Modern classic kitchen: modern in interior design

The interior in the “modern” style reflects the modern way of life of the townspeople, who are in constant motion, are engaged in a career and value their time. Accordingly, the kitchen in the “modern” style has such advantages as functionality, comfort, unpretentiousness in cleaning and conciseness.

It is known that each individual style of the interior has distinctive signs, by which it is possible to identify the belonging of the interior to one or another stylistic direction. And if we talk about the “modern” style in the kitchen, the sense of the style lies in its very name, which in translation means “concise modernity”.

Modern for the kitchen

By using the word “modern” in this article, we deliberately use habits, since, at the very least, the style of fashion has existed for several decades, was one of the most expensive and complex styles in the interior, , stained glass painting, floristic patterns.

But today we often hear and use the concept of “modern kitchen” in a completely different way, meaning a modern style with laconic lines and a monochromatic color scheme. This is a practical and affordable way of decorating a kitchen for residents of a metropolis.

Style features

Clear planning

So, regardless of the size of the room, which is destined to become a modern kitchen, all the settings should be placed in space according to the principle of “freedom of movement and nothing superfluous.” That is, the furniture is installed along the walls, “g” or “p” – like, in this case, it is necessary that the gaps between the tables and the fronts of the cabinets remain spacious enough. As a result, you get a comfortable room, ease of maintenance and an aesthetic appearance of the room.

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modern kitchen

These kitchens have a modern look

Pay attention to the fact that the dining table in the modern kitchen sometimes plays a rather ordinary role and, depending on the number of people living in the house, it can be calculated for 2 – 6 parsons, but the bar counter is a mandatory design if you choose a design for the kitchen.

It will be appreciated by those people whose schedule is written down by the minute, and the daily breakfasts do not last very long. In addition, the bar counter can be placed separately, or be part of the kitchen island, which significantly saves useful space and creates a more holistic impression of the situation as a whole.

Monochrome palette

Modern does not accept colorful color solutions, especially in the kitchen. But this does not mean at all that you are obliged to use only gray or black and white shades. You can choose any color that you like more than others, and use it actively: on furniture facades, walls or floor cladding. But you need to complement the bright tone with a neutral shade (white, cream, black or silver) in the rest of the elements.

monochrome palette

An Art Nouveau kitchen often has a monochrome structure in appearance.

For example: combine the blue fronts of the kitchen cabinets with the white tiles on the floor and the coffee room for the kitchen apron; or: white furniture, dark floor and rich color of one of the walls.

Use in your kitchen design one of the pure colors (red, blue, brown, white, orange or green) as the main one and accompany it with neutral (base) tones.

Practical materials

A modern kitchen is a comfortable, modern space, which is very easy to care for, not only thanks to its clear layout, but also to the materials used in the cladding and furniture making.

modern kitchen is made of practical materials

Modern kitchen is made of practical materials

So, for the floor, you can choose traditional tiles, laminate or linoleum, paint and coat the walls in the necessary areas with a tiled or glass apron, and whitewash the ceiling or make it even suspended. You need to forget about wallpaper, parquet, mosaic – materials must be accessible and practical.

Metal, glass, enamel, plastic or acryl are often used in kitchen furniture, and lacquered coating and foil for cabinet facades.

The detail that distinguishes the modern style from the high-tech one can be called the presence of wood elements in the furniture cases and the decorative design of its elements (the use of natural veneer in large quantities).

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Simple shapes and clean lines

The kitchen furnishings in the modern style are distinguished by the fact that the furniture in it is of a simplified nature: pathos and ostentatious luxury are not handled here.

modern kitchen has beautiful cabinets with straight lines

The modern kitchen has beautiful cabinets with straight lines

Cabinets – simple geometric shapes, built-in electric oven and other household appliances, functional islands and bar counters, light seating furniture, practical countertops that follow the contours of furniture in the work area.

In such a kitchen, all objects and objects seem to obey the same idea, aimed at creating a logical and harmonious feeling of comfort, in which there is not a single random thing.

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Smooth and shiny surfaces

Countertops and fronts of kitchen furniture should be adapted as much as possible to the rituals of cooking and further care of the surfaces.

modern kitchen has smooth and shiny surfaces

Has smooth and shiny surfaces

Therefore, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​purchasing cabinets with protruding handles, a relief decor on the surface of doors and other non-uniform factors.

It is necessary to install such furniture, the surfaces and parts of which are easy to clean from permanent dust, greasy deposits, splashes and other contaminants typical for the kitchen.

Minimum decor

  • A modern kitchen – the room is clean in all senses, so it does not need to be oversaturated with decorative design;
  • there should be a minimum number of such things here, while each emphasis must be at least somehow involved in the farm;
  • the role of a bright decorative spot can be fully played by a set of table knives with ceramic handles, a dozen colored wine glasses on the shelf, a delicate fruit dish or mosaic stand under the hot;
  • It is possible to arrange a window in the kitchen simply and in the highest degree practically: roller blinds, blinds, pleats – all of the art materials that are easy to wash.

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Laconic light

The lighting in the kitchen matters, and you just can’t get by with a pair of middle hangers in the center of the ceiling. The modern style implies the use of good light in the form of the main source and additional ones in the form of spotlights, which have become, in a way, the calling card of a modern interior.

modern kitchen has bright light

A combination of bright, uniformly colored light can be used.

Chandeliers, ceiling lights or suspensions on cords should have a simple geometric shape of a ball, cube, parallelepiped, diamond and gently, evenly scatter light.

The interior of any room should reflect your essence, habits and lifestyle. A modern kitchen, besides, will make your life much easier and give you more free time.

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