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Modern Kitchen designs

If you are looking for a kitchen that occupies all the space you have and make the most of it. You are definitely looking for built-in kitchens. Then we’ll show you ideas fitted kitchens , both ideas large fitted kitchens and built small kitchens . Also, you can find large wooden fitted kitchens , large ceramic fitted kitchens , small wooden fitted kitchens and small ceramic fitted kitchens . Finally, we will also talk about the price of built-in kitchens . Modern Kitchen are very amazing and looking beautiful.

Built-in kitchens are the ideal option for people who have little space in the kitchen . And want to use it as much as they can. But they are also very useful for those large kitchens that want to have even more space and look more spacious

We call built-in kitchens to those kitchens with the furniture anchored to the wall . In this way, we do not have furniture in between and physically and visually the kitchen space.

The first thing we must think to buy the furniture of the built-in kitchens, is the material that we are going to choose . You should know that, when located in the kitchen, the built-in furniture will have to be resistant to heat and humidity. So we advise you not to get carried away by the cost savings and choose some of very good quality. Then that they can last for many years

If you start looking at the materials of the built-in kitchens, you will see that most are made of MDF or panforte , which although they are of good quality and have a good price. These materials are very prone to leaks and water can be damaged. Therefore, if you finally decide on these built-in kitchen materials. It will be best if the finish of the kitchen is of better quality. Although it is an aesthetic issue, it also helps to reinforce the structure of the furniture.

Another important aspect to consider, is the lighting of the built-in kitchens. Thanks to the built-in furniture we will gain space . But we need to complete it with good lighting so that the kitchen also looks visually larger.

Here you can see more pictures of Modern Kitchen:

Large Built-In Modern Kitchen

Below we will see the perfect designs for large built-in kitchens. So that we can make even better use of the space. And make our kitchen as functional as possible . We will show you the designs of large wooden built-in kitchens, and also the designs of large ceramic built-in kitchens.

Normally, large wooden built-in kitchens are associated with a more rustic , classic and vintage style ; and large ceramic built-in kitchens, are associated with more modern and minimalist styles. But then we will see how, depending on how we combine furniture and kitchen structure. We can give the style that we like, without depending on the material or finishing of the furniture.

Here you can see more large built-in kitchens:

Of Wood

As we said, the wooden furniture always gives a more rustic and classic look to the built-in kitchens. But depending on the design we make of our kitchen we can find even the totally opposite result.

This style of built- in wood kitchens , like the one we see here below, does correspond to a vintage and retro style. This effect has been achieved with wooden furniture in a clear and worn tone . But also with the rest of the kitchen setting. For example, tiles always give a more retro look to any space in the house; but they have also given this touch through the wall in stone, and the upper built-in shelving. Finally, as always, we have the decoration.

But if we look for a more modern style of large wooden built-in kitchens. We can structure it like this photo that we see below. It is a matter of combining classic wood with a white wood , with a cleaner finish. And giving the furniture a certain contemporaneity, such as the sliding drawers or the more futuristic stools. Finally, the decoration must be minimalist .

In Ceramics

If you opt for the large ceramic built-in kitchens, you can also find more classic designs and more modern ones. For example, if our ceramic is imitation marble style, we will give it a more classic touch; but if we opt for large built-in kitchens in smooth ceramic with mirror , in neutral colors such as white or black, we will give it a more modern style.

Below we can see an example of large ceramic built-in kitchens with modern style. They have achieved this through a ceramic with stone imitation , in gray, combined with white and with furniture in a straight and futuristic style. To make the furniture more modern, you have to choose to get rid of the symmetry and play with the position of the cabinets and shelves.

Here we find a style of large ceramic built-in kitchens more neutral and functional . They have combined classic wood with white ceramics. And have given a special touch with black beams in the kitchen, appliances and handles in metal, and stools in black.

And here we see an idea to decorate large ceramic built-in kitchens with rustic style . They have combined it with stone and wood. And with tones typical of the rustic style, such as browns, yellows, slate and grays.

Here you can see more large built-in ceramic stoves :

Small Built-In Kitchens

If you are looking for small built-in kitchens because you do not have too much space in your kitchen . And you need to gain breadth. Here we are going to give you several ideas so you can choose the one that best matches the style of your home. First we will see small wooden built-in kitchens, for more classic or vintage styles. And then we will see small ceramic built-in kitchens, for more functional and modern kitchens.

Here you can see more small built-in kitchens:

Of Wood

The small built-in wood stoves are very popular in homes because of their practicality, their quality and the great presentation they give to our kitchen. It does not matter if you are looking for   small classic wood built-in kitchens or you prefer small, minimalist wooden built-in kitchens , with Nordic airs , very fashionable in the interior decoration of this year.

Here we show you this style of small built-in rustic and classic wood kitchens. For this, they have used all wooden furniture and have combined them with tiles , to give this touch of antiquity.

However, we can also find small wooden kitchens that are very functional and modern, like the one you see below, which is one of our favorites. If we do not have too much space at home, we can have a built-in kitchen like this, which allows us to cover all the furniture in the kitchen and remains as a wall of the home.

And if we look for small, simple wood built-in stoves, you can take this as an example. It combines white wood and classic wood . And has the necessary furniture, with a row of top cabinets that can be really useful.

Here you can see more small wood built-in kitchens :

In Ceramics

But if you are not convinced by small wooden built-in kitchens, you can also opt for small ceramic built-in kitchens. The small ceramic built-in stoves are very practical on a daily basis. Especially when it comes to cleaning them. Because it is much easier to clean the ceramic than wood . They are also more resistant because they are not as delicate as wood.

This example of small ceramic built-in kitchens we love, because it seems very practical to clean it, and to be in it every day and be able to cook without problem. In addition, it has a very colorful finish by the mirror ceramic . In addition, the bicolor in black and white gives it a very modern look, finishing off with the pearl colored tiles in the middle part of the kitchen.

And if you are not convinced by the small ceramic built-in kitchens but you do not want to put everything in wood because it is too delicate, you can choose something like that: all the ceramics and place some detail of the kitchen, like an American bar to eat, made of wood. This is better because if we use this bar we only use it to eat, we can even place a tablecloth and put it whenever we are going to make use of the bar, so as not to stain it and keep it better.

Here you can see more small ceramic built-in stoves :

Built-In Kitchens | Prices

As for the prices of built-in kitchens vary depending on what we are looking for, although as a general rule we warn you that they are not cheap , because it is about making custom furniture for our kitchen.

One of the aspects that we must think about, and that will significantly influence the price, is the material. For example, wood is usually cheaper than ceramics and, inside ceramics, you can find them of all kinds, from an imitation marble, to the mirror ceramic that is the most worn. But the price also depends on everything we want to be embedded in our kitchen, since we can combine them with other furniture such as cooking islands that will be cheaper since they are not made to measure.


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