Grohe faucets for the kitchen: choose a spot, material quality and model

Are you finishing your kitchen renovation and it seems that all the important work is over? But one more question remained – the choice of plumbing. Much depends on its quality. Leaking pipes can spoil fresh repairs, and a current tap will lead to constant overpayments for water. And the most unpleasant thing is that the crane was blown off. In the worst case, you will have to pay not only for your floor, but also for the ceilings of your neighbors below. That is why it is important to choose faucets and other plumbing fixtures only from trusted manufacturers.

Faucet in the kitchen

Faucets Groe for kitchen

Groe stands for quality, reliability and style.

A mixer is a device that allows you to regulate the pressure and temperature of pouring water, mixing hot and cold in a certain proportion. The first models were patented at the end of the 19th century, but became a common item in apartments only in the middle of the 20th century. Today, there are many options for this device, from cheap Chinese to quality, from the best manufacturers, such as the German brand GROHE.


Faucets Groe for kitchen

Modern faucets are also a beautiful decor for the kitchen.

The kitchen mixer today does not just mix water, manufacturers in the struggle for the market come up with new and useful functions.

It can be equipped with a thermostat that maintains a constant water temperature by adjusting the pressure. So the person washing the dishes is protected from burns.

Faucets Groe for kitchen

Another popular option is the built-in electronic control unit. Water is supplied only when hands are brought to the tap, and is automatically shut off. Although such mixers are not cheap, in a few years their price pays off, because in the end water is spent several times less.

All mixers can be mounted on a sink or wall. For the kitchen, the first option is more often chosen. You can find out about double sinks for the kitchen in this material.

Electronic devices regulate the temperature, remember several of its desired values, and can illuminate jets of water.


Faucets Groe for kitchen

Groe creates several lines of mixer models.

A few more things are important for the kitchen, which are usually absent in other taps.

Additional spout

Faucets Groe for kitchen

Double spout helps to distribute drinking and industrial water

The double spout allows the filtered water to be supplied separately through a small tap, it does not mix with the tap.

There is also a triple spout – in addition to filtered through a separate pipe, sparkling drinking water is also supplied. You can read about electronic kitchen scales with a bowl here.

The supply of boiling water is also useful; for this, mixers are produced from especially high-quality materials. The boiler system keeps several liters of water in a constant boiling state.

Unusual options

Faucets Groe for kitchen

Pull-out spout – one of the latest modern design developments

The pull-out spout simplifies kitchen work. Just pull on the edge, and a shower-like tube extends from the tap, making it easy to wash food or rinse the edges of the sink. The watering can can be pulled out for faucets with a straight spout, or downwards in the case of a curved one. Water is supplied normally or with an aerated jet.

The swivel spout makes it easy to direct the stream of water where you want it.

The pull-out aerator is practically the same as the pull-out spout. But he supplies water only in standard mode. But from the outward appearance it is impossible to guess that a watering can is coming out of the tap.

Choice on the example of Groe

Groe’s products are popular both in home interiors and in expensive bars or restaurants. Attention to the needs of the user and the continuous improvement of additional functions have made it the market leader. Groe’s example can be used to assess the latest trends in plumbing. The company produces 52 series of kitchen faucets, 230 products.

This world-famous company has been producing plumbing fixtures for 80 years, which is distinguished by the original processing of classic design, high-quality materials.

Materials (edit)

Groe kitchens for kitchens

The products are durable, retain their excellent appearance without scratches and tarnishing for many years. The bodies of all Groe valves are made of brass, which does not corrode or break.

The material is easy to distinguish by weight: brass valves are much heavier than cheap silumin ones. The top coating is dirt-repellent, just wipe the faucet to shine like new.


The spout, as mentioned above, can be fixed, swivel, retractable. Fixed can be L- or U-shaped, made at an angle or absolutely right. Such simple ganders for kitchen faucets are suitable for a small sink.

Groe kitchens for kitchens
  • Fans of two-section sinks should choose a swivel spout, it will allow you to direct the stream of water in the right direction. Almost half of Grohe products in 40 kitchen series are equipped with swivel “nibs”.
  • Pull-out aerators help with large sinks, two or three sections. They make it much easier to wash dishes, fruits or vegetables. Groe has such in 10 series, all of them are made as single-lever.
  • Pull-out faucets are more expensive and convenient product. They are also single-lever, and in the Zedra Touch series they are also touch-sensitive. One of the best options is Groe K7.
  • The twin spout is available in the 3 GROHE Blue series. Blue Pure serves tap water and filtered water. Blue Chilled is simply filtered, chilled and cold water. Blue Chilled and Sparkling is made to switch between filtered, medium and highly sparkling water. And you can find out about the water filter for the Geyser sink by following the link.
  • Want boiling water right at the tap? The GROHE Red range is made for you. It has boilers for 3 and 6 liters of boiling water, the combi versions also offer an increased volume of water (up to 11 liters) with a temperature of 55 degrees.


Groe kitchens for kitchens

The aerator nozzle is much more economical

The nozzle can be made in the form of an aerator or a shower head. In the first case, water mixes with air, the user sees a large head, but the flow rate remains moderate. In a watering can, the stream is divided into many small streams, and water does not spray even with a strong pressure or a high drop height. This makes kitchen work easier and keeps the floor and clothes clean.


Groe kitchens for kitchens

The height of the spout depends on the depth of the sink

Kitchen faucets for sinks are usually not very high, although it all depends on the model. Groe offers low, medium and high spouts. Low can lead to splashing water and is not very convenient for shallow sinks (less than 160 mm). But it is indispensable for bowls with a depth of 200 mm.

Bowls with a depth of 170-195 mm are suitable for any type of spout in height. You can find out about the standard height of the apron in the kitchen here.

The basic rule is that the mixer should not interfere when loading the sink with large pots, otherwise take any type you like.


There can be 2 or 1 valves, but single-lever models are usually taken for the kitchen, as is the case with Kaiser faucets.

Double wishbones can quickly fail, it will take 2 hands to regulate the temperature, which is inconvenient. Single-lever are devoid of these disadvantages.

Almost all models from Groe are single-lever. Double wishbones are only available in the Ambi, Atrio, Ypsilon, Bridgeford and Costa series. Almost all can be matched with water-saving attachments.

The manufacturer ensures reliability with GROHE SilkMove. This technology, thanks to ceramic discs and an increased angle of rotation of the lever, makes temperature adjustment easy, even if your hands are wet and slippery.

If the spout is low, the valve is located at the top, in other models it is usually on the side. The side mixer keeps the mixer clean, because no detergent or water drips from the hands onto the spout. And how to choose a kitchen scale can be found in this article.

But the most convenient electronic sensor for water supply, as in the K7 F-digital.


Groe kitchen faucets

The coating of mixers can be very different – Groe is only high-quality materials

The ease of caring for the model and its appearance after several months of operation depend on the quality of the coating. Groe manufactures valves in 3 colors – steel, super steel and chrome. The chrome-plated models are classics that have been proven for decades. But now there are more durable options.

Glossy gold or silver stainless steel (PVD) coating 3 times harder than chrome plated, 10 times more scratch resistant. And SuperBlack (CVD) outperforms chromium by 5 times in hardness and 100 in scratch resistance. It has no analogues on the market.

Mixer installation

Groe kitchen faucets
  1. Shut off the water at the entrance to the apartment.
  2. Drain the water stagnant in pipes and taps.
  3. Dismantle the sink and the old tap.
  4. For installation, assemble the mixer and connect its flexible hoses to the pipes.
  5. Place the O-ring on the base.
  6. Pass the hoses through the mounting hole.
  7. Install the rubber seal, then the pressure plate and screw in the threaded pins.
  8. Tighten the mounting nuts and reinstall the sink.
  9. Run the water and check for leaks. If all goes well, the system is ready to go.

Faucet Care

Groe kitchen faucets

The service life of the plumbing depends on the correct care of the plumbing.

Although all modern premium models usually have a good margin of safety, careful handling will extend the life of your bathroom fixtures.

  • do not tighten the valves of double-lever models to the stop and do not squeeze the single-lever switch completely, otherwise the valve may break;
  • After each use, wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove water and dirt. This way you will keep the shine of the coating for a long time;
  • do not clean the coating with abrasive products or steel floats, use a hard foam or plastic sponge as much as possible. Bleach, solvents, acidic or chlorine-containing products are not acceptable, especially for chrome-plated faucets;
  • after cleaning with the agent, rinse the surface with plenty of water and wipe dry;
  • if in doubt, read the manufacturer’s instructions, which usually indicate the type of cleaning allowed.

Choose a mixer so that it will serve you for many years. Although the cost of high-quality models seems overpriced, after 5-10 years of operation it will come out cheaper than the constant purchase of a silumin and especially a plastic crane. Assess in advance what additional functions you need, then working in the kitchen will always be a joy. We also recommend that you read our article which will tell you how to fix a dripping faucet in the kitchen.


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