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For many, the kitchen is not just a place where food is prepared. The kitchen is the heart of the house, where the family gathers for dinner, where the most frank conversations are conducted, and the most interesting moments of life are discussed in the kitchen. But all this happens not at the stove, but at the dining table, sitting on a cozy sofa.

How to choose a sofa

Choosing a kitchen corner for the dining table is a detailed matter and requires preparation. Even before going to the store, you should accurately measure the area that you are going to allocate for the dining group. This is especially important for small kitchens, where every centimeter can play a decisive role.

Small sofa for the kitchen

Most often they use a soft light sofa.

Consider also the number of people who will gather at the table at the same time.

Before choosing even a small sofa for the kitchen, think about whether there is enough space to place a corner and a table, whether it will be convenient to sit at the table.

Where to place the corner

Individuality is in vogue, which is why every housewife wants to create a unique and inimitable kitchen design. To properly equip a small room, you need to take into account not only the size of the sofa, but also how convenient it will be to use it.


Such a niche can be formed both during the planning of the kitchen and as planned by the designer. Alternatively, you can equip the rest of the wall under a wardrobe for injuring cereals and kitchen utensils. Such a niche will be one of the most comfortable places in the house. And you can find out about the kitchen-living room in a private house here.

set a small sofa in the kitchen in a niche

Small sofa for the kitchen installed in a niche

When arranging, pay attention to:

  • Lighting . In the dining area, lighting depends on the purpose for which the kitchenette is intended for a small kitchen. In small apartments, such a niche can replace a working corner, then it is important to think over the lighting options;
  • Niche size . If you are not going to order custom-made furniture, you should decide on the dimensions in advance (you can measure the most popular sizes in a furniture store).

Near the window

The kitchen corner by the window is the most common place for a dining area. This is a beautiful view from the window, but also additional lighting. But even if the view from the window does not please the landscape, it can be decorated and diversified with fresh flowers. And you can find out about the Ikea kitchen corner here.

small sofa in the kitchen by the window

The sofa is most often installed with the letter G

Soft island

This is an unusual location. In a small kitchen, you will hardly succeed in such an island, but if the area allows, why not try to arrange such a structure in your kitchen. And you can read about kitchen floor cabinets with a table top at the link.

small sofa in the kitchen in the form of a soft frame

Small sofa in the kitchen in the form of a soft frame

Most often, a soft island can be found in a combined room, where a sofa or couch is installed on the border between the kitchen and the lounge area.

Kitchen dining room

When the place in the kitchen is a bit of a soft corner in a single complex with a work area, one of the best options. It can be a soft corner near the bar or opposite the work surface. And how to equip a small kitchen can be found in this article.

Sofa options

A kitchen couch in the kitchen can be purchased at a furniture store, but these are usually standard models.

Custom furniture is an option when you can create an unusual design. But you can make a similar corner yourself.

Storage corner

A convenient option that cannot be ignored if you have a small apartment. The box under the seat will be quite roomy. It is not very difficult to make such a place, but the benefits of a kitchen sofa with a storage box are quite many.

small sofa corner in the kitchen

Small sofa corner in the kitchen made in the form of the letter G or rounded

There are two options for such a storage organization:

  1. Open . In this version, there is no front wall, and separate drawers are used for storage. The disadvantage of such storage is reduced space.
  2. Closed. In this version, the seat becomes a lid for the box. The design will turn out to be a little heavy, but the useful volume is much larger.

Hanging bench

Such a rather cheap kitchen corner does not take up much space, but among the shortcomings, one can note the low comfort of such a dining place. Still, such a bench is far from a full-fledged sofa.

small sofa hinged bench in the kitchen

small sofa hinged bench in the kitchen

To make such a bench on your own, you should pay special attention to fastening. The walls should be dense, in no case plasterboard.

The kitchen sofa in the kitchen is a great way to bring your family together for dinner, for a delicious dinner, and share the events of the day. If you approach the arrangement of the dining area with responsibility, you get a very warm, homely and cozy corner, which will become the most favorite place for the whole family. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the kitchen planner in this material.


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