How to wash a kitchen towel: removing stains at home on whites, how to wash and clean well, with

It is difficult to find a kitchen where there is not a single kitchen towel. If you ask any hostess, she will immediately say that it is simply impossible to do without him. Kitchen towels help a lot, but after performing their functions, they not only get dirty quickly and often but some stains cannot be removed from them at all during normal washing. We will consider how exactly you can deal with this kind of stain and return the towels to their original clean appearance.

Material for kitchen towels

how to wash kitchen towels

There are not so many materials from which kitchen towels are made.


how to wash kitchen towels

70-80% of housewives have waffle towels in the kitchen and only the remaining 20-30% of other materials. The most interesting thing is that most of the owners of waffle towels cannot even explain why they chose this particular material. Most likely, the point is the popularity of such accessories with their mothers and grandmothers. Everyone remembers that before they were the only ones used in the kitchen.

Waffle towels have their undeniable advantages: low cost and high prevalence. If this kind of towel is needed, then it can be bought at any hardware store at a low price.

Does it have any disadvantages?

how to wash kitchen towels

They are, like most of the most different materials. Waffle towels get dirty very quickly because due to the relief structure of their material, grease and dirt instantly eat in, and it is possible to clean it out with great difficulty and even then not always.

These towels are abrasion resistant, meaning they can be washed a lot and often, which is a plus given how quickly they get dirty. We must immediately take into account that the washing machine is often not able to completely wash such a towel, so you will have to tinker with it.


how to wash kitchen towels

Terry towels do a great job with excess moisture, but dirt is also perfectly absorbed.

Most people believe that terry towels are best used as bath towels. This judgment is incorrect, since terry cloth perfectly absorbs moisture, withstands a lot of washes (at least 500), and it is pleasant to the touch. Among the disadvantages should be mentioned a large absorption of odors.


how to wash kitchen towels

Microfiber – a new modern material

Another material is considered the material of a new generation. They refer to it as “microfiber”. Due to the special microfiber structure, it can penetrate any cracks and easily cope with bacteria and germs. Such towels are capable of absorbing liquids 3-5 times more than their waffle and terry cloth counterparts.

Its undoubted advantages also lie in the non-storing of odors, quick drying and a very long service life.

Effective washing methods

how to wash kitchen towels

Washing kitchen towels is a lot of work.

Grandma’s advice

  1. Even stubborn stains can be removed using salt . Five tablespoons of salt should be dissolved in five liters of cool water. After that, you should soak the towels in this water for one hour and only then wash them in a washing machine using powder. This trick will help to cope with stains from tomatoes, as well as coffee left by the coffee maker for the house.
  2. White towels are perfectly washed using the following trick : powder or soap with the addition of one spoon of silicate glue and slow boiling for half an hour. After this procedure, the white towel will be like new and get rid of the gray coating.
  3. Grease stains can be dealt with in this way : first wet the towel, and then rub it heavily with laundry soap. After this procedure, the towel must be placed in a polyethylene bag and tied so that air does not penetrate. In such a bag, the towel should be left to lie all night, and in the morning it will be enough just to wash and rinse the towels and potholders. There will be no more fat spots. This method is only suitable for colored towels.
  4. To remove greasy stains from kitchen towels or white stool covers, soak them in warm or hot water . First you need to dissolve two tablespoons of sunflower oil and dry bleach in boiling water, as well as an incompletely filled glass of washing powder. Soak towels in this solution, and then cover with a lid. You need to keep them until the water has completely cooled down. Then they need to be taken out and rinsed thoroughly. Important! If the oil is not used, then the effect of a good wash will not be, since the oil perfectly softens the pollution.
  5. It is quite possible to remove grease stains using dishwashing detergent. On towels you need to apply a small amount of such a product, leave to soak overnight . Then it will be enough just to wash this towel in the washing machine, and at the end of the procedure it will become clean.

Use of laundry soap

Laundry soap has long been considered an excellent option for washing towels. The best option is to use the most concentrated laundry soap.

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If you want to simplify washing, and also not harm the skin of your hands, then you can leave the rubbed soap towel in a plastic bag for a day, and then just rinse it out.

Another option is to grate a small bar of soap, add a little soda ash, put it all in a bucket, and fill it with tap water.

how to wash kitchen towels

You need to fill no more than half of the bucket with water so that the resulting mixture can dissolve well. After that, towels are lowered into it, the bucket is put on fire until it boils, and then the mixture is boiled over low heat for 20 minutes. Then the towels are taken out and washed in the washing machine. Washing should be carried out in the usual mode with the addition of bleach, but this option will not work with colored towels as the bleach changes color a little.

After washing, be sure to thoroughly rinse the towels.

Modern means

how to wash kitchen towels

All of the above methods are more traditional than modern, so it is not at all surprising that modern housewives want to find a way to wash a kitchen towel easier. In addition, digestion and boiling are not only laborious but also spoil the appearance of the accessory.

The most excellent modern way of washing is amway oxygen bleach sa8. Another option is dishwashing detergent.


The following simple tips and tricks will help extend the life of your kitchen towels and keep them tidy:

how to wash kitchen towels
  1. No need to use the same towel often and for a long time, because then the stains on it will become corrosive, and it will be very difficult to remove them. And the white towel itself will turn yellow.
  2. It is best to try to remove stains fresh, and not wait until it dries . You can immediately moisten the stain or completely soak the entire towel at once.
  3. It is recommended to use different towels for different purposes : for dishes, for hands, for the table. It is not necessary to immediately wipe excessively contaminated surfaces with a towel, it is better to do this first with a sponge, for example, grease stains from a deep fryer.
  4. Do not wash white and colored towels together, this must be done separately from each other .
  5. It is better to rinse towels in water with starch, then they will keep a neat appearance for as long as possible . After drying, it is recommended to iron them to make them look better.
how to wash kitchen towels

Summing up, we can conclude that there are several varieties of kitchen towels with their pros and cons. Everyone decides for himself what suits him best. Towels can be washed in a variety of ways, from traditional to modern. To ensure that towels last as long as possible, it is recommended that you wash them regularly, as well as use different towels for different purposes.


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