White apron for a light kitchen: what colors are combined and how to make

Apron for a white kitchen: which one to choose for light, for blue with gray, glossy with black, with green

White symbolizes spirituality, purity, and lightness. The brightly colored kitchen looks large and spacious. White is the color of freedom and ease. It can be combined with red, blue, orange, green or blue, classic black or purple.

A bright kitchen has a number of advantages, despite the fact that the opposite stereotype will develop in society.

Bright kitchen: pros and cons

Kitchen in light colors will always be in fashion. White is a versatile color that will never cease to be popular and in demand. Designers and owners are often wary of using this color in their interiors.

The main reasons for concern:

white kitchen white apron
  • The color is one of the most easily soiled . Stains on dark colors are easier to remove if spilled, for example, with red wine. Fingerprints are strongly visible on white furniture. Especially if the family has small children, the cabinets will have to be constantly wiped clean. The kitchen is that color.
  • The association of white with a hospital room. If he does not add contrasting shades, there can be a lot of light. Then, lightness and spirituality are replaced by monotony, sterility and severity.
  • “Everyone has white now.” Due to the popularity of minimalism and Scandinavian style, interest in white interior design has increased. Today, many people equip their kitchens in this exact color.

Arguments in favor of white:

white kitchen white apron

White kitchens are combined with bright contrasting colors to accentuate their depth

  • Kitchens of any shade get dirty quickly. Even in a dark color, stains and dust deposits on furniture will be noticeable. You need to maintain order in the room, regardless of the color of the room. An important role is played not only by color, but also by the quality of the material and its characteristics. This also affects the practicality of the furnishings.
  • Even if the whole design of the room is made in white and creates a “hospital” feeling, it can be easily corrected – add bright accents: a vase, flowers in pots, a curtain, coasters for sugar or salt, covers for chairs or a lampshade for a chandelier, very good white the color is suitable for the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence.
  • If you are thinking about which color to choose for the kitchen, and you like white, but you are worried about its soiled, you can choose one of the shades. If you design it differently, not like a neighbor’s, then no one will notice that your kitchens are made in the same color scheme. Decor and style play a huge role . There are also many light shades that will prevent furniture from looking typical and distinctive.
  • At any time, you can completely change the interior, for example, to blue-red-white. This is a huge advantage of white.
  • Expansion of space due to the huge amount of light in the room . If the ceiling and floor are also made light, then the room will visually increase not only in width, but also in height.

White interior

white kitchen white apron

The white interior can even be combined with several colors.

The kitchen, located on the northern part of the house, will be ennobled by a milky shade. It will add softness to the color, create coziness. The southern kitchen looks great in cool whites. With LED lighting in the kitchen, the room will not look yellow. In addition, each housewife can choose any shade of white. There are many of them: beige, light cream, ivory, milky, light gray, pale pink, or blue.

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A large plain white kitchen looks boring. Therefore, it will be appropriate to combine the color with other, brighter or darker colors.

In the evening, the white kitchen is ennobled by lighting. A properly installed light should beautifully highlight all the advantages of the room while illuminating the cooking surface.

Walls and ceiling

white kitchen white apron

White ceilings are common in any room. This is a classic option that visually gives the room more light. It is advisable that a ceiling of the same color be in a small white kitchen. It will increase the height of the premises, help hide all kinds of flaws.

Materials for finishing kitchen ceilings must be chosen with great care. A large rare pattern or some kind of conceived composition will look best. All of it should not be painted, as it will create the opposite effect – it will reduce the height of the room beyond recognition.

Light-colored walls are actively used in the design of the kitchen. Here you can find tips on how to combine wallpaper or gypsum tiles with bricks.

To avoid the rapid contamination of wallpaper for a white kitchen, designers suggest making tiled walls. They are much easier to care for, and the tiles are more practical – they are harder to damage.


white kitchen white apron

The floor in the white kitchen, like the ceiling, visually increases the size of the room. When choosing a floor in white tones, you need to take into account that this is exactly the area where dust, debris appears most quickly, crumbs fall or drinks are spilled. Therefore, before laying white tiles or laminate flooring, you should be prepared for the corresponding consequences.

The best solution for a white kitchen is a floor that matches the color of the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator or other kitchen equipment.


white kitchen white apron

white furniture looks very elegant

White furniture is great for monochrome kitchen designs. Cabinets and a table from the walls and ceiling can be set off with a warmer, lighter shade. In this case, furniture can be selected in a variety of textures and materials. Hanging cabinets can be made matte or glossy, tables and chairs more embossed.

Kitchen sections! can be set off with decorative elements. For example, put cushions in bright, handmade colors on the kitchen couch.

Facades with glass look beautiful, as well as open shelves. This reduces the clutter of furniture in the room and makes it possible to decorate it with designer details.


white kitchen white apron

A white backsplash can be made from large or small kitchen tiles. To express individuality, the white pieces can be diluted with a contrasting color. It will look beautiful in a geometric pattern or modern ornament. A huge plus of a white tile backsplash is that the kitchen looks neater.

An excellent solution would be to choose an apron a couple of shades lighter or darker than the walls. Then it will not stand out too much, but it will give the room a zest.

A color scheme

white kitchen white apron

White furniture goes well with warm colors, smoothing out its brightness.

White and black

white kitchen white apron

It is best to look white in combination with a contrasting color. Black, dark blue and gray, brown are paints that can be successfully used in the design of a white art deco kitchen. In this case, light tones will become more saturated, and contrasting ones – noble and deep.

Black and white kitchens never go out of style. This is the most effective and successful combination for focusing on light shades.

The most striking design of a black and white kitchen comes with the addition of a third color. It can be orange, pearl, or red, both on walls and kitchen appliances, and on decorative items.


Light shades slightly muffle the brightness of the red, thereby creating a more than successful combination. No wonder the red and white interior is called “the dance of flame with ice” It’s classic nonetheless. a very interesting solution for the kitchen room.

With this combination, the main thing is not to overdo it with bright shades. It is better to choose white as the basis of furniture, and red as an additional one. Then light helmets will create a feeling of spaciousness, and red ones will focus on the details of the interior.


white kitchen white apron

The combination of white and pistachio looks especially fresh

Green will freshen up a white kitchen even more. This combination is perfect for lovers of bright colors. Green has many shades. The most beautiful and “expensive” of all varieties is the emerald color.

The kitchen looks best in a combination of green furniture and white walls. A bright green apron looks beautiful when combined with glossy white furniture.


white kitchen white apron

The blue kitchen is so cool

Blue is a very calm and peaceful color. The association with the sea adds a romantic touch to the shades of blue. Even in the kitchen, the combination of blue and white is very relaxing and pacifying. For such a range, you can choose both cold and warmer, airy and spring shades of blue.

For large rooms, the Empire style is suitable. Its characteristic feature can be upholstered furniture or with a rich blue upholstery or a curtain made of denser material.

Heavy image of the kitchen, can dilute white walls and furniture. The added gold ornament will look beautiful.


white kitchen white apron

The combination of white and gray looks noble

The gray color is most often found in the elements of kitchen appliances. Therefore, with this combination, there will be no problems with its selection. Shades of gray and white are characterized as true simplicity and purity. The gray color of the kitchen can be both the main color and a great backdrop for a brighter one.

White and gray together give a cozy cool feeling. Today in the high-tech style, gray is actively used as the main color. Gray walls and floors are in vogue. This innovation underlines the technicality of the kitchen. Metallic kitchen appliances look especially beautiful in this combination.


White kitchen, like any other, requires a lot of care to maintain cleanliness, order, and comfort.

Here are some tips on how to keep your white kitchen clean and beautiful:

white kitchen white apron
  • Make the countertop 4-5 centimeters longer than the kitchen cabinets below it. This will keep them safe from contamination during cooking.
  • Top quality white material will give you a long service life. Quality material is not cheap, but it will not turn yellow after three years of furniture installation.
  • Before rubbing the surface with an untested product, it is better to try its effect in a place invisible to the prying eyes. So you protect yourself from micro scratches and stains.
  • For a glossy surface, do not use a hard cloth. It is best to do this with a soft sponge so as not to damage the integrity of the coating.

Check out our photo selection of white kitchens interspersed with different colors, you might get an idea from here.

white kitchen white apron

Blue color has a calming effect on the psyche.

white kitchen white apron

A very original kitchen solution, it looks enchanting

white kitchen white apron

The combination of black, white, and red is a design classic

white kitchen white apron

But orange must be combined very carefully, as it can look dull.

white kitchen white apron

White has many shades from ivory to vanilla

white kitchen white apron

White is best combined with pure tones.

white kitchen white apron

White and black: eternal confrontation, but how stylish

And if you do not know which color to choose for the kitchen, the argument of a white kitchen has several advantages:

  • expand the space;
  • the ability to change the interior;
  • will never go out of style;
  • a lot of design solutions;
  • go well with one or two contrasting colors.

And these advantages pale before the kitchen will have to be cleaned a little more often.


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