Yellow kitchen: a combination in the interior of a yellow-green and light green set with a floor, walls, curtains

The mood and general condition of a person largely depend on what color surrounds him most of the day. But very often the color scheme of industrial premises does not evoke positive emotions, and the modern design of offices and various other institutions are either too stylish, with an abundance of fashionable combinations of steel, white, gray and black, or completely featureless, with pale walls and gray blinds on the windows. Of course, fatigue and irritation accumulate over a long day, and in order to throw off negative energy, you need to be in a warm, cozy, bright room. And here your favorite kitchen comes to the rescue, where there is a lot of yellow sunshine and different shades of soothing green.

yellow green kitchen

color combination in the kitchen

Yellow and green combination in the kitchen looks festive

There are several design features of the yellow-green interior:

color combination in the kitchen
  • if the walls are yellow, then the decor should be green, and the curtains are better white or with a yellow-green print;
  • if the set is yellow, then the table and chairs should be of a third, white or black color; cabinets can have either dark glass or open shelves with dark edging;
  • if the walls are bright yellow, then the floor should be dark; if the walls are muted shades of yellow or green, then the floor can be light;
  • the kitchen apron is the only place where different shades of yellow and green are allowed;
  • if there are green plants on the window, then the curtain should be yellow or with a green print on a yellow or white base;
  • if the upholstery of the sofa is yellow, then the pillows should be green; if the upholstery is green, then a yellow-green print is allowed;
  • kitchen sets can be purchased from natural wood, it will already have a noble yellowish tint, and everything else is completed, starting from it.
color combination in the kitchen

Often a third color is added to this combination.

If the kitchen faces the sunny side, then the light should be white, if the north – yellow

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Advantages and disadvantages

color combination in the kitchen

So that there is not too much yellow – dilute it with white

This combination of colors has more advantages than disadvantages:

  • yellow has many shades: golden, amber, straw, saffron, sand, so you can choose a color for every taste;
  • a kitchen in green tones makes the interior lively, rich and dynamic;
  • even northern kitchens look bright and sunny;
  • the combination of yellow and green has juiciness, saturation, which is lacking in most interiors;
  • appetite in such a kitchen improves markedly.
color combination in the kitchen

Bright decor will enliven the pastel kitchen

The disadvantages include the following: to achieve a harmonious combination of two colors and shades is possible only in a properly organized space, which is quite difficult to do.

color combination in the kitchen

Too bright kitchen can have a negative effect on the psyche

The predominance of yellow in a room can cause a negative impact on the psyche and provoke aggression, often causing a headache.

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Harmonious combination rules

color combination in the kitchen

Decorating the kitchen
in yellow-green color is a rather risky technique. Here you can easily overdo it not only with the amount of yellow in the kitchen, but also with the brightness of its shades.

This combination is harmonious by nature, as evidenced by fruits that have a very attractive appearance when they begin to turn from unripe greens into ripe yellows.

Primary colors must be in the same palette. For example, if a muted shade of yellow is chosen, then green should also have an appropriate shade: olive, swamp. If yellow has a hint of lemon, then light green is chosen as a pair.

color combination in the kitchen

For complete harmony, the location of both colors is also important. Yellow is best used where there is a lot of sunlight, and thus enliven and enhance it. For example, on curtains, on a kitchen apron on the sunny side, on a kitchen set installed by the window, on a countertop in the middle of a sunny kitchen, and so on.

Green will be expressive where the sun’s rays do not fall: on the sofa in the opposite corner from the window, on the wall, where the sun’s rays never happen.

If the kitchen faces the north side, then the accents shift a little. Colors should be more vibrant than in a sunny kitchen. Something that takes up a lot of space is decorated in yellow: a headset or one or two walls. In dark corners, there must also be yellow.

Features for a small kitchen

color combination in the kitchen

Shades of green and yellow look good in combination

In a small kitchen, yellow and green cannot be a bright saturated hue. This visually reduces the space. It is better if a third color is present in such a kitchen: white, black, gray.

combination of colors in the interior

white neutral color makes the room more elegant

It is not necessary to withstand the entire set or walls in one color. It is better if the headset is white and yellow, yellow with black elements. In this case, one wall opposite the headset can be decorated in yellow, and the adjoining ones will be green.

color combination in the kitchen

It is impossible to divide horizontally into two halves, yellow and green. This technique makes the kitchen much smaller visually.

color combination in the kitchen

You can use several color options for the transition

With a yellow headset, the chairs and table should be white with soft backs and seats made of green plain textile or fabric with a black and yellow, black and green print. Such an accent detracts from the size of the kitchen, especially from the low ceilings, making the interior brighter, given the fact that the overall tone here is muted.

color combination in the kitchen

Small kitchen in yellow looks great

The ceiling in a small kitchen should be white, if the walls are painted or glued, then the paint and combined wallpaper can “go” 10 centimeters into the ceiling, thus visually increasing the height and volume of the kitchen. If black is present as a third color in the kitchen, then flower pots should be black. It is better to decorate the walls with black and white contrasting large photographs in black transparent frames.

color combination in the kitchen

Yellow at the top in a small kitchen looks interesting

To indicate an accent, place a vase decorated with a yellow and black print on an open shelf. A pair of vases with the same print is ideal, preferably with a geometric one, but the vases are of different colors: one is green, the other is yellow.

For a large or combined room

color combination in the kitchen

In the combined room there should be a common shade

In a large kitchen, you can use bright juicy tones of yellow and green. At the same time, it is better if the facades of the headset are glossy. As in a small kitchen, a third color should also be introduced into a large one, but here, in addition to black, white, beige and light gray, brown is also possible.

color combination in the kitchen

Bright colors look good in a large kitchen

It is better to use these paints to decorate a table and chairs, countertops, and use them as a shade of a print on a kitchen apron. The set can be solid green or yellow, but black edging, dark glass, brown or gray work surface help to make the facade even more colorful.

Walls can be painted the same color. Borders are allowed, but with certain placement conditions:

color combination in the kitchen
  • it is better if they are under the ceiling;
  • if the walls are yellow, then the border can be green with a brown or black print; if the wall is green, then the border is yellow with brown or also with a black print;
  • in the case when the border divides the wall into two halves, it is better if it is not in the middle, but a third of the wall up or down;
  • walls can be decorated with a large geometric print using black or brown.

If this is a living room kitchen option, then you should not use walls of the same color in both areas. In the kitchen, plain walls are better, and in the living room with a floral print, but the background is the same as the kitchen walls.

In the living room, furniture is better than natural wood; in this case, it is worth putting a bright set with glossy facades in the kitchen. The table is traditionally placed on the border of two zones, the tabletop can be brown or natural wood.

color combination in the kitchen

Natural wood goes well with greenery

To combine the two zones, you can use the same curtains with a print of the corresponding colors, the general design with decorative elements: green and yellow vases with black and brown prints, small in the kitchen, high in the living room. Same textile.

color combination in the kitchen

Decorate one thing

In the kitchen and in the living room, the same soft backs and seats, pillows, curtains. The floor can also be divided: if the height allows, raise the kitchen to a low podium, or make the floor in the kitchen lighter and darker in the living room. It can be different in material: porcelain stoneware in the kitchen and laminate or floorboard in the living room.

How to choose the light

color combination in the kitchen

Light in the kitchen is always very important.

Lighting can be the same in both areas, for example, built into the ceiling, and different: spotlights in the kitchen in the cooking area and aimed at cabinets, a chandelier above the dining table and floor lamps in the living room.

color combination in the kitchen

On the north side, add a daytime set with artificial lighting

An interesting technique rarely used in this version of the interior. At the border of the two zones, a beam is mounted on the ceiling, which masks the spotlights installed towards the kitchen on one side and towards the living room on the other. The color of the light in both zones should be the same.

Yellow green decor

Now it is very fashionable to paint classic cast-iron radiators with flowers or garlands. Heating batteries can be painted with various paints. This is good to do in such kitchens. What could be more elegant than yellow flowers on a green background!

The danger in choosing decor for such an interior is that it can merge with the rest of the kitchen environment. That is why it is recommended to decorate kitchens using a third color.

It would be good to place textile panels with bright floral or beach motifs on the wall, on open shelves, and on the floor, if space permits, you can place bouquets of dry flowers and textile flowers, for example, textile sunflowers, bright knitted balls look good.

Fresh flowers would be appropriate here, especially those that grow in lush green bushes, imperious plants, lianas. They are placed both on window sills and on stands and furniture.

combination of colors in the interior

In a yellow-green kitchen, decor can be matched to match

Interior styles

  • The combination of yellow and green suits all variants of the Mediterranean style: greenery and sun—they are natural and harmonious here;
combination of colors in the interior

Ethno styles: country, Mediterranean, and African often use a combination of yellow and green

  • somewhat in smaller volumes, yellow and green are found in country style, it is quite appropriate to decorate walls with light green, a yellow-green print is traditionally used on curtains, it is present everywhere in decor elements;
  • ethno style in the African version: these colors can be the main ones here;
combination of colors in the interior

Modern styles look good in a warm, sunny combination.

  • baroque: in such kitchens, the furniture facades are soft light green, and the walls are the same shades of yellow;
  • high-tech style: shiny light green surfaces in combination with shiny yellow walls with the addition of a metallic sheen on individual details of structures and decor.
combination of colors in the interior

This kitchen always looks warm

The kitchen in yellow and green colors suits both energetic business people and those who seek to overcome passivity and lethargy, become more active and sociable. In such kitchens, friends like to gather, lively conversations are conducted.


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