Coffee grinder: manual wood and mechanical coffee grinder, how to choose a grinder with adjustable grind

The taste of coffee depends primarily on the type of beans, the quality of their grinding and roasting. A good coffee grinder is key to getting a fragrant drink. Manual coffee grinders were invented in the 10th century and are still in demand today. Mechanical grinders, with adjustable burrs, grind the beans to the desired particle size, giving a homogeneous coffee grind. But what is better for use, a geyser or drip coffee maker is indicated in great detail here.

Description and principle of operation of a manual mechanical coffee grinder

The manual coffee grinder is a miniature mill.

The design of the case can be made in the form of a cylinder, cube, parallelepiped, and consist of 2 parts of different shapes.

manual mechanical coffee grinders

One of the options for a manual mechanical coffee grinder

There are two millstones inside the grinder. One millstone is fixed motionless, it is the surface on which the grain is ground. Another millstone is set in motion by rotating a handle, the location of which can be above the lid or on the side. The adjusting screw allows you to change the gap between the millstones, thereby reducing or increasing the size of the ground fraction.

Millstones divide the volume of the coffee grinder into two parts: beans are poured on top, below there is a grinding container. It takes physical strength and time to get the finished product.

Good sealing of the upper and lower parts preserves the aroma of the ground beans for a long time. In some models, the upper hopper does not have a lid, which implies the immediate use of grinding. The capacity of the upper part of the hand mill does not exceed 70 g. But what is the difference between drip coffee makers and carob coffee makers and which one is best to choose is detailed here?

Types: metal, ceramic, wood

Coffee grinders are classified according to the place of manufacture and use:

  1. European coffee mills . Decorative and applied devices. In addition to their direct purpose, coffee grinders have a beautiful design and are designed to decorate the kitchen interior.
  2. Oriental grinders are compact, without any special decorations , they may not have a lower compartment: the coffee grinder is held in one hand over any container where coffee will be brewed.

The variety of types of manual coffee grinders allows you to choose a device of any style: from traditional to ultra-modern.

Grinder material and types

Grinder bodies can be made: wooden coffee grinder

  • made of wood;
  • metal;
  • porcelain;
  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • plastics;
  • in a combination of wood and metal;
  • porcelain and wood;
  • glass and metal;
  • glass and plastic.

Unlike electric coffee grinders, mechanical devices use millstones of the same type: conical.

Material of this

The material from which the millstone is made:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • ceramics;
  • a rock.

But what are the best geyser electric coffee makers and how to use such equipment is detailed here.

Advantages and disadvantages of each of the above materials:

  1. Cast iron millstones are durable, have a long service life, and a low price. Due to the increased fragility, metal particles enter the grind, imparting a metallic taste to the beverage.manual mechanical coffee grinders with cast iron millstonesCast iron grinders are the most efficient and durable
  2. Steel cones are not as strong and last less . Steel is a more ductile material than cast iron, does not give metallized dust to grinding. To lengthen the life of steel millstones, their surface is coated with titanium. High-strength metal does not absorb odors, it is well cleaned of coffee residues. But how to properly use a geyser-type coffee maker for an induction hob and how effective it is, is indicated here.with metal millstonesSteel millstones are the most common parts in coffee grinders
  3. Ceramic grinders do not absorb odors and do not lend themselves to abrasion. The disadvantage is fragility. The price for grinders with ceramic burrs is higher than for coffee grinders with cast iron and steel.
  4. Stone millstones are the most durable and expensive choice. Stone cones grind coffee beans into dust without changing their natural characteristics.

The handle for rotating the millstone can be located above the body or on the side.

The grinding container is either a drawer or a removable glass.

You may also be interested in information on how to choose an electric coffee grinder for your home and on what parameters it should be done.

Comparison with electric grinders

Coffee connoisseurs believe that a real drink can only be obtained by hand grinding.

Millstones of electric coffee grinders in the process of abrasion of hard grains heat up themselves and increase the temperature of the feedstock. As a result, the beans undergo additional heat treatment, which affects the taste and aroma of coffee. A hand mill cannot work at this speed, coffee does not change its natural qualities.

The advantage of a manual mechanism over an electric one is that there is no danger of any liquid spilling onto the millstones.

But what is the rating of the best electric coffee grinders and how to choose the right one, is detailed in the article at the link.

Models of hand mills, like electric millstones, are adjustable to grind any coffee fraction: from coarse for a French press, to very fine for Turkish coffee.

Hand mills can be used to grind sugar, poppy seeds, nuts, dried herbs.

Rating of the best models and prices


The Japanese brand Hario is in high demand due to its high-quality grinding, compactness, and durability.

manual mechanical coffee grinder Hario

Sufficiently durable coffee grinder from a reputable manufacturer

Features of the HarioMCD-2 coffee grinder:

Grinding purpose:

  • purover;
  • siphon;
  • cold brew.
    • The type of millstones is ceramic.
    • The body is wooden, rounded.
    • The volume of the bins for grain and grinding is 35 g each.
    • The location of the handle is on top.
    • Price RUB 2180

It will also be helpful to know what an electric home grinder looks like.

Models of brands produced in China, Turkey, Russia are popular.

Gipfel “Flying”

Coffee grinder Gipfel “Volans” . Country of origin China.

manual mechanical coffee grinder Gipfel "Volans"

A great option for a gift for any occasion, as the appearance looks very presentable


  1. Dimensions (HxWxL): 17x10x10 cm.
  2. Body material – wood, metal.
  3. Zernova – ceramics.
  4. Desktop type.
  5. The location of the handle is on top.
  6. Grinding adjustment.
  7. There is a drawer for grinding.
  8. Price RUB 2,689

Bekker BK-2517 – Inexpensive Coffee Grinder

Hand mill Bekker BK – 2517. Becker’s country of origin is China.

manual mechanical coffee grinder Bekker BK-2517

Made with very good technology from porcelain and wood, which gives it a very beautiful appearance


  1. Body – porcelain, bunkers – wood.
  2. Zernova – ceramics.
  3. Desktop type.
  4. The location of the handle is on top.
  5. Grinding adjustment.
  6. Price RUB 863

It is worth learning more about what cylindrical manual coffee grinders are.

Manual cylindrical grinder

Manual grinder. Country of origin Turkey.

manual mechanical coffee grinder TimA КЦ-01

The cylindrical shape of the coffee grinder and even more so the golden color gives the product an exclusive look


  1. The body is made of metal.
  2. The shape is cylindrical.
  3. Desktop type.
  4. Does not have a retractable hopper.
  5. The location of the handle is on top.
  6. Price RUB 1549

It will also be helpful to learn more about the grinder with the fineness of the grind.

Coffee grinder TimA KS-02

Coffee grinder TimA KC-02 . Country of origin Russia.

manual mechanical coffee grinder TimA KS-02

The handle is located at the top of the device, which increases the convenience of use


  1. The body is made of metal.
  2. The shape is spherical.
  3. Desktop type.
  4. Does not have a retractable hopper.
  5. The location of the handle is on top.
  6. Price RUB 1859

The consumer equally prefers grinders made from different materials, preferring ceramic burrs and a top-mounted handle.

How to choose

Advantages of a coffee grinder that you should pay attention to when buying:

  • ceramic bowl for grinding;
  • ceramic millstones;
  • the volume of the container for the finished product.

When choosing a coffee grinder, the most important point is the durability of the handle and the ease of use.

The parts of the mill must be well secured. The way of rotation of the handle – from the side or from the top – is an individual solution.

Mechanical grinders are popular despite the large selection of electrical devices. The principle of operation of hand mills has remained unchanged. The design is being improved, new materials appear, from which the body and millstones are made. Japanese coffee grinders, Turkish, Chinese, Russian famous brands are in demand. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the electric turkey with auto-shutdown when boiling in this material.


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