Kitchen Trends That Will Last

Kitchen Trends That Will Last: Like A Fresh Sea Breeze

Kitchen Trends That Will Last is described here. This post is just an amazing one.

Holiday Paradise In Your Own Four Walls

Whether you think of a cozy apartment on Style or a romantic beach house , the maritime look places in the immediate vicinity of the sea have always in common. These include all marine colors as well as different aqua tones and light wood tones for the decor. Kitchen Trends That Will Last is described here.

Use the colors white, aquamarine, blue, light blue and light gray to turn your kitchen into a place that is reminiscent of a seaside holiday paradise . In combination with light wood, these colors ensure that rooms are given more lightness. But that’s not the only reason why the maritime furnishing look is extremely popular.

The bright colors and natural materials such as wood, stone or rattan bring carefree beach feeling directly home and provide soothing relaxation in the kitchen. Take a break from everyday life while cooking and enjoying and let a fresh sea breeze blow in your kitchen – a kitchen with a maritime look makes it possible!

A Space For Beach Lovers And Mermaids

Before you start setting up your holiday kitchen , of course, the walls and floor have to be prepared accordingly. As already described, such colors are perfect for the maritime look that you encounter during a beach holiday. Add a bright blue or aquamarine to the kitchen wall and then combine it with white furnishings. If you choose white or light gray walls, you can add more light to your kitchen, and you can also choose colorful pieces of furniture without having to match the blues.

From The Beach Picnic


Turn Your Kitchen Into A Beach House

Opt for cozy light wooden floorboards on the floor to turn the fitted kitchen into a cozy beach house. Bright stone floors are also very well suited for a kitchen with a sea look . Try it and go barefoot on the cold stone floor in the morning, while the blue on the wall and linen textiles and wooden furniture will put you back on your last beach holiday. With a little imagination, you can listen to the waves of the sea, so that you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life, at least for a moment.

Maritime Kitchens In Country Style

The country house style is made for a kitchen that reminds of beach and beach holiday. Because the country house style captivates in the first place by cozy comfort. Which invites you to feel good and relax. This is exactly what shows the charm of an uncomplicated beach house. During the day you spend the day at the beach with lounging, bathing and relaxing. While in the evening you return to your home to enjoy the family atmosphere with your loved one. Take advantage of this homelike ambience to conjure up delicious dishes with the whole family, which will then be feasted together.

As the country house style is often characterized by glass and light wood, its furnishings are wonderfully suited to maritime flair to move into the kitchen. Use glass cupboards with a sprout look to store pretty ceramic dishes and at the same time skillfully stage them. Similarly, buffet cabinets or sideboards and showcases offer space to present crockery and holiday souvenirs, so that the holiday feeling arises as if by itself. Opt for open shelf elements in which you insert basket drawers. The baskets will make you think of the last beach stay, where you have forgotten the worries of everyday life in the cozy beach chair.

When choosing the kitchen fronts, bright doors with relief frames are ideal. Likewise well kitchen fronts are in vertical board look in white or cream. So you get beach feeling in your kitchen, as you know it only from the beach holiday. BecomeOn the other hand, if you want to make the maritime look in the kitchen a bit more discreet, then you will make the right choice with fronts in light wood colors. Surfaces that turn white to greyish, such as nautic pine, pine or light oak, are particularly good. Worktops made of real wood ensure a harmonious overall result and fit very well with the fronts in light color. However, you can also opt for authentic wood decor or choose solid worktops that harmonize with the color of the fronts, as is the case with white, light gray or cream.

So that the country kitchen gets its finishing touch in the maritime look, only the right handles are missing. Great results conjure up nostalgic-looking handles, which may be a bit playful. After all, you want to provide the same lightness in your kitchen that you experience on vacation, play with your children on the beach, or go romantic with your partner and leave everyday problems behind. Be inspired by our ideas for maritime country kitchens:

Maritime Kitchens In A Modern Style

If the country style is too traditional for you, you might like timeless, modern fitted kitchens with a maritime look. Here classic surfaces in matt or high-gloss finish meet maritime furnishings, resulting in a fascinating contrast. To ensure a relaxed beach feeling with a modern kitchen , choose smooth kitchen fronts in glossy white or light gray. Together with the maritime kitchen furniture you create modern accents.

For choosing the right worktop you have all options open. Because with the worktop choice is allowed, what pleases. For stone and wood décor as well as solid colored worktops, just be sure to support the maritime look and choose the color tone accordingly. Blue, light gray, white or cream are the ideal basis for creating rugged rocky coasts, expansive sandy beaches and fascinating dunes in your mind’s eye.

The modern kitchen looks fresh and stylish and convinces with practical equipment and clever extras such as high-quality appliances, which are technically up to date. Functionality and comfort are top priorities here. The classic kitchen concepts are provided with modern accents, such as a chic bar counter or a central kitchen island. Perhaps our kitchen proposals in modern, maritime style are something for you:

Design Kitchens In Maritime Style

If you want to present your passion for bright colors and clear shapes. When setting up and designing your kitchen, then design kitchens with a maritime look are just the thing for you. Design kitchens follow a very clear kitchen concept and attract attention with handleless kitchen furniture and elegant generosity. After all, the sea often does not value restraint and impresses with powerful waves and endless expanse . Enhance the depth effect with glossy surfaces and make your kitchen feel immersed in the depths of the ocean.

Decide on a clear design and a reduced design language. Create a focal point in the kitchen with a freestanding kitchen island, which provides a first-class support for the design line of the kitchen. To underpin the elegant design of the kitchen, furnish it with high quality finishes. Currently very trendy are either very thin or extra thick worktops. So-called desk plates that convince with a thickness of 10 cm, lie on the work surface and work as a kitchen counter. In our kitchen ideas you will find suggestions for maritime design kitchens:

Maritime Flair With Matching Decoration

Just as you do not feel comfortable on a deserted beach. A sterile kitchen in the colors white and blue will not create a real feel-good atmosphere. What your maritime kitchen still lacks are accessories and decorative items that bring the feeling of being at the sea to life. Of course, elements in the colors white and blue as well as furniture and decorative objects made of wood or raffia are very well suited for this purpose.

Give your kitchen a maritime atmosphereby using homely textiles with stripe or check patterns in blue and white. For example, opt for a practical linen tablecloth with a typical stripe look or choose tea towels with the popular check pattern. Matching blankets on the dining table bench. Cushions with a matching pattern and useful oven mitts make for an extra cozy atmosphere in your stand kitchen.

Enjoy As On Vacation

When choosing the dining table, you pick up the wood already used in your kitchen and combine the large table with matching chairs made of wicker or rattan. As you may know from your last holiday on the North or Baltic Sea . If you have enough space in your kitchen, dare and buy yourself a beach chair to provide an incomparable beach feeling.

Take a little break in the beach chair now and thento have a little break in your own home with a cup of tea and a good book. But the kitchen in a modern maritime look is of course a great meeting place for the whole family. Prepare a rich brunch with your partner and the children, which you can arrange together at the large dining table. As well as white or cream-colored dishes, ceramic tableware in marine colors is just as suitable.

From The Beach Chair

Prepare Fish Dishes In Proper Style

Not only when feasting and enjoying you will be delighted by your maritime cuisine. Already in the preparation you will feel like in your personal beach house by the sea. Cast iron pots or pans in blue are the right choice. If you want to prepare delicious fish dishes in true style. Use wooden cooking spoons and wooden cutting boards for even more holiday feeling when cooking . Ingredients such as pasta, rice, spices or even fresh fruits and vegetables in decorative wooden and bast baskets. So that the overall appearance of your kitchen even more harmonious.

Only The Comfort Is Missing

The kitchen is now set up so much that cooking and enjoying give a lot of pleasure. So that you can now use the beach kitchen as a cozy retreat, not much is missing: For example, do not choose cold neon light. But put to lamps made of wood or bast, which emit warm light. Particularly impressive here is an old schiff lantern, which conjures a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen.

Sailboats, detailed lighthouses and wooden chests. Where you can store small utensils, are also typical for the decoration in the maritime style. Use the sideboard to personalize your last vacation, such as beach shells or glass bottles of original sand from your last vacation. Even washed-up high pieces are extremely decorative or are suitable for crafting maritime, individual decorative pieces. Use your holiday memories to personalize your maritime cuisine. Do not let the souvenirs and souvenirs get dusty in boxes. But use them to turn your kitchen into your own beach holiday paradise .


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