Sideboard table: dimensions for a small kitchen with drawers and shelves, what a folding and folding sideboard kitchen table looks like, a sideboard with a sink

Buyers’ requirements for furniture can be very varied. That is why on the furniture market now you can find a variety of models of tables for the kitchen. Pedestal tables, which have already proven their practicality and ease of use, are especially popular.

How can a table-pedestal be useful to its owner, and can this piece of furniture be used for receiving guests?

Pedestal table features: folding and under the sink

Many buyers prefer this particular piece of furniture because of its compactness. In small kitchens, where even one person finds it difficult to turn around, such furniture is simply irreplaceable.

table cabinet for kitchen

The cabinet table is often used for the cabinet under the sink.

Using a simple mechanism, like a folding table-book, such a bedside table unfolds into a very convenient table under the sink. If the owner of the apartment does not need a table, he can use the furniture to store plates and other kitchen utensils, replacing the base cabinet.

Usually the size of the table-pedestal is 80×75 cm when folded. If a person intends to use the curbstone as a table, then it is worth knowing that the model is no more than doubled in size.

Such furniture can also be used as a desk if only one of its doors is laid out. It is quite comfortable, and, most importantly, it is the ideal furniture for a Khrushchev house.

In the modern furniture market, you can find different models of tables, bedside tables, but preference should be given to that furniture that has a lot of different drawers, departments and so on. Such bedside tables will be more convenient to use every day, because you can store all your household utensils in them. There are also non-folding tables, pedestals, which are used mainly for cutting food. Typically, such cabinets have a small wooden tabletop, less than a meter wide, behind which you can only cook and cut food, but not accept it.

Advantages and disadvantages of furniture

As with any furniture, these transformer tables have their advantages and obvious disadvantages. So, what are the advantages of pedestal tables:

  1. They are very compact and will suit even the smallest kitchens.
  2. It is very convenient to use the furniture, and it is very easy to unfold.
  3. Buyers will be pleased with the affordable price for such models.
  4. Despite all its compactness, pedestal tables are highly practical.

Such furniture can be placed not only in the kitchen, but also in the corridor or room. Usually, these bedside tables look very aesthetically pleasing in any part of the house.

After expanding the bedside table, a maximum of 5-7 guests can fit at such a table. Therefore, this furniture is not suitable for a large company reception.

Buyers often refer to the list of disadvantages of this furniture that the tables are not large.

A rather short service life is another drawback of the models. LSDP tables quickly fail, despite all their practicality. Glass tables serve even less, and besides, they are subject to constant breakdowns and chips.

Nowadays, buyers increasingly prefer stainless steel pedestal tables precisely because of their longer service life.

And yet, despite the listed disadvantages, the advantages of such models are much greater, otherwise, the furniture would not have enjoyed such impressive popularity.

Materials for the cabinet-bedside table

Since such furniture is very popular, it is made from a variety of materials. What models, and from what materials are considered the most in demand?

  • wooden models that look both practical and aesthetically pleasing;
  • metal tables made of stainless steel , which are considered the most practical;
  • plastic furniture , which is more suitable for summer cottages or outdoor recreation;
  • glass models that look very nice, but are less practical.

Now the most in demand are wooden and metal tables-pedestals. They are considered beautiful, practical and very easy to use at the same time.

Some manufacturers are experimenting noticeably with the shape and appearance of their furniture. It looks very interesting and unusual, but one should not forget about practicality. Still, we are talking about furniture projects, and here practicality plays an undeniably important role.

You can find glass tables-pedestals, which are additionally decorated with beautiful patterns that resemble stained-glass windows.

There are also carved wooden tables, metal models of unusual shapes and sizes. A small sofa in the kitchen is very suitable for such a table.

Buyers should first pay attention to the technical characteristics of the table, and only then to its external features.

Features of making a kitchen drawer with a countertop with your own hands

If a person wants to make such furniture with his own hands, then it is better to take up the production of a non-folding table-pedestal. The fact is that it is very difficult to make a model that will organically transform from a bedside table into a table, especially for a person without special education.

Making an ordinary bedside table with a table top is easy even for a beginner.

The first thing you should start your work with is a drawing. Here you should designate all the boxes and departments that you would like to see in the end. Since the kitchen table-cabinet should fulfill a practical purpose, then there should be more such departments.

Next, you need to decide on the size of the countertop, the cabinet itself and the height of the furniture. It is better to stop at a total furniture height of 850 mm. This height will allow the model to be used for both cooking and eating. The average width of the countertop should be 900-970 mm on average , the depth along the countertop is usually 500-570 mm.

If a person nevertheless takes up the manufacture of a folding table-pedestal, then drawings for book-tables can be used as a basis, adding drawers for the pedestal to them.

Wood should be used as a material for self-manufacturing of a pedestal table. It is easier to work with it at home than with metal or glass.

Scheme for the construction of a sideboard for a dining room.

After the body parts have been made to all sizes and sanded, you can proceed to the assembly of furniture. Usually self-tapping screws are used for assembly. When all the body parts are assembled, you can proceed to the manufacture of the base.

Usually, all work takes from several hours to several days.

Drawers for pedestals are made separately, according to individual sizes.

A large selection of kitchen furniture can be found in the Ikea catalogs, which will help you create an interesting and inexpensive kitchen design.

Decor of the table-sideboard and its use in the interior of the kitchen

One of the advantages of such furniture is the ability to combine it with almost any design solution. Since the table takes up little space, you can place it in the corner of the kitchen or next to the stove to make cooking as convenient as possible.

In order for the furniture to fit into the interior decor as much as possible, it is necessary to cover it with a napkin or a small tablecloth. It is better to choose a napkin to match the color of the wallpaper or kitchen set.

If the hostess plans to use her pedestal table only when receiving guests, flowers, some figurines and other decorative elements can be placed on the very surface of the countertop.

Also, when buying a model, the hostess can make sure that the furniture handles are beautiful and ideally match the decor of the room. In this case, the bedside table will surely fit into the interior.

If the kitchen is really very small, it is recommended to place a pedestal table, for example, in the corridor. Here it can be used, and even be corner, for storing keys and household items.

It is very important not only to choose the most suitable model, but also to organize proper care for it. The tables themselves are not too whimsical, but nevertheless, the surface must be regularly wiped, keeping all the drawers in order.

It is great if a lot of pressure is not exerted on the unfolded pedestal table, otherwise, the legs of such a model will not withstand a decent mass.

It is recommended to cook on such a pedestal table only using a cutting board, so as not to damage the surface of the furniture. This is especially true for glass models.

Otherwise, you can use the pedestal table at your discretion. It is not in vain that buyers prefer this particular furniture, because it is very convenient for everyday use. Such practical furniture, with proper care and operation, can serve its owner for several years, pleasing with practicality and compactness. This article will tell you about the layout of the living room-kitchen-dining room.


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