How To Choose A Food Processor Tips Which Is Best

The food processor has become indispensable for many housewives. It will help you grind, wipe any product, make a cocktail, and squeeze juice. Recently, a wide selection of domestic and foreign kitchen machines has been offered. How to make the right choice when buying?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Food Processors

Almost every food processor consists of an electric motor with two drives. For mixing dense products, the first drive is used, which is more powerful. The second drive has a high speed and is used when working with liquid substances.

multifunctional food processor

Multifunctional food processor

The kitchen unit is equipped with two containers. Large capacity is used as a meat grinder, blender or juicer. Using various attachments in it, you can prepare dough, cut, rub, chop various products. The second container for making cocktails, beating eggs and creams.

One of the advantages of kitchen machines is the combination of several devices in them: meat grinders, vegetable cutters, juicers, coffee grinders. It will be troublesome and expensive to buy them separately.

Among the disadvantages of kitchen assistants are assembly, disassembly, washing, drying and reassembly. And the rating of the best auger juicers can be found here.

When designing a kitchen, you should determine a place for the food processor so that you don’t have to get it out every time you need it.

Assembly and disassembly of the harvester does not require special skills, you just need to put on and remove the required attachment. And the rating of electric meat grinders with metal gears can be found at the link.

Washing and drying a food processor is directly dependent on the technical equipment of the kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, this issue can be solved very easily. All parts of the combine can be washed and dried in it.

  How to choose

  • Before buying a food processor, take a close look at the kitchen and determine a place for it, because multifunctional kitchen helpers are large and they need a lot of space. In a small kitchen, you will have to opt for a unit with standard functions. Such devices are inexpensive and of good quality.
  • Decide what the harvester is for: for juice, or for minced meat. In modern aggregates, these functions are rarely combined. In the absence of children in your family, you do not need to squeeze juice from fruits and vegetables every day, but every housewife will need to make minced meat from meat.
  • The harvester bowls can be made of glass, plastic or stainless steel. Glass containers can break, and stainless steel containers are good for minced meat.


One can argue about power for a long time, and this is individual for each housewife. But there are some rules to follow:

If the bowl is up to one and a half liters, the power of 300 W is quite enough;

If the bowl of the combine is two liters – 400 W;

For a three-liter bowl, the minimum power must be at least 700 watts.

But this is a necessary minimum, which should be unlimited at most. Although it is hardly worth purchasing a powerful device, if you are not going to use the combine often. The same goes for a low-power appliance that will be ineffective in the kitchen.

What are the attachments

  • The circular knife is one of the most popular attachments. This knife can grind any food, combining this attachment with the number of revolutions;
  • Knife with two blades. Suitable for cutting unusual shapes;
  • Graters. There are several of them. And depending on this, the cutting will turn out differently;
  • Mulmixer. Designed for solid foods: nuts, garlic;
  • Freezer;
  • Meat grinder;
  • Blender;
  • Juicer.

There can be a lot of attachments. It all depends on the cost of the device, because it is the presence of many processes that implies a combine that can replace many devices. For example, you won’t need to buy an ice cream maker for your home.

Brand name

As for the manufacturers who are represented as the most reliable and managed to establish themselves in the market for this type of device, the following companies can be characterized:

  • Bosch, Tefal, Kenwood, Braun, Philips. By purchasing a device from one of these companies, there is no doubt that the decision was made correctly.Bosch food processorsBosch food processors
  • If, after all, a winner is selected from these brands, in this case, the first position, according to fame, will be captured by the Bosch kitchen unit. The equipment of this company is distinguished by ergonomics, attractive design and excellent quality. As well as the story goes, not at all superfluous, only the most necessary. Thus (thus, one of the fresh releases – the Bosch MUM 56340 Styline unit with an iron bowl – was at the top of fame for a whole previous time. The Bosch food processor with a meat grinder and blender is also considered one of the best.

Harvesters from the Japanese company Kenwood are also quite popular. Elementary controls, a proven motor, and a comfortable bowl distinguish the harvesters of this manufacturer. Almost all modifications are equipped with an inspiring number of attachments.

In this way, the problem of choosing a combine harvester no longer seems so difficult. You just need to decide on the necessary functions and choose a good device. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Moulinex electric meat grinder in this material.


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