Purple kitchen: lilac, lavender, purple walls with a white set in the interior – a combination of colors in the design of an apron, cabinets

No other color has as many contradictions as purple. Probably, this is due to the fact that it combines blue, cold and measured, and red, hot and impulsive. Violet color is rarely found in interiors, even in small quantities. But it is common for modern design to experiment, especially with color, so recently there have been quite unexpected ideas for interior design in general and furniture design in particular. At the same time, it is still recognized that most people do not associate purple with coziness, but single purple details can look very elegant.

purple kitchen

kitchen color color combination

I don’t often use purple in the kitchen – the color is very extravagant and does not go well with every tone

The purple color made its way into our interiors and found its place there, most often it is present in the kitchen in the design of details, even more often in the design of kitchen sets, but there are attempts to decorate the entire kitchen space in one purple color, however, using its shades or colors. -companions. So what wallpaper to choose for the kitchen?

Advantages and disadvantages

what color to choose for the kitchen

What is the positive thing to note in the desire to make the world around you purple?

Purple is the color of creativity. It affects our subconscious, so even in ancient times, it was used in objects intended for meditation and spiritual practices. It is believed that he adjusts a person to fight the disease, improves sleep. Attracts money into the house.

The advantage of designing a kitchen in lilac tones is that such a solution is very non-standard, original, and quite new. A large number of shades, companion colors give room for creativity.

But we are talking about more subtle shades here, and thick purple can provoke depression, the development of chronic fatigue, unconscious melancholy, and anxiety.

Using this color in large quantities makes the kitchen feel uncomfortable. Pure purple is a cold color, so it will be quite difficult to create coziness.

what color to choose for the kitchen

It is also necessary to take into account which side of the horizon the kitchen windows face. If it is the south side, then the sunlight will fill the kitchen with warmth, make the purple color sparkle with bright highlights, and such a kitchen will be cozy. But on the north side, with a lack of natural light, lack of sunlight, the purple color will be even colder, and it will be difficult to achieve a feeling of comfort.

Correct combinations

what color to choose for the kitchen

Purple needs to be combined correctly, then it will sparkle and beautifully emphasize the dignity of the kitchen

Decorators believe that using one shade of purple in the kitchen is not worth it, different combinations look better. But at the same time, they immediately stipulate that it is incredibly difficult to combine this color correctly and you can end up with a very unexpected result.

So, with the main color decided – purple. And what else? And how much more? Do not use many colors and shades. As a rule, two or three colors or shades are used.

Not all colors match. Of course, contrasting options in the interior are used very often, but it is here that one must carefully approach the selection of a companion color.

Purple is no exception, and the selection of combinations has its own characteristics:

what color to choose for the kitchen

  • the kitchen will look messy if you add dark gray to purple and lilac;
  • the combination of purple with orange and bright yellow looks rough;
  • if you add purple to red or bright crimson, then this combination will be hard to perceive, put pressure on your eyes.

There is no need to talk about the classic version here at all. It just doesn’t exist. But still, a combination of purple with white and gray will be more traditional. Despite the clear contrast, the negative impact of the purple color will decrease, the accents will change, and a large number of all kinds of design options will turn out. In addition, this option will lead away from the purely feminine in the design, add a certain smack of brutality.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Purple and black must be combined carefully

And vice versa, taking as a basis a combination of pink purple lilac and maybe a few white details (for example, dishes on open shelves), you can get a kitchen when looking at which it becomes clear that a man is a rare guest here.

For purple cuisine, only light shades of gray can be used.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Beige purple must be combined carefully

Of all the many options, the most successful would be to use purple paired with white, and all shades of white will do here: snow-white, milky, grayish, with blueness.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Purple with white is one of the most common combinations.

The combination of purple and light green colors looks interesting in the kitchen. It makes the kitchen fresh, bright, creates a somewhat carefree, relaxing atmosphere.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Purple with light green or herbal looks very impressive

When choosing a color “paired” with purple, it is worth considering that the perception of purple by our eye, especially in combination with others, can be unexpected. So, next to red, it is perceived as purple, next to blue as indigo, next to white as lilac.

Combining one scale

what color to choose for the kitchen

The purple palette is very wide, you can choose both light and dark colors.

Purple color has an extensive palette:

  • violet;
  • eggplant;
  • amethyst;
  • indigo;
  • purple;
  • purple;
  • plum;
  • blackberry;
  • lavender;
  • fuchsia.

When choosing shades for decorating the kitchen, you need to remember that blackberry and amethyst are warm shades, and the rest are cold. Bright colors are best used for accents and touches, while light and muted colors are best for decorating walls and furniture.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Among the dark shades can be called plum

You also need to know that the shades are deep, for example, plum, eggplant. Translucent: violet, lilac, amethyst. Having a red tint: lilac, fuchsia, purple. With a bluish tint: indigo, electric.

Knowing this, you can choose either warm colors, transparent, or with a certain shade for decoration. When choosing tones, you need to follow certain rules:

kitchen color color combination

  • do not use more than three;
  • do not take tones with red and blue hues at the same time;
  • if there is no specific design idea, then do not combine translucent and deep tones in one space.

How to place accents and choose decor

First of all, textiles will help to place accents:

kitchen color color combination
  • curtains can change the character of a purple kitchen: a combination of white and purple will give a romantic touch; gray-purple will emphasize techno style or discreet minimalism, light green-purple will add softness;
  • soft seats and pillows: this is where the creative potential of the hostess can be fully revealed: in this case it is difficult to choose ready-made textiles of the appropriate color, so pillows made using the patchwork or appliqué technique will come in handy;
  • great importance is attached to the color of dishes: it can be either purple on light furniture, or light, most often white, on purple shelves;
  • panels play a big role in the design: on light purple walls, panels with a predominance of dark purple complete the wall decor.

In a kitchen with a predominance of purple, open and glass shelves look good, on which you can place not only dishes, but also decor items.

Small kitchen. How to avoid mistakes

kitchen color color combination

Purple in a small kitchen can be too saturated

The main mistake in the design of a small kitchen is the use of only purple, even if you take several shades of it. A small purple space will not only not be cozy, but it will simply absorb those present here, make the small kitchen even smaller, and the color itself will not be able to fully reveal itself.

To design a small kitchen, it is better to choose two or three light shades of purple and some other color: beige, sand, light brown. Decorate the walls with the lightest of the shades, the main furniture facades with the darker, leave the darkest for several drawers, shelves, cornices, and so on.

Sand, for example, decorates the floor, apron, countertop. Curtains will add coziness if they are made double, using purple and sand, or choose a floral print in these tones and shades. For lovers of a more eccentric design, you can add black, and decorate two facades (one will stand out from the overall picture, three black facades will change the overall color scheme) with black.

kitchen color color combination

The sand countertop looks elegant

For a small kitchen, it is better to purchase a set of two colors: for example, purple and cream. This will visually expand the space and will not tire your eyes.

An original option will look when purple is taken in one shade, and the second color, for example, cream, is different – from light, almost white, to dark, almost dark brown. In this case, it is better to decorate furniture facades with lilac, while making them glossy, finish the walls in light beige with a transition to an almost white ceiling. A dark cream countertop and an apron, brown chairs complete the picture.

kitchen color color combination

In a small kitchen, purple can only be introduced in a few elements.

In a small kitchen, purple wallpaper is best complemented with white or sand color: stripes or prints on the wallpaper itself, a border; decorate the wall in two levels, one of which is purple, the other is any color of a light shade.

If you still want a rich purple color in the kitchen, then it is better to decorate all work surfaces with it and do the rest with a creamy shade of white. Decor details can also be taken in purple or combined with the appropriate shade of white. This kitchen will always look festive.

Combined room

kitchen color color combination

For a combined room, purple can be used in several shades.

The large kitchen has plenty of room for creativity.

Any shade of purple and many combinations with other colors will do here. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • if the furniture facades are of a dark or saturated shade of purple, then the furniture should have strict geometric shapes;
  • if comfort is important for the hostess, and only then the desire to make the kitchen stylish and modern, then it is worth stopping at ash-lilac and pale shades of purple, while furniture facades should not be glossy.

In a large kitchen, in addition to using purple on furniture facades, when decorating walls, you need an obligatory touch that will help set all the accents. For example, an island is often installed, and here a purple hood over the stove or a purple square on the ceiling above the island would be a good accent.

kitchen color color combination

It is also important to find one common element that will unite the kitchen and living room.

Purple color harmoniously combines the living room and kitchen. For example, in the kitchen there is a purple suit and sandy walls, in the living area there are purple wallpapers and sandy furniture.

Wallpaper is better to choose a plain, lilac, or purple hue.

Create light

kitchen color color combination

Purple kitchen requires a lot of light

Lighting can dramatically change the overall perception of a room.


kitchen color color combination

Daylight in the kitchen should get most of the day

Natural lighting is essential in purple kitchens. The lack of it radically changes the overall mood of the interior for the worse. Therefore, it is worthwhile to maximize the access of sun and light to the kitchen by pushing the curtains outside the window frame and sacrificing tulle curtains.

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kitchen color color combination

Yellow light can slightly distort the color of a purple kitchen.

Such light gives softness and warmth, but it is not suitable if the furniture has glossy facades. Yellow light should come from several sources, illuminate separate areas, the light source is placed low above the dining table. Yellow light helps to create a cozy atmosphere.

Color backlight

kitchen color color combination

Colored lighting can make this kitchen more interesting.

Colored lighting is more suitable if the light is reflected in furniture facades and kitchen appliances. It is placed on the ceiling, while the light sources should be directed to specific places and objects. Each color is thought out, for example, it is better to send green, yellow light to a purple headset, and lilac, purple, red to white objects.

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Purple Interior Styles

Purple color will be appropriate in high-tech and minimalist kitchens. In this case, steel, white, black should be added to purple.

kitchen color color combination

Modern kitchen styles often use purple.

Purple fits perfectly into the design of the modern kitchen. Furniture facades can be of any shade, as long as there are a lot of glass doors and shelves, then even dark or rich purple will be appropriate.

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kitchen color color combination

You can use purple for a modern or art deco kitchen

In retro style, purple is appropriate in decorative details.

Vintage style is the best fit for purple cuisine.

kitchen color color combination

Vintage retro styles can be decorated with lilac, mauve, or lavender hues.

Violet can be accents and wallpaper in Provence style.

kitchen color color combination

Purple in the style of Provence – interesting and fresh

Color and psychotype

The idea of ​​decorating a kitchen in purple may come to mind for a person striving to make the world around him a better place. Anyone who rushes to save people and animals participates in various volunteer movements, has a certain charisma. Often becomes a leader. Among such people, there are many representatives of creative professions. They painfully seek the meaning of life, suffer, feel dissatisfied.

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If there are people in the family who abuse alcohol, then it is better to refuse purple cuisine.

Photos of purple kitchens that will help you find an unusual solution for your home:

color combination in the kitchen

Lilac and sand – sunny kitchen

color combination in the kitchen

Multiple shades can be used

color combination in the kitchen

Gently lavender will make the kitchen elegant

color combination in the kitchen


Light beige color: what colors are combined in the interior of the kitchen, combination with brown, shades of a warm palette


Blue and red in the kitchen: combinations of blue and white colors on the walls with red and black in the interior