Blue and red in the kitchen: combinations of blue and white colors on the walls with red and black in the interior

A cocktail of three colors, somewhat unusual for an interior, has come into fashion quite recently, so the rules for decorating such interiors cannot be considered fully formed.

This combination of three colors is only being mastered by decorators. Usually, energetic, creative, creative people choose such a design. They like to gather big noisy companies in their kitchen, share plans for decorating and improving decor. But psychologists advise such interiors for passive, indecisive phlegmatic people, bright colors will help them express themselves on the other side: become more active, active.

Red-white-blue kitchen: features

kitchen color kitchen color combination

The blue-red-white kitchen makes the kitchen a very unusual and stylish place.

When using this combination in the interior, you need to follow certain rules so that the kitchen does not look like a chaotic set of objects of different colors:

kitchen color kitchen color combination

For facades it is better to use glossy surfaces. The print, both when decorating walls and on decorative textiles, should not be colorful floral, ideally it should also be geometric.

Advantages and disadvantages

kitchen color kitchen color combination

It is important to observe proportions and adhere to certain rules.

Three colors give a lot of options for decorating. Red fills the room with warmth, white with light and a feeling of purity, blue with peace and tranquility. Wooden elements that successfully fit into this interior create coziness, you can use modern modular paintings and indoor plants to decorate the kitchen.

Using this option makes it possible to decorate the interior more creatively by introducing another color, especially one like black. By changing the proportions between colors, you can create interiors of different styles.

But there are also disadvantages to this combination. If you violate the proportions in the colors used, then the kitchen will look colorful and resemble a circus booth. It will be difficult to be in such a room, this situation can cause headaches and dizziness.

Rules for combining three colors

kitchen color kitchen color combination

An unusual combination of style and color, but interesting

In a small kitchen, white color should prevail.

It is preferable to place a table and chairs in the dining area with stylish wooden ones, so that this corner, on the one hand, favorably sets off the showiness of the rest of the design, and on the other hand, balances the bright splash of colors in the rest of the territory.

kitchen color kitchen color combination

Red can be used just as decoration

In the cooking area, the colors can be distributed as follows: two colors are chosen for the design of the facades, one of which is white-dominant, all large doors in the set are decorated with white, small doors and drawer fronts can be blue or red, an apron, a work surface is decorated with a third color. How to use the red and white background in the kitchen can be found here.

kitchen color kitchen color combination

It is better to leave the ceiling in classic white, decorate the walls with light transparent blue, since bright colors will visually reduce the small kitchen, and only shades of blue are allowed to be used. And such decoration will not make the interior cold, because red color will be enough for warmth. It is better to layout the floor with linoleum or laminate under a tree.

In small kitchens, it is not advisable to introduce any other color, therefore textiles and other decor items should only be of these three colors. Ideally, the dishes should be white, blue or red. The only thing that can “dilute” such an interior a little is a small carpet of a different color in the middle of the floor. It can be black, bright green or brown.

For a large or combined room

kitchen color kitchen color combination

In a large kitchen, red will draw attention to the right areas.

For a large kitchen, the combination of three colors gives great decorating possibilities. The ceiling here can be either white or blue. In the kitchen-living room option, a blue ceiling is possible in the kitchen and white in the living room. You can read about blue kitchens in this article.

Wall decoration in the kitchen or in the kitchen area can be very original, for example, it can be vertical wide stripes of two or three colors, large multi-colored squares, rectangles, circles.

Now peas are in fashion, large or small white peas on a red background or red on white look a little old-fashioned, but they create comfort and fill the room with a special atmosphere. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to decorate all the walls with peas; one or two will be enough. The rest can be painted white.

kitchen color kitchen color combination

Even a drop of red will enliven a cold interior.

Any of the above prints can only take up half of the wall when decorating in two tiers, and it is better if this is the top half, and the bottom can be painted in red or blue. If the walls are plain, then the floor can be decorated with large cells of two or even three colors at once. And about the kitchen sliding glass table can be found at the link.

If the kitchen is combined with the living room, then it is possible to visually divide the room into two zones using different wall decor: walls decorated with geometric shapes in one room, plainly painted in another. You can decorate with a pattern on the principle of a flip: in the kitchen, the print is on the top of the wall, and in the living room, on the contrary, on the bottom. And there are many such options.

Furniture facades should not be taken in the same color, it is better if they are blue or red and white. The apron should be decorated with a print only if the walls are plain.

kitchen color kitchen color combination

You can use shades of red and blue in the experiment

Furniture in the living room or in the dining area of ​​the kitchen is better to put wooden. If we are talking about the living room, then you can consider the option of colonial-style rattan furniture. Against the general bright background, it will look advantageous, since its “native” environment is the bright sun, blue cloudless sky, and white walls of colonial houses. And wicker boxes, baskets, and whatnots can serve as a logical addition. And you can decorate such a living room using patchwork.

How to choose the light

For small kitchens, bright white light is suitable, which will advantageously beat glossy surfaces. It should be both tops, illuminating the entire space, and local for lighting the least accessible places for the overhead light and additional for work areas and stoves.

kitchen color kitchen color combination

Small kitchens need glossy surfaces

In large kitchens, you can arrange a more interesting lighting option. By placing lamps with basic white lighting on the ceiling, you can make an additional light source colored. Direct lamps with a red light on white surfaces.

Above the dining table, place a chandelier with ordinary white lamps and soft blue light. At the same time, both lighting options should have separate switches, which will make it possible to turn on white and blue light both separately and together, depending on the mood and situation.

Traditional additional light sources can be placed above the work surface and the stove, or two spotlights can be installed, directed by two cross beams to these areas.

Choosing decor

kitchen color color combination

Red decor is refreshing

Decor for such kitchens can be of two types:

  • using only three colors;
  • using the fourth color.

The decor in such kitchens carries a certain semantic load:

  • the first option: weaken the bright accents of the selected colors and thus get a softer interior;
  • second option: enhance the blue and red colors if the percentage of white is large enough;
  • the third option: with the help of decor, bring the interior closer to a certain style;
  • fourth option: using the fourth color, slightly shift the accents set by the three primary colors.
kitchen color color combination

Red decor can be in bright furniture

The decor of the first option is dominated by plain textiles and other decorative details. So, the curtains on the windows can be pale blue or transparent white, soft seats are blue, and soft backs are red, napkins under vases and decorative porcelain are white. The dishes are monophonic, any of the specified colors.

kitchen color color combination

In the second option, it is possible to use textiles with a bright geometric print. Dishes can be all three colors at once. Patchwork is possible, and for the decoration of plain walls, a textile panel.

In the third option, it is possible to use the same patchwork, a floral print of the corresponding tones is allowed in minimal quantities.

The fourth option involves the introduction of a fourth color in the decor details. For example, you can introduce black color, giving the kitchen a special original flavor, a kind of “masculine touch”. Black can be upholstered seats and backs, crockery and decorative sculptures. Black color can be used in textile wall panels. The soft floor covering can also be black in this case.

kitchen color color combination

Instead of decor, you can use bright fruits

No less impressive is the introduction of light green color. It turns out a rather unexpected combination, at the same time softening and enhancing the brightness of colors. Light green can also be a carpet or decorative textile details.

Interior style

kitchen color color combination

Use red and blue facades

Using a combination of three colors in a particular style is quite difficult. But it is quite possible to introduce elements of a certain style into such an interior, and a very interesting result can turn out.

The easiest way is to fit three given colors into a style such as minimalism. Strict geometric blue cabinets, white appliances, red tables and chairs. White walls and ceiling, blue linoleum on the floor. No frills in decor: white curtains, blue dishes. Lamps with strict geometric lines, white light.

The Scandinavian style, close to minimalism, will also harmoniously fit into such a kitchen: white, strict-shaped furniture with many open shelves, a red work surface, blue decor elements, and a blue floor.

kitchen color color combination

The Scandinavian style is very restrained and therefore red should be used in doses.

Nautical style: red and white facades, white or blue curtains, striped textile upholstered seats and backs, nautical-themed panels on the walls in blue-white-red tones. All other “marine” details (steering wheel, model of a sailboat, aquarium, and so on) will fit perfectly into such an interior.

kitchen color color combination

Nautical style creates a mass of air

Kitsch style: bright red walls with a large geometric blue or white pattern, blue furniture fronts, black color in the decor, non-traditional shapes of chairs, tables, sofas.

kitchen color color combination

In this style, you can add some more colors.

If you muster up the courage and decide to create a kitchen in such a color scheme, you can fully realize all your dreams and fantasies, paint the world around with bright colors.

But at the same time, one must remember the rule: if a bright unusual interior is created in the kitchen, then in other rooms it is better to adhere to the traditional calm decoration.


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