How to fit a glass dining table into the interior

Thirty years ago, the very idea of ​​a glass kitchen table seemed absurd: glass is a fragile material and is clearly not suitable for the manufacture of fully functional furniture. Nowadays, glass-top dining tables are commonplace. What is the reason for such metamorphoses of glass as a production material?

Glass furniture: material characteristics

glass folding table

Furniture glass is produced using a special technology, which consists in a significant compaction of its structure. This technology is called tempering, and furniture glass, respectively, is tempered glass. It is made from standard sheet glass. The sheet is placed in a special oven, where it is heated to a temperature of 650 ° C. The furnaces are equipped with cold air supply systems, which are switched on immediately after the material reaches the hardening temperature. Thus, a so-called compressive stress is formed in the glass structure, which changes its properties. This makes it possible to use the material in the manufacture of furniture and glass sinks for the kitchen.

When falling from a height, a sheet of tempered glass does not break into sharp fragments with crumbs, but crumbles, like a mosaic, into small pieces with blunt edges. It is impossible to cut yourself by them.

Advantages and disadvantages

glass folding table

Due to the above-described processing technology, glass has the following properties:

  • operational safety;
  • strength;
  • heat resistance.

You can break a tempered glass tabletop. But for this you have to thoroughly mock him: for example, hit the glass with a sledgehammer. The weight of ordinary pots with plates, even full ones, is quite up to such a table.

glass folding table

The maximum weight that can be placed on a glass table top is up to 100 kg. Therefore, you can safely choose a glass kitchen table as furniture for the whole family. Another important advantage is heat resistance.

Every housewife is familiar with the problem of contours from too hot kitchen appliances that are imprinted on the surface of the table. Tempered glass is devoid of such a drawback: due to its high heat resistance, its surface does not deform.

Kitchen glass belongs to the category of environmentally friendly materials. Chemicals are not used in its production: only the above-described hardening technology. Therefore, even at high temperatures, it does not emit harmful vapors.

There are also disadvantages to glass kitchen tables. These include:

glass folding table
  1. High soiling . This is especially true of sweat marks: fingerprints are the real scourge of this material. It is not difficult to remove them with the help of a regular cotton napkin and a cleaning agent such as “Mr. Muscle”, but if the table is used often, this has to be done almost endlessly.
  2. Risk of scratching. The top layer of tempered glass can be damaged when rubbed to a shine, if you do not notice the sugar grains remaining on the surface. Therefore, before you start rubbing the countertop, wipe off all the crumbs from it.
  3. A relative disadvantage of this piece of furniture can be considered its price. Glass tables for the kitchen are one and a half times higher than their wooden counterparts.

Extendable table in the interior

glass folding table

Of all the design varieties of glass kitchen tables, it is the transformer table that has the greatest functionality. Its main advantage is its ernogomicity – when folded, the table takes up little space, and when folded behind it, you can place both family and guests.

Kitchen glass as a material is stylistically almost universal. The only style where, perhaps, there is no place for him is the classics. Here it is still better to give preference to the traditional wooden table. But in other styles of interior glass tables have already been “registered”.


glass folding table

High-tech traditionally includes glass and metal, so a glass table will fit very harmoniously here

Metal and glass are the two main pillars of this popular style. In a minimalist hi-tech interior, a glass sliding kitchen table will take pride of place. An additional highlight can be the shape: an elongated oval as an alternative to a rectangle and a circle . High-tech table legs are of course made of metal. The glass table goes especially well with the glossy white kitchen in the interior.

Art Deco

glass folding table

Art Deco is a luxurious style and here, like nowhere else, the glitter of glass comes in handy

Abstraction of forms is a key feature of Art Deco cuisine. This also applies to the kitchen table: not only the legs, but also the table top acquire a fancy shape. The edging of the table top and the lighting are important elements. Art Deco furniture is distinguished primarily by its external luxury.


glass folding table

For Provence, wood is considered the main material, and with a skillful combination, the glass surface looks very elegant

To fit a glass table into a Provence style kitchen interior, it is better to choose models with a combination of materials . The frosted glass tabletops are very effectively combined with wrought iron legs or pedestals, as well as natural wood.

Avant-garde, pop art

glass folding table

Tinted glass will give the table stability and stability.

Fans of these styles should pay attention to tables with tinted countertops or decorated with three-dimensional photo printing. In addition to such a table, an apron made of plastic with a photo print, the drawings of which overlap with each other, is perfect.

There are even tables with LED displays tucked under the tabletop with the ability to connect to the Internet. These tables are a real work of art.


glass folding table

A loft is usually created in spacious rooms, therefore a glass, folding table can replace the dining area

The new-fashioned style of the loft kitchen, based on the principle of “more free space”, envisages glass as one of the main materials. The glass is transparent and visually creates the impression of freedom and space.


glass folding table

Modern Art Nouveau – there is where fantasy roam

This style provides the greatest flight of imagination in terms of choosing a glass  transformer table for the kitchen . The accent can be made on the contrast of colors, for example, a light worktop with black legs for a black and white kitchen or materials (a classic oval surface on futuristic X-shaped legs).

In a small kitchen

glass folding table

The glass table always looks airy, so in a small room it will help to avoid clutter

The modest size of the kitchen is not a reason to abandon the aesthetics and chic that the glass table represents . In addition, placing it in the interior of a small-sized kitchen is a popular design method for visually increasing the area of ​​the room. At the same time, a glass table belongs to the “cool” elements of the interior, and in combination with furniture from the same group can make the kitchen uncomfortable .

Therefore, chairs or a kitchenette should belong to the “warm” group – for example, be made in red and yellow colors. Read here what color to choose for a small kitchen.

Another important rule for placing a glass table in a small kitchen is that, if possible, it should be placed as far as possible from the stove and sink. The greasy drops that periodically fly in from there are not the best decoration for the countertop, but constantly rubbing it is too troublesome.

How to choose chairs

The main principle of the selection of chairs for such a table is the conformity of materials. The table and chairs are an integral interior element, which means they should be in harmony with each other.

glass folding table
glass folding table

By color. One tone difference is allowed, but no more. The transparent glass table and bright red chairs will look like from different operas. Such a choice of colors is acceptable only in the case of an avant-garde interior, when contrast and disharmony are stylistic devices. At the same time, transparent chairs can look quite unusual.

Based on materials. Since glass chairs are not available, it is enough to observe the compatibility of their materials with the legs or the base of the table. The main thing is that the legs of the chairs and the base of the table are made of the same materials that match in color.

You can pick up transparent kitchen chairs from other materials.

By quality. If you have already forked out for a solid glass table, then you need to pick up a “pair” worthy of it in the form of high-quality chairs. Cheap chairs made of fiberboard or plastic will look alien next to such a handsome man. The same effect will be if you combine the new glass table with the already “well-worn” chairs from another kitchen set.

A glass table has a lot of advantages, but the main task is no longer the choice of material itself, but the successful placement of a transparent glass table in the interior. But if you follow our recommendations, everything will work out for you.


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