Blue kitchen: milky blue color and tone with beige walls in interior design – apron, floor for a small

The blue color is associated with freedom, sea space, coolness. Designers rarely use this color to decorate the kitchen, because it belongs to the cold range, and it is customary to equip the place for cooking and eating in warm colors, creating a cozy, homely atmosphere. However, this opinion is erroneous, and a kitchen in blue tones, when choosing the right colors, can be very comfortable and pleasant.

Features of the interior design of the kitchen in blue

Any shades of blue that are present in the kitchen have one big advantage: they visually expand the room. This is a very profitable solution for a small kitchen.

blue kitchen interior design

This is what a blue kitchen looks like

The main advantages of blue:

  • creates peace, calms the nervous system, enhances the feeling of security;
  • associated with cleanliness, which is essential in food preparation;
  • gives a feeling of lightness and freshness;
  • visually reduces the temperature in the room, which is ideal for a hot kitchen where cooking is frequent:
  • reduces appetite, which is important for people who monitor their weight.

Some people are afraid to opt for the design of the kitchen in blue tones, because this color reminds them of a hospital emergency room painted with water-based paint. These fears are in vain, because with the right combination of colors, such a feeling will not arise.

Gamma selection

In order for the design of the kitchen in blue tones to be harmonious, you must follow the following rules:

use a combination of the main, cool color with warmer shades – soft beige, cream, muted light yellow, this will soften the effect of “cold”;blue with beige

Blue with beige

Furniture should also be chosen in warm colors: light brown, honey, golden. This will greatly soften the overall atmosphere and give it sophistication and comfort. This can be an original addition to a beige-brown kitchen. You can also use white ash, Belford oak, milky, enhancing the feeling of softness;

The floor in the kitchen is preferably dark, it is this contrast that gives the impression of a stylish, spectacular kitchen than the less practical white;

Also for the floor, you can choose the same tones in which the furniture is made.

The apron and countertop should not be made too dark, otherwise you will get the effect of a dark “pocket” that will absorb all the light and clean impression of the design of the room in blue tones.

Contrasting combinations

The ideal option is a combination of blue and gray. It favorably creates a contrast, and in combination with a blue apron enhances the impression and sets off the lightness, airiness of the general style direction.

kitchen interior design in blue contrasting combinations

Interior design is possible in a contrasting combination

The marine color is perfectly “enlivened” by any shades of green – mint, pistachio, lime color. Such an interior will be rich, fresh, unusual. How to make a wooden table with your own hands from wood can be found at the link.

The most daring combination is blue and red.

Bright color accents of red on the main background of the kitchen will attract attention and will look bold and harmonious at the same time, diluting the calm color scheme.


With a blue kitchen, household appliances with a metallic, shiny surface, decorative elements made of metal, metal stools with a soft seat are perfectly combined.

Shortened tulle white curtains will allow light to freely penetrate the room. A lot of details, knitted lace napkins, souvenir decorations in white and blue tones will add elegance to the kitchen.

Small kitchen

Thanks to the use of blue in interior design, a small kitchen visually expands its boundaries and receives additional volume.

small blue kitchen

Little blue kitchen

The combination of blue and white will not only visually increase the area of \u200b\u200bthe room, but also solve the problem of low natural light. White color will additionally “highlight” the room from the inside. In addition, you can additionally paint the radiators.

All warm shades are designed to tone off the blue and give the kitchen extra softness, which will help create a cozy atmosphere.

Spacious room

The large size of the room creates ideal conditions for the implementation of a wide variety of design projects that create an original design in your kitchen. And the price of the kitchen timer can be found here.

You can highlight the walls with bright accents by decorating them with blue plaster, a kitchen backsplash, or choose furniture in dove tones, making the environment neutral.

Choosing a blue floor or ceiling is not worth it to avoid shifting accents.

You can bring dark blue or turquoise into the interior, perfectly shading other colors.


The working area of ​​the kitchen should have good lightingA ceiling chandelier is only appropriate for a classic kitchen interior; in all other cases, you should choose recessed spotlights or LED strips.

blue kitchen with daylight

Beautiful kitchen with blue daylight


Fluorescent lamps will be very appropriate in a blue kitchen to create natural light.

Color backlight

Emphasizes decor elements and is very well suited for minimalism and high-tech styles.


It will create peace and comfort, smooth out the sharp outlines of furniture, and create a comfortable psychological environment.

Modern style directions

It is good to choose a blue kitchen for modern styles – minimalism, hi-tech, modern. Minimalism is ideal for an interior with strict blue tones, clear shapes and furniture sets with pronounced lines.

high-tech blue kitchen

Blue hi-tech kitchen

Also, the design of the kitchen in a marine style with an imitation of immersion in the underwater world provides ample opportunities.

Provence style can also be suitable for a blue kitchen, a lot of napkins, figurines, and handmade decor elements will give such a kitchen a unique charm. How to eliminate the smell from the sink in the kitchen can be found in this article.

Who will suit the blue kitchen

The blue color at the same time has a calming, calming effect and at the same time energizes for new achievements.

According to the psychotype, such a kitchen is most suitable for melancholic people, who are inspired by restrained, strict tones and calm shades, as well as people of creative professions.

At the same time, a kitchen in dove tones will allow people of any psychological type to restore peace of mind after a busy day, to balance the activity of choleric people.

Blue is the color of romantics and dreamers, and its dark shades are also chosen by restrained and pragmatic people who prefer punctuality and accuracy in everything.

The modern trend of designing the kitchen in blue allows you to get a refined, original interior and a cozy atmosphere for a pleasant pastime. A variety of color combinations and design styles will allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the connection diagram of the water floor to the collector in this material.


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