What color to choose for the kitchen: black combined with white, red and green

Stylish, bright, eccentric. Such a kitchen bewitches, gives mystery and exoticism to the interior. A black kitchen will decorate a studio apartment, but even in a small area, contrary to popular belief, black will look exquisite. You just need to combine it correctly.

Black kitchen

What color to choose for the kitchen

Black kitchen: stylish and daring

If you are dreaming of a cozy family nest with a fireplace and wicker chairs, the black kitchen is not for you. Such an interior will appeal to people striving for freedom, eccentric and extraordinary. Creative individuals who are afraid of her change and thirst for adventure.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Vibrant Japanese design in black

A kitchen with dark fronts is suitable for those who do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and the kitchen is used more for making cocktails. But, however, such a kitchen will also appeal to lovers of gourmet cuisine who like to experiment and create new taste sensations.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Such a kitchen is not suitable for quiet family evenings.

Agree, black cuisine is in no way associated with homemade dinner, where the main dish on the table is mashed potatoes and fried cutlets.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Stylish design;
  • Bright and extraordinary color in the interior;
  • The modern look of the kitchen.

But along with the advantages, there are several disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

What color to choose for the kitchen

  1. First, it’s the color itself. It is quite rich and dark, so you are unlikely to be able to make a monogamous kitchen, and you don’t need this room to turn out to be gloomy.
  2. Secondly, fingerprints are visible on black surfaces, especially glossy ones. And therefore, such a kitchen will have to be tidied up much more often.
  3. And, naturally, a black kitchen is rarely used in a small area. Perhaps in combination with a light palette.

It is worth remembering that black “steals” saturation, so pastel colors seem even more transparent. And in order to achieve brightness, you have to use the brightest shades of any color.

How to choose a dark headset

In many ways, the style of the entire kitchen depends on the headset, because this is the most bulky furniture in the room. But still, if you settled on a black headset, it is advisable to choose furniture with glossy facades. Such a kitchen looks more stylish, presentable and rich.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Glossy fronts make the kitchen richer

Glossy facades convey color depth and add volume to the room. This is especially true for small kitchens.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Prints as a decor option

Probably each of us knows that black is not one color at all and it also has its own shades. For example, black a la raven wing, casts blue. Black ebony, on the other hand, resembles a velvety structure with a warm chocolate sheen. This should be taken into account when choosing a headset, and this is the main rule :

Cold shades of black are combined with cold tones, and warm shades with warm ones.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Take a closer look, because black is different

When choosing equipment and accessories, give preference to chrome accessories and rails.

Features of furniture

What color to choose for the kitchen
  • Most often, black kitchen facades are made in a modern style. Perhaps this is why, in most cases, black kitchens are high-tech or minimalism.
  • Furniture of simple and laconic forms, in favor of simplicity, clear geometry.
  • To make the kitchen more glamorous, glass and mirrors are added to the decoration, and crystal is used in the interior. But in this case, the facades are often matte.
  • Dark facades do not accept small decor, so if you like to display colorful jars in a row, choose facades of a different color.


What color to choose for the kitchen

A solid black kitchen looks pretty grim

Black goes with any color, so it depends more on what kind of character you want to give your kitchen and then choose what color of the walls for the kitchen.


Classic black and white will never go out of style. Such a kitchen is very neutral and decorative elements will give liveliness to such an interior. Painted stained-glass windows or glassware and here are the elements of the Russian style. Crystal chandelier and mirrors – art deco, modern. The checkerboard floor is retro, while the whitewashed brickwork and beams are a loft.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Black and white surprisingly charismatic interior


A very bright interior and a rather complex combination for independent use. If you do not have skills in room design, but you really want to have black and red in the kitchen, dilute the combination with white. Scarlet is often used in ethno interiors, for example, the Japanese style.

Black red: passionate and impetuous

Black red: passionate and impetuous

What color to choose for the kitchen

But in combination with white, strict classics


This combination will add elegance and nobility to the kitchen. This combination of interiors is mainly used in classic interiors, modern or art deco. Such a kitchen goes well with rich finishes, gilding, crystal.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Refinement and elegance


Most often, a green background is used in this combination . This kitchen is very fresh and resembles a shady forest. The third additional color in this combination is often used gray, which emphasizes the depth of black and fresh greens.

It is worth noting that apple green, avocado or mint shade are more suitable for the black range.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Apple green combined with black is fresh.


This kind of cuisine is very bright and unusual . This is one of the best combinations for a black kitchen interior in a small room.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Bright kitchen


What color to choose for the kitchen

For a black kitchen, lighting is very important. In many ways, it is lighting that plays a decisive role in the design of a black kitchen.

  • Daylight is good. It can be like a large chandelier in the middle of the kitchen, numerous spotlights and lamps above the table.
  • Choose sconces and small lamps with transparent or crystal shades,
  • For a white ceiling, a colored backlight is appropriate.

Be sure to take care of the lighting of the work area. This can be a backlight for cabinets or a beautiful LED backlight for an apron.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Lighting is very important for the kitchen


All modern: minimalism, constructivism, high-tech, kitchen living room modern classics. Such kitchens look very harmonious in black colors.

Modern styles in black are delightful

Modern styles in black are delightful

For a classic interior , decoupage technique or patched surfaces, as if covered with silvery frost, are often used.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Patina adds nobility to the classics

Retro is a good option for a black and white kitchen.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Retro is unusual

Art deco, modern, gothic – styles that require luxurious finishes. Ornate prints, monogram murals or black and white stripes can be used. You can read more about frescoes in the interior of the kitchen in our article.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Art deco – luxurious

Read how to create a brown kitchen interior.

Watch the video how to get rid of gloom in a dark kitchen:

Our photo of Gaelrea will allow you to take a different look at the black kitchen:

What color to choose for the kitchen

Simplicity of lines and severity of forms

What color to choose for the kitchen

Nobility and elegance.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Originality and sophistication.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Combined with yellow, this kitchen looks youthful.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Cool kitchen

What color to choose for the kitchen

Beautiful lighting creates a special environment

What color to choose for the kitchen

Very fresh combination

What color to choose for the kitchen

How do you like this option?

Black kitchen is an interesting and unusual option for arranging a kitchen. Such a cuisine will emphasize the refined taste of the hostess and her originality. Using small rules, you can independently transform your interior and make it brighter without much difficulty.


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