How to decorate a window in the kitchen: bay window design

It is more interesting to develop a layout of accommodation than its more complex design, because unusual architectural solutions can become the main feature, and the most attractive feature. Thus, protrusions and niches, columns and porticoes, beams, arches and bay windows add a characteristic sound to the space, thanks to which the atmosphere of the room becomes more elegant.

Now let’s turn to the current theme of decorating a bay window in the kitchen and present you with several interesting and effective solutions for arranging this zone.

How best to decorate the bay window

Before you go to the saloon, you should determine what the bay window is, what its features and purpose are.

The bay window is a part of the room that protrudes beyond the plane of the building facade . It is built with the aim of increasing the internal area of ​​housing, better illumination of the sun light. In this regard, the bay window is glazed along its entire perimeter, the shape of which can be round, rectangular, triangular, multifaceted.

From the above it follows that for the bay window, dense curtains and tulle, lambrequins are not used, therefore, the very meaning of this design will be lost in accommodation .

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The best solution is to choose a useful one:

  • light and functional curtains that only slightly diffuse light;
  • Roman, French or Austrian curtains;
  • roller blinds made of bamboo and polyester, as well as traditional blinds.

The bay window can be a part of both a spacious room, as well as rooms of average sizes, therefore, for the first, it is, rather, a decorative element, especially, and in a small space it should be used in a small space.

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Place the dining group in the most illuminated place, on the bay window area – not a bad option for a kitchen of any size. This area will visually become self-sufficient, and you will be able to arrange the rest of the area in the most convenient way, accommodating all the necessary kitchen furniture.

dining kitchen with bay window

Dining kitchen with bay window

The place of the usual chairs and stools is recommended to be occupied by a special design in the form of a bench, repeating the silhouette of a bay window. Such a light seat can accommodate more people around a round or oval table, and the view from the window will contribute to an appetite and positive communication.

Rest zone

This variant of window decoration in a kitchen with a bay window is used in fairly large kitchens, where the dining area has already been designated, and the task is to equip this area with no less use.

dining room and sitting area with bay window

Bay window and seating area

Depending on the depth and width of the bay window, you can create a more or less secluded corner, which you will use at your own discretion: for receiving guests, resting for a book or handicraft, desk-top or a child’s play with a child.

In a shallow bay window, install a pair of comfortable armchairs and a small sofa with drawers, a sideboard or folding stools with a soft seat, decorative pillows and a couple of indoor plants. The bay window can be supplemented more with a commode or a console, a coffee table – it all depends on your needs.

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A small but bright bay window in the kitchen is a great place to create a comfortable workspace. There is enough daylight in it, and contemplation of the view outside the window contributes to mental activity, besides, you will not have to leave home affairs for a long time.

dining room and work area with a bay window

Dining and work area with bay window

A workspace with a computer or laptop in the bay window can be set up in a matter of hours using a compact table, a bureau console, or a hanging table-top fixed to the wall under the windowsill. It will only remain to equip it with sections for storing papers and accessories (storage boxes, shelves, cabinet), as well as a source of artificial light (table lamp).

A place for gatherings

To highlight in the kitchen space, in addition to the dining and working areas, and also a place for sitting and drinking tea – this is, most often of all, great luxury, but it is possible in private houses and country cottages. A bay window in a large kitchen-living room is just such a place: cozy, conducive to rest and friendly conversations.

the bay window can be used as a recreation area

The bay window can be used as a recreation area

Features of bay window furniture

If the bay window is part of a small studio apartment, or kitchen-living room, it might be worth thinking about it in order to make it a complete part of the cooking area. So, along the bay window windows, you can mount the bottom row of furniture with a small sink.

you can use a small warm sofa

You can use a small warm sofa

The design will have to be ordered according to an individual sketch, since the shape of the bay window implies some complexities. But the result is a functional, bright and unconventional kitchen.

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To ensure that this area does not become another inappropriate waste of space, it should be somehow selected, for example, an additional source of light (a toaster, an openwork chandelier on a table), a narrow table or a bookcase …

The bay window, as an element in the structure of the building, once served as a defensive ledge of the fortress, and made it possible to follow the actions of the enemy, besides, it could house an altar or other useful zone. Today the advantages of the bay window are undeniable and help to create more thoughtful and comfortable living conditions in different locations.

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