Square kitchen: a small interior with a living room, how to furnish

The square shape of the room is one of the best variations in the placement of furniture, especially when arranging a kitchen space. A comfortable stay depends on the correct placement of furniture modules, household appliances, and the convenience of the working area. When choosing a layout, you need to take into account the features of a room with walls of equal length.

Style solutions for the design of a square kitchen can be different. When choosing an interior design, it is imperative to take into account the size of the area of ​​the room, the location of the window or balcony. These factors dictate the order of the furniture and kitchen appliances.

Features of a square kitchen

Square kitchens can be divided into 3 categories.

Small room: up to 11 sq. meters

In a small kitchen space of 10 sq m, arranging furniture in one row will allow you to effectively use a small area. If there is a large living room, then it can be combined with a bar counter in the kitchen. This method will make it possible to use the table as a peninsula. Single-row arrangement of pieces of furniture in a small space will not create problems with movement during the cooking process.

Everything you need will be within walking distance. Roomy high furniture will make it possible to compactly arrange all the kitchen utensils.

Another common option is the layout of furniture with the letter “G”. The kitchen table is located by the window. The sink can be installed in the corner of the room. It is advisable to hang a carousel shelf for storing household chemicals under the sink and put a garbage container. This way you can save room space. Sideboards and kitchen sofas should have a shallow depth. A square or round table will harmoniously fit into the design of the room.

It is better to decorate the window opening with Roman, roller or shortened curtains. This is a great solution for arranging a working area by the window.

The following interior styles are suitable for decorating a small kitchen:

  • country;
  • minimalism;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • loft.

The project is large: from 19 to 25 sq. m.

The large space makes it possible to use all the existing functionalities of the kitchen. In a large kitchen, you can plan two zones at once: a kitchen and a dining room. In the first zone there will be a beautiful and comfortable set with built-in household appliances, in the second – a stylish dining group.

An interesting and practical solution is a multifunctional island. You can take out a sink and a stove to the island. It can store food and kitchen utensils. The island can serve as a dining area and a bar counter.

When placing furniture in a large space, it is important that the corners of the room are correctly shaped. They don’t have to be empty. This article will tell you about a cast-iron pan with an enamel coating.

If there will be furniture and appliances in two corners, the remaining two can be filled with decor items: figurines, flowerpots, accessories.

Window openings can be decorated with designer curtains, combined compositions. It will be appropriate. Stylish solutions for a large kitchen:

  • provence;
  • modern;
  • English;
  • modern styles.

Medium: 12-15 sq. m.

Medium kitchens are often found in new standard buildings today. The size of the area of ​​the room allows you to arrange furniture in any order. More practical options: in a row and with the letter “G”. You can install a bar counter, put a table in the center.

The size of the kitchen makes it possible to decorate the room. In small rooms, the decor is not appropriate. Wall decor items: panels, paintings, clocks. Window openings are decorated with classic or modern curtains.

Recommended interior styles:

  • eclecticism;
  • Spanish style;
  • French classics;
  • provence;
  • fusion.

Fusion is not only interior style. Today “Fusion Cuisine” is one of the culinary trends.

Square kitchen combined with living room

The combination of the living room and kitchen area is one of the trends in interior design. Cozy, comfortable, spacious room, where everything is near and in sight. What is necessary? Sufficient area and competent zoning of the premises. You can divide two different zones by a bar counter or an island. It is convenient to use separate lighting. The only requirement for such a room is to maintain order and cleanliness. This material will tell you about matte stretch ceilings for the kitchen.

The style of interior decoration can be anything. When using two styles indoors, there should be no contradictions. Styles need to blend harmoniously.

Arrangement of furniture

The square shape of the space allows furniture to be arranged in any order. There are several types of arrangement of kitchen modules.

Single row

Modular furniture or kitchen units are installed along the wall. The table is either opposite or by the window. The furniture is located compactly, the kitchen area looks neat. But in the same row there is a refrigerator, stove and sink. The “triangle rule” is violated. As a result, the length of the transitions during cooking increases, which deteriorates the ergonomics indicators.

Single row layout is beneficial when:

  • small room;
  • I want to use the free space for the dining area;
  • there is a kitchen sofa, with or without a berth;
  • if you plan to use the island.


With this layout, furniture is placed along three walls. All pieces of furniture and household appliances are within reach. Great option!

There are square kitchens with a balcony. This circumstance makes it difficult to rationally arrange furniture.

Arrangement according to the scheme with the letter “P” is convenient when:

  • large kitchen area;
  • combining the living room and kitchen areas in one room;
  • kitchen only with kitchen functions.

With an island

All types of furniture arrangement, except for single-row furniture, can be supplemented with an island. It is a comfortable and functional addition. It requires a large kitchen area. This layout is not suitable for small-sized kitchens.

The island kitchen can be used:

  • for large kitchen areas;
  • when combining the living room and kitchen area in one room;
  • for kitchens with kitchen functions only.

With a peninsula

If the island is in the center of the kitchen, then the peninsula is adjacent either to the wall or to the kitchen furniture. Less space is needed for the peninsula, but the number of functions is also reduced.

The peninsula can be safely used:

  • in small rooms;
  • in large kitchens;
  • for kitchens with kitchen functions only;
  • for zoning the kitchen space.

Double row

This arrangement of furniture is convenient in rectangular or narrow spaces. For a square kitchen, it is better to use all other types of layouts.

Decoration and interior design

How to match the color

You need to choose a base background color. In interior design, 2-3 colors are usually used.

Bright accents can be added in the final stages of design.

Small kitchen design

For a small kitchen space, designers advise using light colors and their shades. Light colors will help to visually expand the space. Recommended colors:

  • White;
  • pearl gray;
  • cream;
  • sand;
  • light pink;
  • salad;
  • blue.

If you want to revive the interior, then as an accent they put a bright piece of furniture – a colored refrigerator or a small kitchen sofa.

Color combination for medium area

For medium-sized kitchens, you can choose any color scheme you like or a combination of colors. It is important that they fit together. The rules are the same as for small sizes – no more than 2-3 colors. The colors must match the chosen style.

For calm interiors, you can take a beige or gray palette as a basis. In a plain beige interior, dark furniture will look spectacular. White is in harmony with all colors.

In the interior of a white kitchen, a black countertop or a red apron will look stylish. Classic combination: white interior and blue furniture.

Interior colors for a large kitchen or combined with a living room

For large square kitchens and for those combined with the living room, the choice of colors is not limited by anything, except for the chosen style. The style has its own basic set of colors and shades.

A mixture of styles is used in modern interiors.


  • monochrome – the color spectrum is limitless. Transitions of shades of the same color are used;
  • contrasting. As an example: blue and beige, yellow and purple;
  • close tones – yellow and orange, yellow and green;
  • plain . All colours. Expressiveness is achieved through different surface textures.

Another cool feature of color is zoning. This is true for a living room combined with a kitchen. It is possible to mix styles in the interior, but they should overlap with each other.

How to choose kitchen furniture

To properly furnish the kitchen with furniture and appliances, you need to answer a few questions.

  1. If you cook a little, then the furniture will be needed in a minimum amount. If there is a lot, it will be necessary to decide on the completeness of furniture and household appliances. Shelves, cabinets with drawers, cabinets with compartments. The range of kitchen furniture items is very large. Make a list of your desired kitchen functions and items.
  2. The style of the interior must be chosen based on the square of the kitchen, the general design of the apartment.
  3. The main materials for the manufacture of furniture: solid wood, MDF, laminated chipboard. The choice depends on the style of the kitchen interior and the finances that you have.

How to install the technique

When arranging a kitchen space, it is important to provide unimpeded access to three items: a sink, a refrigerator, and a stove. This is the Triangle Rule. The rest of the household appliances can be positioned along the edges of the workspace, at a height convenient for their use.

In small kitchens, it is better to use multifunctional appliances.

The cooker hood is an essential element of the kitchen. Today there are hoods built into the facades of wall cabinets. The space from the stove should be free on both sides. It is better to place the dishwasher closer to the sink because of the communications. If there is a washing machine in the kitchen, then you also need to take into account the location of the dishwasher, sockets, distance from the sewer and water supply system.


  1. The effective use of a kitchen space with a square area is due to the correct choice of the layout of the room and, if the layout provides, then zoning with other rooms. The main selection criterion is the size of the area. Furniture arrangement schemes for square rooms are different, there are only five of them. Circuit analysis will save you from planning errors.
  2. The layout of a square kitchen combined with a living room is similar to the layout of a room with a large square-shaped area. If you are the owner of a combined kitchen, the above rules will help you create a perfectly organized, comfortable room.
  3. Any housewife wants the kitchen space to be not only functional, but also beautiful.
  4. The final planning stage is the selection of furniture and the location of household appliances. A carefully thought-out plan for creating a room will give you the opportunity to find your dream kitchen!


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