Perfect interior wallpaper for the kitchen How to create the perfect style

Wallpaper is one of the most popular types of wall decoration in the kitchen. This decorative finish is suitable for most styles.

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, keep in mind that there is often high humidity in the room, and drops of grease and water can get on the walls. Buy moisture-resistant wallpaper that can withstand frequent maintenance, do not fade in the sun, and meet hygienic requirements.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

In building supermarkets, there is a wide selection of wallpapers of various types, textures and patterns. Correctly selected wall covering will create a mood and emphasize the dignity of the kitchen set. The interior decoration of the kitchen is one of the most important moments when creating an interior, read about it here.

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Wallpaper is not just a wall covering, but also a stylish element of the interior.

Wallpaper should be in harmony with furniture, textiles, flooring and kitchen panels. Each style needs a specific pattern or color.

The material of deep orange color is inappropriate for a classic kitchen with expensive household appliances and natural wood furniture. Wallpaper in a small flower in a kitchen decorated in Art Nouveau style will stand out from the design solution. You can find out which wallpapers are suitable for the loft style here.

Such examples can be given endlessly. Tips on the selection of finishing materials for popular styles will help you navigate the world of design.


In an elegant rich kitchen, the following are appropriate:

wallpaper for classic kitchen
  • complex shades, muted tones;
  • the image of the masterpieces of world painting;
  • variations on the theme of light and dark colors;
  • imitation of frescoes;
  • original floral ornament with gilding;
  • elegant stripe;
  • wallpaper with borders and columns;
  • damask pattern;
  • wallpaper imitating decorative plaster.

Wall covering should look luxurious and noble. A popular combination of two types of wallpaper, separated by a border at a height of about a meter from the floor.


Bright gamut, flashy shades and large patterns are not suitable. Stay on light-colored wallpaper with small floral patterns. Will fit perfectly into the interior:

wallpaper for the kitchen in the style of provence
  • butterflies;
  • flowers;
  • leaflets;
  • twigs;
  • birds.

Wallpaper should be romantic and pleasing to the eye. To be a background, and not to attract the eye is the task of Provence-style wallpaper for the kitchen.

Modern style

Why is this style good? Wallpapers of different colors, textures and shades will fit well into it. Patterns – from geometric shapes and vibrant prints to abstract patterns.

wallpaper in modern style interior

Modern style in the interior provides freedom of techniques for creating an interior

It is important here not to change the sense of style. Make sure that the flashy ornament does not dominate the room. You will not be able to stay in such a kitchen for a long time, the walls will “press” on you.

Remember: bright wallpaper – light furniture and vice versa. There should not be “too many” rich prints. Focus on one wall, and decorate the rest with wallpaper in calmer, eye-pleasing tones.

wallpaper for the kitchen in the interior

If the interior is black and white, add light accents with color.

Don’t make your kitchen look too bright if you have small children. Reds, oranges, purples, or a combination thereof, irritate the nervous system. Neither mom nor baby needs such a riot of colors.


A cute rustic style requires soft warm tones, floral patterns, floral ornaments. Wallpapers of delicate green, sand, brown, yellow, coffee shades are suitable. Remember: only soft complex shades, rich colors will stand out from the general style.

country style in the interior

The drawing should be discreet and medium-sized. Ideal – blurry outlines of objects in a soft haze.

Look great on wallpaper:

  • stylized fruits and vegetables;
  • kitchenware;
  • still lifes;
  • delicate cage.

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How to transform an interior

It couldn’t be easier! The use of a new wall covering can radically change the style of the kitchen and give freshness to a boring interior.

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Wallpaper is one of the most affordable options to transform your kitchen.

If you are used to wallpaper in a small flower and have not changed them for ten years, pay attention to the original cover with bright prints. Place the original insert on the wall free from the kitchen unit.

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Wallpaper makes it very easy to transform a dull kitchen into a sunny terrace of a country house.

A good option is to buy a light monochromatic kitchen set, and decorate the walls with wallpaper with a geometric pattern. You do not have to buy furniture, but simply change the wall covering to a brighter one. Throw in the right textiles and stylish accessories and you don’t recognize your kitchen.

fights in the interior of the kitchen

Or like this – again! … and you are somewhere in the old district of Paris, sitting in a cafe and drinking coffee with croissants.

Pay attention to the wallpaper made of modern materials. Bamboo, cork and liquid wallpapers look great in the kitchen. Check with a designer or search online for kitchen finishes.


Cooking is time consuming. The whole family gathers here in the mornings and evenings. Comfort is the main condition for such a demanded room.

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

The range of colors affects your well-being and mood. Create a place that will be pleasant to be in. Remember:

Deep warm tones visually narrow the room. In a small kitchen, covered with ocher wallpaper, there will be a feeling of limited space.

For small kitchens, use light wallpaper with a medium-sized pattern. Light brown shades, pale green, light blue and pleasant coral tones look great.

A large kitchen should not be made in saturated red or blue colors. Even in a spacious room, bright inserts look much better than covering the entire wall with rich colors.

Wallpaper from different materials

A few years ago, wallpapers from modern materials appeared. According to their characteristics, they are not inferior to popular vinyl, non-woven coatings or paintable wallpaper. These materials are sustainable and fit well with a variety of styles. It is worth noting that one of the most popular kitchen wallpapers are detergents.


The durable and beautiful natural material quickly gained popularity. Bamboo is not afraid of moisture, does not absorb odors, does not deteriorate from temperature extremes.

Bamboo wallpapers are combined with cork, textiles, jute. Eco-friendly material with an interesting texture is indispensable for decorating a kitchen in various styles:

wallpaper for the kitchen in the interior
  • ethnic;
  • African;
  • eco-style;
  • tropical.

The rich color palette, the absence of harmful substances in the composition of the coating, the relative ease of installation and easy maintenance explain the popularity of the coating made of natural material. The cost is within reason.

Cover 2/3 of the walls with bamboo wallpaper. Decorate the rest of the space in beige, pistachio, sand colors. An interesting option for African style is the combination of bamboo coated with deep yellow, green, brown tones.


Another eco-friendly material. Its properties are reminiscent of the performance characteristics of bamboo wallpaper. Cork is an excellent sound insulator.

Cork wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Cork wallpaper for the kitchen is covered with a special wax. The durability of the coating is good, but cork wallpapers do not like scratches and mechanical damage. If there are small children in the house, consider using a different type of cover.

The range of colors is wide enough: all shades of brown are presented. You can buy cork wallpaper in gray, milky, cream and other shades.

Such an interesting finish goes well with light wood kitchen furniture. Cork wallpapers are suitable for:

  • modern;
  • ethnic;
  • Japanese;
  • eco-style.


With the advent of this original finishing material, any fancy for interior decor has become a reality. Judge for yourself:

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Liquid wallpaper will help create an unusual room interior

  • palette – all colors, including unusual shades;
  • interesting appearance of the coating;
  • the unique composition of the material allows you to simulate dozens of textures;
  • the presence of glitter, minerals, mica, sequins, mother-of-pearl and other shiny details in the mixture.

What is liquid wallpaper? It is a dry mix packed in strong plastic bags. The basis is environmentally friendly cellulose.


  • original dyes;
  • binding material;
  • fungicides;
  • plasticizers;
  • silk fibers;
  • decorative elements.

It is easy to create masterpieces in the kitchen using liquid wallpaper:

  • pour the dry mixture from the bag into a container;
  • add warm water in a thin stream;
  • mix well;
  • let the mixture brew according to the instructions;
  • that’s it, the wonderful wallpaper is ready to be applied.

Choose a shade that matches the color of your kitchen unit and flooring. Go for a texture with fillers that won’t fall off when wiped with a damp cloth.

The combination of wallpaper in the interior

interior kitchen wallpaper

The combination of wallpaper allows you to highlight the desired area and place interesting accents

A popular design technique allows you to hide flaws, align the geometry of the room, and make the kitchen brighter and more spacious. A simple and affordable way will allow you to design the space in a new way.

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Combining wallpaper beautifully in the interior is a whole art.

Basic rules for combining wallpaper in the kitchen:

  • the wall covering should be combined with the color of the countertop, the design of the furniture and the entire room;
  • choose wallpaper of the same length;
  • combine coatings of different colors and textures;
  • the cost should be about the same. Cheap and expensive wallpaper in one kitchen is bad form;
  • balance luscious colors with calm ones.

Combination options:

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen
  • the vertical separation of the walls raises the ceilings and proportions the narrow space;
  • emphasis on one of the walls. Suitable for fans of creative solutions. It is important to know when to stop ;
  • horizontal combination is acceptable for kitchens with high ceilings. Horizontal stripes of different shades and textures alternate;
  • highlighting niches and various protrusions. Designers often decorate these places with contrasting wallpaper.
wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

But with the help of wallpaper you will find yourself on the shore of a beautiful lake.

Wallpaper is a suitable option for wall decoration in the kitchen. Consider the recommendations of experts, choose the right wallpaper. Use new types of decorative wall coverings, don’t be afraid of bold color combinations. Don’t forget about comfort and a positive attitude.


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