8 types of partitions between the kitchen and the living room

If you bought an apartment in a house with an improved layout and you have a spacious kitchen, it can be divided into 2 rooms. One will have a stove, a sink, kitchen cabinets, and the second will have a large kitchen table with chairs or benches, at which the whole family will gather every day. Zoning with certain partitions helps to make the room more comfortable. Decorate rooms and harmonize space.

What is the role of the partition between the kitchen and the living room

Such a space divider has several functions. The specific one depends on what material the partition is made of.

The partition between the kitchen and the living room can even be an ordinary screen, counter or curtain. The main thing is to preserve the available free space.

Consider their types:

  1. Planning. Such a partition helps to divide the space into 2 zones: the one where food is prepared and the one where they rest. It will be comfortable in the kitchen-living room if you place it correctly, choose a good place.
  2. Functional. This partition is not only for beauty, but also beneficial. For example, shelves can be built into it, on which you can put dishes, household appliances, a table lamp, and something else.
  3. Decorative. The partition adorns the kitchen-living room. Often for the zoning of the room, beauty, wrought iron gratings, glass stained-glass windows or screens of different materials are made. It is important to decide on the style in which the room will be equipped, then the partition will fit into the room as harmoniously as possible.

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A decorative partition fits perfectly into a small kitchen-living room, making it cozier.

Requirements for partitions between kitchen and living room

When they combine the kitchen with the living room, they often demolish the wall, but before doing this, it is important to remember that:

  1. The load-bearing walls are not removed, since they are the frame of the entire building.
  2. These 2 rooms are combined only when an electric stove is installed in the apartment. If it is gas, then between the kitchen and the living room you will need some kind of monolithic partition with swing doors or sliding doors.
  3. The stove and sink must not be moved to another place. They should stay where it is provided for those. plan.

Types of partitions – how to choose

If you look at what partitions there are, you will see a wide assortment. Choose the design you like. Use material that is functional and meets your aesthetic needs. Most often they are made from drywall. Many people put furniture in order to correctly zone the kitchen and living room. Someone is building a wall of glass blocks or placing an aquarium in the center of the room. This design is done only in spacious rooms. For the little ones, their own options for arrangement. For example, a bar is placed there, and chairs with or without backs are placed around it.

Before choosing a kitchen partition, you need to pay attention to the pros and cons of different materials. The most expensive, complex and difficult options are not always convenient and appropriate to use.

How to divide by sliding doors

If the room is small, then such a partition is the most suitable. It will help harmonize the space. There will be a clear separation of the dining area from the recreation area. You can simply make sliding doors or combine them with a “false wall”. What if the kitchen-living room is small? It is best to make sliding doors with translucent glass inserts. Then the light will freely penetrate from the window into the living room. Do I need to call a worker to make such a partition? At your discretion, you can make it yourself and from those materials that are, for example, planks, plywood, plastic panels, laminate, stained glass, etc. Ready-made sliding doors can be beautifully decorated. Turn on your imagination.

The advantage of this design is that when the hostess is preparing food, especially fries onions, something else that smells strongly, she can close the doors, extraneous pungent odors will not penetrate the recreation area. It is enough for a woman to turn on the hood, open the window wide open and the room will quickly ventilate. The bad thing about sliding doors is that time will pass and, due to frequent opening and closing, the door hinges will deteriorate, they will need to be repaired. This system cannot be called reliable, but if you decide to make it, then use only solid materials. This article will tell you how to choose a bread bin for the kitchen.

Separation of zones with a plasterboard partition

If you want to build a partition that will not differ from other walls, then you can use drywall. It is best to hire a foreman for the job. Shelves can be built into the wall and placed there dishes or household appliances, books, a collection of figurines, and various little things. If the room is spacious enough, then drywall can be combined with other materials to create your own unique design. Unfortunately, drywall has a significant drawback, if you often cook in the kitchen, cook something, fry something, steam will be released, and the material will absorb moisture. Drywall is not durable. It is reinforced by often nailing strips in width and length. The downside of the design is that it will shade the living room and additional lamps or sconces will be required. Such a wall also needs to be additionally finished, for example, glue the same wallpaper as throughout the room.

Kitchen-living room design with glass partition

A kitchen with this design looks great. The glass blocks are massive. They are made like this so that they do not accidentally crash, and even if they break, so as not to injure one of the family members. Thanks to these glass blocks, excellent sound insulation of the room is obtained. It looks more spacious, it is light in it. The disadvantages are that such massive blocks of glass are somewhat depressing psychologically. If there is a child or children in the house, they can break them and get hurt. These constructs are not safe. It is also bad that fingerprints and soap stains remain on the glass, they can not be washed as quickly as you can clean a wall made of other materials. Find out how a table with chrome legs will look in the kitchen in this article.

To protect all family members and especially children, glass must be ordered shock-resistant. It should be with a special coating, if it breaks, the fragments will not fly in all directions.

If you do not want the partition to be completely made of glass blocks, you can make a combined structure, where there will be a wall + stained-glass windows or shelves. It is convenient and functional.

The shelves can be used for decorative plates or those utensils that you use every day, such as cups.

The design is beautiful, but not the cheapest. However, if you have the necessary funds, equip everything like this.

In addition to double-glazed windows, a spacious aquarium is used for zoning the space. It is put on by those who have a large apartment, who want to regularly look after its inhabitants.

How to fence off the space with an interior arch

For many, these two zones, where food is prepared and pets rest, are separated by an arch. They are not only a semicircle. You can make the arch of some kind of geometric shape, ellipsoidal or more ornate. To create an arch, they call the master or the owner makes it himself. What materials can be used? Various, for example: bricks, chipboard, drywall, others. An arch is made when the kitchen is decorated in a classic design, but if it is spacious, modernly equipped, the arch will also perfectly fit into the interior. Unfortunately, the arch does not in any way block other rooms from the smells that come with cooking. Be prepared for the fact that all household members will feel that delicious is being prepared on the stove. This link will tell you about the corner countertop for the kitchen.

Separation of rooms with a decorative wall

This design is most often made from drywall. It is left white or wallpaper is pasted on top, painted under a stencil or in a free style. The design is always at the discretion of the owner. Most often, a small part of the wall is made with drywall, on which the TV is hung. And some completely close the kitchen, fencing it off from the living room. The owner can do this work on his own.

How to block a fireplace

If the layout is such that the kitchen is spacious, then a large or small fireplace can be installed between the kitchen and the dining room. A popular option, when it is of the tunnel type, has two windows facing parallel to one another. The flame in the firebox can be observed both from the kitchen table and from the sofa located in the living room. In winter, the house will be very warm and cozy. Tea drinking in the evenings in the family circle has a beneficial effect on the microclimate in the family. The fireplace creates an unforgettable romantic atmosphere and helps to save on electricity. The heat is provided by wood, not an electric heater that draws electricity.

Thanks to the flame in the fireplace, you can sit in the semi-darkness, comfortably covered with a blanket and dream while drinking tea or mulled wine.

Such double-sided fireplaces, which are fired with wood, are rectangular. They have a steel body that is not afraid of high temperatures, and inside there are plates of cast iron, fireclay bricks. A high temperature is maintained in such a furnace longer than usual. The fireplace windows are wide, made of glass ceramics that can withstand high temperatures. Most often, windows open from the side or vertically, they have a lift. These windows are very durable. Most often, a fireplace is made in the center of the room, but they can choose another convenient place. The main thing is to make it convenient to move from zone to zone.

How to separate the bar counter

This design is very comfortable and functional. All family members will appreciate it. There will be a dining table, rails, with shelves on which you can place dishes (plates, glasses, cups, etc.), with different kitchen utensils. This option is good for both small and spacious rooms. The bar counter can be either large or compact.The bad thing is that kids won’t get to such a table, but for older family members, adults, it is just right. This counter is still not very convenient for the elderly, who are more comfortable sitting at a table on high chairs or benches with a back, and not on special bar stools. Because of these problems, you should not give up on your dreams, you can install a bar counter, and a dining table of a suitable size can be located nearby. Place transparent chairs or benches to it, this will create a beautiful contrast.

Options for dividing by pieces of furniture

You can put some kind of furniture between the kitchen and the living room. It can be high shelves, a wall or just a sofa. A focal point is often created indoors. Attention can be focused on shelves with books, kitchen clocks, wall clocks, photographs in a frame on the wall.

Monolithic shelving is a type of cabinet furniture, it has a simpler look, but at the same time it has maximum strength. These models look very neat and make the room more ergonomic.

Focuses on itself and the fireplace. Other furniture is placed around that piece of furniture. The main thing is that the room should be comfortable, it was possible to communicate with the whole family sincerely.


  1. The small kitchen is divided into two zones by a bar counter. Dishes, towels, potholders are placed on the rack fittings.
  2. A plasterboard partition is used to divide the more spacious kitchen. Fewer odors get into the living room, but it remains darkened and lights are needed. But thanks to the fireplace, the room is light and warm.
  3. An arch, with furniture, a glass partition, an aquarium, helps to successfully zone the room. Design solutions are practical and successful.


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