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Acquired as a private house, together with its incontestable advantages, we get a number of new tasks, which, depending on the case, can consist in what is right and pleasant to the kitchen Well, if even at the planning stage, the wishes of the customer regarding the location and shape of the kitchen were taken into account. But it can happen that you will get already ready housing with all its advantages and imperfections, with which you will have to put up with and only adjust the options.

Useful Tips for Kitchen Design

  • To use the shutter in the kitchen, you need to be alert .
  • If the room is large, and the windows are not located near the cooking or working surface, you can allow to increase the dense functional blinds with tulle.
  • When the dimensions of the room are not great, the kitchen is not simple in shape, and the window openings are placed along the partition surfaces, it is better to reduce the number of textiles and restrict ourselves to Roman bars. Or rolls. This is much more practical and will save the daylight needed in a small kitchen.
  • All working surfaces should be provided with free access.

    If the kitchen is small in size, you need to think about the greater functionality of the furniture.
  • Pull-out practial cabinet with countertop surfaces are welcome, you can use sofas witch driver for storage, hidden under the seat etz.

Square room

If you become the owner of a square-shaped kitchen, to the same, the kitchen is a separate room, be sure that it will take long and time-consuming work to do it.

In a square kitchen, it is quite easy to install the necessary furniture, choosing the optimal location for it, right next to one or two parallel walls .

kitchen layout with windows

Kitchen layout with windows

If the area of ​​the kitchen permits, it would be nice to have a dining table at the opposite wall of the furniture, for example. So the room is non-intrusively divided into two full functional zones: dining and working for cooking.

The table for daily meals in the circle of the family (if there is no separate room for it) can be installed in the very center of the kitchen and a beautiful ceiling chandelier can be placed above it . You can consider the option of a kitchen design with an island.

A special effect is produced by this technique, if the kitchen is sufficiently spacious that it was possible to move around the table without obstacles and enter the working surfaces.

Placing a kitchen island in the central part of the room can save you the hassle of installing additional furniture, and such an object will be convenient as a partition

A square room can be visually divided into two equal triangles, in one we install a kitchen furniture with a working and cooking surface, in the other there is a linen bed with a soft bed . And in order to more effectively separate the kitchen, the work and guest zones, you can install a bar counter on the periphery. And you can find out about the layout of the kitchen-living room at the link.

Combined with a living room or table

Not a bad solution, especially when the kitchen lacks a few square meters.

Combining with a common room does not have many positive moments: this is the ability of the host to take part in the ride and during the cooking time;

Visually, it is not only the kitchen, but the living room itself becomes larger and more interesting, since, by combining these rooms, one should find the same style for both in order to get an organic look.

combined with a dining or dining room

Combined with a living room or table

We recommend that you take care of a good cooker hood in advance, it will certainly come in handy during your daily work in the kitchen, combined with a living room. Otherwise, as time goes by, all the smells from cooking will be absorbed by textiles, upholstered upholstered furniture, creating a heavy musty atmosphere.

The combined kitchen with a living room and will form almost one room, but all the same they have different functional purposes. And to emphasize this, they use different methods of distinguishing between rooms.

So, on the border of a kitchen with an open plan, you can install a bar counter with high chairs, a kitchen unit with a rectangular shape or just such a partition table; in this place, you can part of the furniture set (kitchen cabinets) and add a transparent glass bar to the ceiling. You can equip the kitchen combined with the room.


The first thing to think about when equipping a narrow kitchen space is compact furniture, which, at the same time, should not be used for its functionality. You can read about the layout of the 6-meter kitchen with a refrigerator here.

narrow dining room in a private house

Narrow dining room in a private house

If the dimensions of your kitchen are close to critical and in the passage between the furniture along the walls two people cannot disperse, it is time to think about how to reduce the depth of the cabinets and drawers.

Here it is important to think over the filling of the furniture with all care and to abandon the protruding facades or the mezzanine compartments overhanging the head .

Let the furniture be of neat, simple geometrical shapes and, necessarily, with a solid work table top, which will create a more harmonious, coherent image of a narrow, slightly wide room. If you worry that you will not be able to distribute all the dishes and other things that you need in the kitchen, remember about the railing: hanging rods, which you can use for different

Eyesight, of course, can be slightly deceived and relaxed eye strain, if you use glass panels with a spectacular image of nature, landscape panoramas as a kitchen apron. This method is generally good, when you need to slightly expand the boundaries of space, and in a narrow kitchen it will become an excellent way out of the situation.

If you are tormented by the question of where to place the dining table in a narrow rectangular kitchen, place it at one of the “short” walls.

This is quite logical, since most of the room is occupied by kitchen furniture, and so you can increase the number of seats if you replace a few chairs with a mini sofa or a soft one .

For a narrow kitchen, well-kept light shades, use them in large quantities for furniture facades and parallel walls. But so that the distance between the long walls of a narrow kitchen seemed a little wider, cool tones should be used in their decoration: deep, lavender, mint.

A work table, combined with a window sill, will help to make the passage more spacious, and if, at the same time, there is a place for washing near the window, there is no need for a wash . You can find out which wallpaper is best for the kitchen in this article.


Another interesting and very common not only for private houses, but also for apartments, an example of a kitchen is a passable option . For example, if you do not need to go past to get from the corridor to the dining room or to the loggia.

walk-through dining room in a private house

It looks like a walk-through dining room in a private house

It happens that the kitchen presents something like a “pocket” with three walls, without an extra head separating from the intermediate rooms.

The task here is to emphasize and highlight the boundaries of the kitchen space, and for this it is necessary to install kitchen furniture in a certain way, organize the sources of art, paint and paint How to decorate a window in the kitchen can be found in this material.

For example, in the kitchen area, put the inflow in a checkerboard pattern or using a rich color, and outside the furniture for the floor, use a laminate or contrasting tile. Also, focus attention on the working surfaces, thereby crossing the invisible boundaries of the kitchen, with the help of hanging lamps with shades on long cords, or a network of built-in sleeping places .

Finally, a table with a divider top or a full-size island with drawers and cupboards should also be placed in such a way that it closes the inner space of the outside kitchen.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, but by connecting your imagination, you can extract its advantages from each layout. Tips and tricks from designers will help you use every centimeter of the room correctly. And as a personal assistant, you can use an online kitchen construction program with dimensions and designs.


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