Kitchen dark bottom, light top: a combination of gloss and wood effect, a combination of two colors, cabinet options, interior ideas

Light top and dark bottom look creative in any kitchen. This is a modern and fairly popular design technique. In this case, two primary colors are enough. You can additionally apply a few more shades, but you should not do a lot of multi-colored accents. When choosing a color, you should make sure that each color goes well with small design elements, textiles, as well as a kitchen set.

The advantages of combining a light top with a dark bottom for a kitchen

In this design concept, you can use classic colors, and they will always be perceived effectively.

All decorative elements can be placed most appropriately, especially if bright details are located at the junctions of the dark and light parts of the kitchen.

For a large kitchen: loft, cottages

If muted tones are used, then this combination will be appropriate only for large kitchens. If all the tones used are muted, they look noble, but in a small room it is not appropriate enough. This design is only suitable for apartments with large rooms or fairly large private houses. The program for designing a kitchen online can be found in this material.

When pastel, soft she is used, then the combination of a dark bottom, a light top for the kitchen will be quite appropriate, as the walls are visually moving apart. If the room is large enough, it is possible that if the interior is equipped only in relatively light or muted shades, it will be boring. In this case, you will have to make several bright colors, for example, bright small sofas.

Spacious kitchens are quite difficult to make truly cozy. A dark bottom with a light top does the job perfectly. It is enough to always use dark, but bright enough colors at the bottom, and create the top with rich, positive shades.

Sometimes combinations of monochromatic shades are used in the kitchen, that is, the interior is performed according to the gradient principle. Such a contrast can make an interesting design, show a unique idea in any room of the kitchen, if it has small average dimensions. When the kitchen is large, the above idea is lost, as an extended room usually requires a brighter design.

For small corner or rectangular

Perform the lower part of the facade in dark colors with attention. If the room is small, you can not use rich combinations or use the deepest, darkest colors. Darker options are available for large kitchens, but for small spaces, you should either limit yourself to a dark but pastel bottom, or choose light ones. juicy colors, where even dark shades will look festive.

A large area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen can also impose some obligations on the people who started the renovation. It is undesirable to choose a set that is too light, however, when making such a decision, you will have to decorate the room with the help of small details, accessories using only bright shades.

You should not pick up too dark headset. There are always bright options, since in gray tones the headset can make not only a small kitchen gloomy, but even a room with large dimensions.

Best Design Solutions

White and black

White and black colors can look presentable, but some people think that they are rather boring. An alternative option is to replace black with bright red. If you play with the shades of the combination, you can highlight the most successful options for a particular case, for example, elements of a red and black kitchen. Some prefer classic red, while others will choose its muted shade. If the goal of updating the interior is to give a good mood for the whole day, you should choose a scarlet color that will dominate. White is designed to shade and dilute it. To diversify the interior, you can add bright accessories, such as green apples on the table.

White and red

White and red go well with black. This combination is one of the brightest and most popular options. Here it is unnecessary to follow strict rules for color combinations, you can divide the kitchen into sectors, going down from lighter to rich dark, or experiment with alternating different shades. Even when performing rather bold compositions, the kitchen will not look aggressive, on the contrary, the atmosphere will become cozy. This is the secret of this combination.

The snow shade can be chosen as reminiscent of frost, or softer. It always goes well with rich and pure blue. This is a way to give any interior an outline of wealth and luxury.

Brown, blue and green

A mix of brown, blue, and green allows you to give the interior an unexpectedly catchy and luxurious look. If you manage to make a successful mix of brown-green color in the interior, it is advisable to complement the upper part of the space with some brown accessories. If expensive materials are used and textured materials are present, the design will turn out to be luxurious, especially in combination with wood countertops or carved furniture. It is for those who like to experiment.

Purple and orange

For admirers of exotic tones, juicy, fruity tones are provided. The mix of purple at the bottom and lilac with orange at the top reminds both the tropics and modern compositions of modern designers, so this combination will definitely not go unnoticed. It is to such an interior that chic rugs and wide, light curtains are often selected, a plastic apron would be appropriate.

Olive and turquoise

Olive and turquoise can be unexpectedly mixed with pink. In such an interior, mirrored surfaces and strictly trendy household appliances will be appropriate. One of the most popular combinations is a mix of yellow-green with shades, for example, orange. Such a kitchen, despite the darker bottom and lighter top, resembles summer motifs, uplifts the mood, and gives positive energy.

Black and orange kitchens have recently become increasingly used for contrasting kitchens for both expensive and budget ones. To make a slight dilution of strict contours, it is enough to add silver, for example, somewhere in the middle. Small bright drawings and other small interior details are appropriate.

Gradients on gloss: wenge, chocolate, beige

Modern Ikea kitchen designers often prefer monochromatic glossy compositions. In the case of a darkened bottom of the kitchen, such combinations will always go like a gradient, which allows you to create a fabulous atmosphere or just a very cozy atmosphere. Dark brown (wenge), the chocolate shade looks beautiful below. If at the top it turns into a beige tone, it gives off a milky color. This combination of colors has long been a classic.

Two-tone (two-color combined look) kitchens will give a lot of options for decor and give the interior a new, unusual look Such a kitchen will always look fresh, extraordinary, original, fashionable, original, but never boring. How to choose the best color for the kitchen can be found by clicking on this link.


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