Gas boiler in the kitchen of a private house: design ideas

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The use of various types and sources of heat in the house and in the kitchen in particular requires the owner to comply with various standards, both building legislation and safety rules. Gas equipment is considered one of the most reliable, and the use of natural gas is the most economical way of heating water or heating premises. But what can be the design of a kitchen with a countertop window sill and how the installation takes place on site is indicated in great detail here.

How to install a gas boiler in the kitchen

In order to install a gas boiler in the kitchen, you must follow a number of rules and regulations. In addition, the use of gas equipment carries a lot of advantages for the owner, which are expressed in:gas boiler in the kitchen

  • low cost of service . In general, the cost of gas equipment, taking into account other economic factors, will pay off faster than other types of heating equipment;
  • gas fuel in itself is the most economical and environmentally friendly type for space heating and water heating;
  • with the help of a boiler, you can heat a large area of ​​a house or apartment, while the efficiency is also high;
  • in addition, the cost of equipment, even in combination with connection services, is not so high.

The danger and minus from the use of gas equipment consists only in the safety of connection and operation, since gas is a combustible mixture, which, in the event of a leak, tends to accumulate in the room, as a result of which a fire and explosion are quite possible.

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Before installing a gas boiler, the consumer needs to decide on its type and main tasks, since in many ways the installation scheme will depend on the type of such equipment. Also, the installation of equipment in a private house during its construction and the connection of a boiler in an apartment building equipped with a central water supply system, an exhaust hood and a chimney also differ in labor intensity and material costs.

The main types of boilers on the domestic market are:

  • devices equipped with a boiler for heating the incoming water . Such units can effectively heat water to the required temperature and maintain it in this state for a long time, which leads to savings on heating and economical consumption of liquid;
  • depending on the installation method, the boilers differ in mounted, floor or wall panels Depending on the tasks and sizes, as well as the heated area, such boilers can be installed on the floor (these include large products designed for heating and heating water in large private houses) and wall-mounted, which are most often installed in ordinary apartment buildings;mounted gas boiler in the kitchenSuch a boiler can be installed in a wall cabinet
  • equipped with an electric or conventional open ignition . This slight difference also affects the final cost of the product, since, accordingly, electric ignition does not imply an open flame and is convenient in operation;
  • single-circuit or double-circuit. These types of boilers differ in the principles of operation and water heating. So, a single-circuit boiler heats water for the heating and cooking system, and the boiler is not included in the general circuit and does not depend on the operation of the boiler itself. In a double-circuit design, both elements are made in a single housing and work, systematically carrying out both heating and maintaining the temperature.single-circuit gas boiler in the kitchenIt is best, of course, to choose double-circuit boilers, but you can do with the usual

For the safe installation of gas equipment, the consumer must strictly follow the safety rules established by urban planning standards. These rules describe the norms under which the boiler must be installed, the power of the device in accordance with the size and volume of the room, the ventilation conditions and the hood device, as well as the distance to certain objects when installing it. In any case, before carrying out all the work, it is important to organize everything correctly and independently design the kitchen.

Also, when choosing a boiler based on one’s own needs, it is necessary to focus on the water consumption per unit of time and the rate of electricity consumption. In the case of electricity, excessive efficiency can lead to unsatisfactory boiler operation.

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The most important condition for installation is the condition under which the kitchen space should not be a living room and belongs to a living space; the legislator also sets the maximum and recommended power of the boilers depending on the volume of the room. So a room with a volume of 7.5 cubic meters is equipped with a boiler with a capacity of 30 kW, with an increase in volume from 7.5 to 15 meters, the power increases to 80 kW and, accordingly, up to 200 kW, installations can be used when the volume of 15 cubic meters is exceeded.

Also important parameters are safety standards according to which, when installing a gas boiler in a room, it is necessary:

  • the presence of a ventilation-exhaust system in the kitchen is mandatory . This is necessary in the event of a leak, since the gas tends to accumulate in the room to a dangerous concentration, which can lead to an explosion;ventilation in the kitchen with gas boilerExhaust with a gas boiler is required according to the instructions
  • the presence of an openable window with a total area of ​​at least 0.25 square meters. This requirement is also necessary for the implementation of ventilation in the event of a dangerous accumulation of gas;
  • the distance to the front door from the boiler itself is at least 1 meter and the ceiling height is from 2 meters.

If all the requirements in the room are met, installation is quite possible, since after the conversion, the boiler will have to be put into operation by the employees of the gas supply management company. In order to safely install such equipment, you must contact a specialist with special skills and tools, leave a request to the gas supply company and notify it about the work.

Also, if you have old equipment, you must first dismantle it, but before that, disconnect the room from the gas supply. Only after dismantling can you proceed with the installation of a new boiler.

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for this, depending on the type of device, it is necessary to alternately connect the boiler and the boiler to the heating and water heating system. The connection is made depending on the type of boiler – one or two-circuit. After connecting to the water and heat supply system, it is necessary to call a commission from the gas service units, which must draw up an act of compliance with all safety standards and rules, after receiving the act, the connection to the central gas supply system is made.

How to hide a gas boiler indoors

In order to aesthetically hide the boiler in the kitchen, two main methods are used:

  • purchase and subsequent installation of equipment that comes complete with a decorative element in the form of a panel Such a solution will help save money and not engage in the selection of equipment to hide the boiler. At the same time, many manufacturers not only equip this boiler with a conventional panel, but make such elements according to individual orders with different patterns and from different types of wood;hide the gas boiler in the kitchenYou can hide the gas boiler in a wall cabinet
  • when arranging a kitchen, it is also possible to install a gas boiler in a wooden box, which will completely cover the boiler body from outside sight. Such a box can be purchased immediately after purchasing the boiler or can be ordered during the installation and design of the kitchen. The cost of the box is more expensive than the front panel, as usual, since it is made of materials for finishing the facades of the kitchen.hide the gas boiler in the kitchen in a wooden boxSuch a box can be made in the general view of kitchen furniture.

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In general, the installation of gas boilers will require special skills, tools and knowledge of safety from the owner, so the best option when installing such equipment will be to contact specialists.


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