8 ways to transform your kitchen: decor and design techniques

Similar kitchens of the same type have become boring for a long time. In stores, all the furniture is of the same type, and therefore it is quite difficult to come up with something original in the interior, having serial production of cabinet furniture. Alternatively, you can make custom-made furniture. But there are other ways to make your kitchen original.

Patchwork tile

Patchwork tiles are a bright and stylish opportunity to transform the kitchen, focusing on a specific area.

Patchwork can be done in several ways:

patchwork tiles in the kitchen

Patchwork tile in the kitchen, goes well when used on the wall and floor

  • bright and unusual apron in the style of the 70s. Most often it is a 15×15 tile with a small pattern;
  • 10×10 tiles in retro style. Often found in ethnic styles: Provence, country or Moroccan-style kitchens;
  • Multi-colored mosaic with which you can lay out panels in the kitchen or wall paintings.

Multicolored floor

A floor made of multi-colored tiles or with a luxurious panel will be able to shift accents and any, even the most ordinary-looking kitchen, will be transformed and sparkle in a new way.

Today, entire collections of floor tiles are produced, which are perfectly combined with each other and can create amazing paintings.

Variegated Moroccan-style tiles are perfect for vintage, retro or kitsch styles.

multi-colored floor in the kitchen

A multi-colored floor in a kitchen is used in a combination of tiles of different colors, but the same size

The panel on the floor will perfectly fit into a classic or antique interior.

In a minimalistic interior, a panel on the floor can make the kitchen more comfortable.

Luxury wallpaper

Wallpaper in the kitchen is most often lost against the background of bright tiles, modern gadgets or beautiful dishes. You can buy unusual wallpapers with flowers, monograms or stripes.

multi-colored floor in the kitchen

Very beautiful wallpaper with fruits

You can not only paste over the kitchen with wallpaper, but it is also interesting to combine plain and colored wallpapers.

Wallpaper with a large pattern is suitable for a kitchen in the Art Nouveau or Art Deco, Victorian style.

It is good to use wallpaper to distinguish between the kitchen and the living room in a combined room.

Wallpaper can be both a contrast for walls and furniture, and can be repeated in some models: a rug, drawings on furniture or dishes, and others.

Play of colors

There are two options here: play on contrast or harmony of shades.

Contrasting furniture on a light or, on the contrary, a dark background of the walls looks very unusual and stylish. This is one of the most beloved design techniques used in all styles except ethnic styles. And there, in some styles, playing on contrast is quite appropriate. For example, Japanese style. Which kitchen electronic scales with a bowl can be found better at the link.

beautiful wallpaper of different colors in the kitchen

Beautiful wallpaper of different colors in the kitchen

Monotonous design is not often used – after all, not everyone will be able to beat a monotonous kitchen in an interesting way. Such a kitchen usually does not have small details, since they are lost against the background of the same scale. Which gas water heater is better: automatic or semi-automatic can be found here.

If a plain kitchen seems too boring, add a few contrasting decor details: a bouquet of flowers, a bright rug, a countertop contrasting in color.

Stylish technology

A favorite way of designers is a vintage refrigerator. Many companies produce lines of unusual and stylish equipment. This refrigerator looks especially amazing in a monochrome kitchen.

beautiful wallpaper of different colors in the kitchen

Stylish kitchen appliances

The second option for decorating the kitchen with the help of technology is to make the kitchen look like a professional kitchen, placing the appliances in an open place. How to choose an ice cream maker for your home can be found here.


Built-in lamps and pendant chandeliers are already boring in interior design, so other options are often used:

  • Wall sconces . Used in classic interiors, modern, art deco, French or Victorian style;this is what wall sconces in the kitchen might look likeThis is what wall sconces in the kitchen might look like.
  • Directional lamps, a la spotlights. You can use both ceiling and wall, for example, to highlight a certain zone or area;
  • Unusual pendant lights . Looks good in kitchens with high ceilings. Can be used both in specific areas and instead of central lighting;
  • Colored illumination. Increasingly, in the kitchen, decorative colored lighting is used not only on the ceiling, but also on furniture, countertops or walls. Popular are LED panels instead of an apron.

Unusual things

The kitchen can be transformed by placing a few unusual details. Most often, decor items become such details. But you can convert pretty unusual things for the kitchen. For example, racks instead of open shelves, a cart instead of a serving table.

Second life of old furniture

Do not rush to throw away the old furniture you inherited. It is not very difficult to restore an old table, cupboard, chairs. It is not only about overtightening the old upholstery or re-varnishing the table, but also using many different decor options. These are patting, decoupage, carquelure, staining, tiling and other options. How to choose the right cooker hood can be found in this article.

These several methods can be used both in combination and separately. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on arranging the kitchen, many things can be done with your own hands, or you can find original things among the old furniture in the attic. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the kitchen accessories and utensils in this material.


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