronts in stone look, such as concrete or slate, which looks like real with a lifelike relief surface. Also kitchen fronts and work surfaces in stainless steel are suitable for the kitchen equipment in the industrial look. Cabinet fronts in wood look are increasingly provided with artificial signs of use to achieve the rough used look. Kitchen fronts with wood structures and coarse grains or a board look are typical as well, which make the fronts look as if they were made of wooden slats.


For counter-tops industrial style as stone and wood finishes are used. The Industrial Style is particularly authentic with a worktop made of concrete or concrete look, which is particularly robust and yet very stylish. Often thick worktops with thicknesses around 8-10 cm are used to achieve a robust. And heavy look that is suitable for industrial style. These massive worktops stand in contrast to extra-thin work surfaces made of stainless steel, which give the kitchen a more elegant look.

There are numerous variations for the kitchen handles that perfectly emphasize the industrial look. Handles made of dark metals, traces of old trimmed wear and looks that look as if they were forged are characteristic of the used look of a kitchen. Coarse button handles or recessed handles, as they are known from old pharmacist and grocery cabinets, are typical for the design of modern kitchens in factory style.

For open shelves and supporting systems for the carcass or attachment table, we recommend steel structures or old pipes that are visibly welded. Old wine boxes can be used as open shelves in the wall unit area.

As a fuel protection for the kitchen niche looks particularly great, yet effective niche paneling with an opaque made of old bricks. Importantly , the combination of materials always looks used and absolutely imperfect. The kitchen then makes it clear that she is being used, that she is being worked on, and that thanks to her industrial style, one can stay comfortably without being afraid that something will get dirty.

Decoration In Industrial Style

Matching the materials metal, wood or leather , the accessories in the industrial style are chosen. Old pipes can be converted into lamps and instantly feel very comfortable with a soft lampshade. Not to be missed, especially in a kitchen a leather couch in brown or black. Small wooden stools, which are used as seating or side table, complete the overall picture.

Also old baskets Metal or raffia can be used to stow cookbooks and recipes. Above the dining table you are welcome to hang a typical industrial lamp or just a light bulb without a lampshade, but visible with the cables. Even candles are often used in industrial style, to conjure a warm light when eating or cooking.

In industrial style, only a few decorative elements are generally necessary to create the right charm. Again, you can be wonderful at the flea market while browsing inspired. An absolute highlight of the decor are the walls with black lacquer , which appear to be functional but bring incredible elegance and modernity to the room. Even a small herbal garden of old clay pots or metal boxes in worn look are perfect accessories in industrial style, because even green plants complement each other perfectly to the otherwise cool and subdued colors.

The diversity of the Industrial Style is expressed thanks to the numerous materials, colors and decoration possibilities. Ideas are virtually limitless and can be individually developed for your own kitchen with the kitchen expert in the kitchen studio to develop a unique industrial style. Especially fitted kitchens can thus better express one’s own personality. The individual note shows how much love the Industrial Style can be made in the kitchen.


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