Which countertop for the kitchen to choose: finishing with ceramic tiles

The secret of ceramic tiles, in the main, is included in the versatility of this material, since it can be used in any room and, sometimes, in a rather unusual way. For example, for cladding a worktop in a kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps this is why for several hundreds of years ceramic tiles and tiles have been widely used in the design and decor of rooms.

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Tile countertop

The kitchen, in which ceramic tiles are applied in a similar manner, is designed for success from the point of view of practicality and aesthetics.

It is important to remember some of the features:

  1. If you are going to paint a tabletop with tiles, it is worth entrusting it to a professional, because, independently , without certain skills, it will be equally and with the correct calculation to do the job. As a result, you run the risk of getting a non-uniform tile cladding, made up of hats.
  2. Always buy a tile with a certain stock , since it is not known how the material will carry itself – cracks and cracks constantly accompany the work of even an experienced master.
  3. It is not recommended to purchase tiles from the “eco” category , Plitka_minsince the countertop will be constantly subject to different kinds of loads. A cheap material will already give you a little time to know about yourself, therefore it is better to choose a tile from the average price category, or to combine different types of plates, depending on the level of exploitation.
  4. You cannot economize on grout for tiles , it must be moisture resistant, resistant to chemicals in the detergent composition.

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  • a ceramic worktop will  become a practical investment , because it is not easy to care for;
  • the tile countertop will look aesthetically pleasing and unusual in the highest measure , suitable for use in Provence, country, traditional and classic, eclectic and some modern styles;
  • the tile withstands temperature changes and the aggressive influence of detergents and cleaning chemicals;
  • this type of countertop is not afraid of moisture and water , the surface will not deform over time;

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To update the appearance of the tile worktop, you just need to replace the old grout, which has darkened with time, and you can do without dismantling the entire surface.

Which material to choose

Among a large variety of ceramic tiles for cladding worktops, your choice should be glazed paste, as the most practical and resistant to stress, temperature fluctuations and dirt. Also, an essential advantage of glazed tiles is increased resistance to water and the influence of aggressive substances.

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Ceramic tiled worktop

What does such a tile look like on the countertop

Choose a tile of a small size (no more than 15x15cm) for cladding countertops in the kitchen – in the bathroom you can use a spectacular mosaic laid out in the form of an ornament, geometric pattern or chaotic. If your soul asks for something even more unusual, you can cover the countertop with mosaic and smalta, or with your own free-form “kolotaya” tile (in small, different shapes).

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Unusual furniture

The interior of a kitchen, veranda, loggia or balcony can be decorated with an unusual table made of wrought metal or wood, with a top made of ceramic tiles, patterned mosaics or mixed.

unusual furniture in the kitchen

Unusual furniture in the kitchen

Chairs, tables, coffee tables and benches with ceramic inserts will become an incredibly stylish accent of any setting. In addition, such things do not lose their relevance for many years, without requiring, at the same time, additional decoration and decorative furnishings.

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Ceramic tiles can be used in any interior, therefore, among designers, ceramics are deservedly loved.

For the kitchen, ceramic tiles are not only a beautiful and popular material that will make the kitchen brighter, but also the best material for cladding any surface.

Ceramic mosaics look great in antique or classic styles. Vintage, retro, baroque style.

For Provence or country styles, finishing with ceramic tiles 10×10 or 15×15 is more suitable.

The “hog” tile will perfectly fit into modern loft, eco, Moroccan or constructivism styles.

A tiled kitchen worktop is a beautiful and modern choice of material for the kitchen. It is a durable, reliable and durable material.


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