Brown-green color: a combination in the interior design of the kitchen light green with wood

What could be more natural than a combination of green and brown? It is so reminiscent of a summer forest with shady tree crowns and brown trunks. But these is not all the benefits of green-brown cuisine. Who will suit such a kitchen, who will feel comfortable in it, and how to choose the right tone of green and brown in order to achieve the most harmonious unity of style.

Green and brown kitchen

You can talk a lot about such a kitchen, but we will try to show all the charm of this color combination in the interior using illustrations as an example.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

A variety of green and brown shades makes it possible to make millions of combinations.

Green has many shades from deep-sea green to pastel mint, looks bright, and brown contrasts with it with its simplicity, so in most cases, it is the main background.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

More often, green walls are taken as the basis, leaving the brown floor and furniture to share.

The use of a chocolate shade is common, especially when decorating walls or floors. It is diluted with fresh and juicy tones, preferably without the addition of a dark color. If there are large areas of brown without a pattern, it is advisable to add a piece of furniture in white, such as chair covers.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

If there is more brown in the interior, it is appropriate to introduce another light color

When red-brown is used, you need to decorate the entire interior of the kitchen in noble shades and shapes. Historically, wooden furniture for aristocrats was made from this color, so at first glance, the finish in this shade suggests thoughts of luxury.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

This shade of furniture just screams about the status of its owner

In red-brown tones, furniture is made from veneer, chipboard, MDF, or the color is corrected by polishing. It is necessary to choose only those copies that are made with high quality, otherwise, even with the addition of bright and noble shades of green, the interior runs the risk of seeming cheap.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Furniture must be of high quality

In the kitchen, green should be used sparingly, as it has the ability to tone up and enhance mental activity. More calm colors are appropriate, reminiscent of pistachio, olive, or more darkened. Brown kitchens with pistachio color help to create a cozy atmosphere in the room, but you should alternate these colors in each item, use small drawings or decorative elements, curtains. Volumetric monophonic elements in this case are not appropriate.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Green curtains will refresh the dull interior

Matching the color brown with green will debunk the notion of classic color combinations. The water palette from green includes emerald hues. Even very dark and cold colors go well with warm browns, yellows, and beiges. You can combine the summer palette with the autumn palette at the same time.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

The green gamma has a lot of shades, but the main rule is: the darker the green, the sunnier the brown should be.

Oak is suitable for emerald green. This feature should be taken into account when drawing up a competent interior design.

To give the kitchen an atmosphere of relaxation and a warm, homely atmosphere, you can use a touch of avocado. It is very difficult to complement it with a thick brown, so sandy colors with a woody sheen, such as cappuccino, are combined with it. This combination can look completely on its own, without being complemented by any diluting or accent colors.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Bright and cozy kitchen

If light tones of green are used, chestnut furniture or walnut is needed in most cases. In this case, colors of any neutral shade are used, then the interior will always look designer, even without the presence of a large number of finishing elements.

The most problematic for kitchen design is herbal green. It is considered an original shade, bright and eye-catching, but over time people get tired of its saturation, so competent dilution of color is invariably required. It will require several shades of brown, preferably a wide variety of colors in natural tones, it is desirable to avoid transitions to sandy shades.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Herbal is hard to match, but brown is exactly the color with which this flashy color looks elegant.

Check out the green wallpaper design photo.

Who is suitable for this combination?

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

The combination of green and brown is liked by balanced people who have a calm, firm character and are used to achieving everything in life on their own. But at the same time, this combination will appeal to natures who love extreme sports. If you need to raise your appetite, create an atmosphere conducive to cooking and eating in the dining area, then the predominance of green in combination with brown accents will serve this purpose. Summer table setting in green will complement this atmosphere.

People who lack vigor are instinctively drawn to green, so if a person notices this feature in himself, then cooking in the atmosphere of a green-brown interior will not be tiring, but will become a pleasant experience.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

The design of a small kitchen does not allow a pile of brown. A large area allows the use of dark colors, in addition, this combination is well suited for the zoned space of the living room kitchen. It is advisable to use brown on green patterns. For large surfaces painted in brown, you need to make green inserts in the form of figures or frescoes on the kitchen wall.

Combination rules

Proper use of green in the interior seems to be quite difficult, but all problems are solved by its metered dilution with brown. Any variety of shades of green can be composed and styled using a huge palette of light and dark tones of brown:

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen
  • it is not necessary to combine cold colors with cold ones, and warm ones with soft ones;
  • if the appearance of the objects is attractive to the taste of the owner of the house, you can safely create your own combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen;
  • using brown in combination with green, a person opens up a huge creative space for himself;
  • this combination of colors allows you to make the style unique, but if you try to decorate the kitchen with a modest or plain color, you will have to achieve a favorable result for a long time;

It is advisable to follow the rule: when there is a variety in the use of the brown palette, it is advisable to add a green tint only from a thoughtfully chosen cold or soft color. If the interior has a large number of shades of green, you can give brown a large volume, using any tone.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Original interior in Italian style

  • When it is not clear what shade to dilute the complex combination of green, you need to pay attention to the reddish, emphasizing it with warm kitchen lighting;
  • when there is a glut of the room with brown, you can use the color of a fresh apple;
  • if an abundance of brown is used in the kitchen, especially its dark shades, and for finishing large surfaces, in most cases the interior of the kitchen turns out to be dark;
  • a dark interior can be diluted with small elements, but it is rarely possible to create a bright and festive atmosphere in the kitchen, as such a room will seem more solid. For example, a grassy rug on the floor against the background of dark parquet boards.

In what styles is eco-gamma appropriate?

Green and brown look especially bright  in  an eco-style kitchen . This combination reflects the colors of the forest, so in the kitchen, with the help of these colors, the spirit of nature and naturalness is created. In order to plunge into the natural atmosphere after coming to the house from the atmosphere of a boring metropolis, you can equip the kitchen with a lawn-like carpet and purchase an installation in a rich brown hue. To do this, use a maximum of natural materials. These include solid wood countertops, natural furniture fronts, wooden floors, fresh flowers, wicker or wooden chairs, cork or bamboo wallpaper in the interior, etc.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Eco style involves only natural materials

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Studio apartment in eco style

Echoes of kitsch style can be safely mixed with classic . Tasteless combinations do not need to be allowed, however, adding brightness and originality is sometimes necessary for an interesting interior.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Kitsch is the desire to stand out

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Here is another example of an unforgettable interior

Country reflects life in the village. It has several varieties: chalet, Provence, Mediterranean style, Western American, etc. You can remake the concept a bit and convey life in the forest. If you go in this direction only in terms of colors, you get excellent, natural combinations. A mandatory attribute will be a kitchen set made of wood.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Provence style almost always uses muted greenish shades.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Rustic style – it’s old ceiling beams, wooden floors and solid furniture

Minimalism and hi-tech . When everything is arranged according to a pre-planned scenario, the main focus is convenience. To make the interior beautiful, there is no need to decorate everything in a white palette. Looks great wood furniture and beautiful interior items, made in various shades of green.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Minimalism is about simple lines and clean geometric shapes.

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

Brown high-tech turns into a modern classic

color combination + in the interior of the kitchen

And here’s how to turn a green-brown kitchen into a sunny one – just add sand.

Brown-green kitchen combination is probably the only one where there are no specific rules. You can play with any shade, mix, combine and dilute as you like, because everything is appropriate in nature, which means that any combination of green and brown is a natural phenomenon that can be embodied in your kitchen.


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