Green Kitchen Ideas

Green Kitchen Ideas

About one in ten people currently eat vegetarian or vegan food in Germany, with an estimated one billion vegetarians worldwide. The reasons for a diet without animal products are manifold, but vegetarians and vegans are particularly concerned about animal welfare and climate and environmental protection.

The renunciation of meat, fish and dairy products does not mean that you have to say goodbye to delicious food. On the contrary, many veggies are reinventing the classic way of preparing food and experimenting with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, venturing out to new herbs or preparing meat substitutes that can easily compete with a traditional schnitzel or spaghetti bolognese.

Of course cooking and cooking is especially fun when there is enough space in the kitchen, fresh herbs are available and important kitchen helpers are in the immediate vicinity. We will show you how you can set up a kitchen especially for the requirements of veggies , which equipment is particularly practical and with which helpers you will certainly no longer lose track of the kitchen.

By the way, a veggie kitchen is not just for vegetarians and vegans. The kitchen equipment provides more space for healthy cooking, growing and seasoning, which might sound tempting for passionate hobby chefs even without a penchant for vegetarianism.

green kitchen ideas

Green Modular Kitchen- What Is The Difference To A “Normal” Kitchen

As in most other kitchens, there is also a built-in kitchen for vegetarians and vegans, a fridge, hob and oven, and a sink and worktop area where food is prepared and prepared. However, here are the first differences to a conventional kitchen make out: Vegetarians and vegans cook differently than people who eat meat .

Veggie cooking is no longer dominated by meat or meat substitutes. Rather, different vegetables and fresh herbs are in the center of attention and certain kitchen appliances are used more intensively than others. For example, the refrigerator is designed primarily to keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

In the kitchen cupboards finally not only fresh fruit and vegetables have to find space, but also various dry supplies such as nuts, cereals, rice or legumes. As storage cabinets, for example, kitchen cabinets with internal extensions or pharmacist cabinets are very good, because on the one hand offer plenty of space, on the other hand provide a good overview of all food.

green kitchen ideas

Because vegetarianism and veganism is no longer just a dietary trend, but reflects an attitude towards life, the preparation of food is different. Many vegetarians and vegans deliberately take their time and like to deal with the respective recipes.

Convenience and convenience products make way for fresh fruits and vegetables and the preparation of the food is celebrated in a unique way. On the one hand, one knows exactly which ingredients are contained in each food, on the other hand, one develops a very different understanding of healthy and delicious food in which flavor enhancers or additives and dyes have nothing to do.

Garden owners can even grow their own vegetables in the summer, such as tomatoes, zucchini or cucumbers. But even without a garden, fresh herbs or sprouts can be used wonderfully in small flower pots in the kitchen so that fresh ingredients can always be used.

Planning And Equipping A Green Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking healthy, you need not only a lot of space, but also practical equipment and clever accessories that make working in the Veggie kitchen easier. With our planning tips, you can optimally adjust the kitchen equipment to your cooking habits.

If you look at the diet of mixed food, vegetables, legumes and nuts often play only the minor role. Often they serve only as a side dish for schnitzel, Curry wurst or steak. However, because the vegetarian cuisine is very varied and varied, it makes sense to plan enough storage space in the kitchen.

At present, more and more “unpacked” shops are producing food and supplies without packaging. Instead you take your own containers and fill them with the loose food. On the one hand, this gives you exactly the amount of rice, nuts or noodles you need and, on the other, it protects the environment from other plastic waste.

For shopping, lightweight containers made of bamboo are ideal. At home, the supplies can be stored well in glass bins or in screw-down jars for a long time.

While some fruits and vegetables can be kept very well in the fridge, other varieties tolerate the cold rather bad. To preserve the taste and aroma of tomatoes, peppers or bananas, it is better to store these foods at room temperature. Storage systems, such as baskets or pull-out boxes, are great for storing potatoes, apples, onions or carrots.

Generous Work Surface

Different types of vegetables are often used to prepare delicious casseroles, colorful stir-fry and wok dishes. Onions must be cut into rings, tomatoes in cubes and peppers in strips. A large work surface ensures that you have enough space while snipping and preparing .

Worktops made of Dekton or stainless steel are ideal. These not only look modern, they are also extremely hygienic and easy to clean. If the room is big enough, planning a kitchen island as a mere preparation station is worth considering. Because neither a sink nor a hob is located here, the entire work surface can be used.

Good Lighting

A good illumination of the work area is worthwhile in several ways. So you can see immediately, whether the salad is ready to eat after washing or if there is still some soil on the leaves. It can be seen at a glance whether pressure marks or remnants of the core casing on fruits and vegetables must be cut away. In addition , good lighting ensures high security . Finally, you often use very sharp knives when snipping and preparing.

Lots of storage space in the veggie kitchen

Generous work surface for cooking and eating

Optimal illumination of the work area

Space For Kitchen Appliances

Depending on individual preferences, a veggie kitchen uses a smoothie maker, juicer or grain mill, vegetable slicer and food processor. For a tidy kitchen look , the devices simply disappear after use in a blind cabinet or in a tall cabinet. Corner cupboards with trays that go up when needed hide not only kitchen appliances, they also use the space in the kitchen corner to save space.

Multi functional Flushing Area

A well thought-out flushing area ensures that kitchen work goes hand in hand: rinse, drain, peel and cut. For this purpose, a multi functional built-in sink is an excellent choice. Ideal are double sinks with practical accessories : There are special cutting boards and containers that can be hung in the sink.

Also very helpful is a kitchen mixer with pull-out spray, with which you can wash large vegetables such as zucchini or cucumbers effortlessly. In addition, the hose shower makes it easier to fill the cooking pots with water, for example, when a delicious vegetable soup is on the menu.

That Comes In The Organic Waste

Tomato stew, ends of zucchini or banana peels – in a veggie kitchen is particularly bio waste, so it depends on an extra large organic waste container . With a lockable lid, no odors can escape. It is extremely convenient if the organic waste with the other refuse containers is in a waste separation system under the sink. With a waste bin set directly in the worktop, bio waste can be disposed of even faster.

Space for kitchen appliances in cabinets and shelves

Multifunctional sink area with accessories

Kitchen mixer with retractable hose shower

Extra large waste bin for organic waste

Waste collector for the worktop

Sockets With USB Port

To ensure that all kitchen appliances such as smoothie makers, grain grinders or kitchen machines can be supplied with electricity, you need sufficient sockets, especially in the Veggie kitchen.

Retractable sockets can be hidden in the worktop , so that the appealing look of the kitchen is retained. Very popular are also socket systems with integrated USB port. Here you can connect a tablet to try out the latest Veggie recipe ideas directly.

Fresh Herbs From The Green Kitchen

Fresh herbs give each dish an incomparable taste and make vegetarian meals a pleasure. A herb garden in the kitchen ensures that you always have chives, parsley, mint, thyme or other herbs at home.

Meanwhile, there are very practical solutions that make it easy to integrate the kitchen garden: planters with special lighting systems support growth, so that the plants can cope even without direct sunlight. Well, herbal pots also feel on the windowsill or in planted balcony flower boxes and thus support a healthy and aromatic cooking.

Spice Drawer

In the Veggie kitchen, spices and dried herbs are more commonly used to give vegetarian food a special flavor. A kitchen cabinet for spices, oils and vinegar facilitates the clarity  and the search for certain spice jars and glasses. The best way to sort the herbs and spices alphabetically or by groups, so you can find the right glass in a jiffy.

Sockets with USB port

Herb garden for the kitchen

Storage cupboard for spices, oils and vinegar

Technology And Kitchen Appliances For The Green Kitchen ideas

In a veggie kitchen, the technical equipment must of course not be neglected. Various devices are used to support a healthy and varied diet.

Oven And Steamer For A Healthy Preparation

The oven next to the fridge is probably the largest appliance in a veggie kitchen. With it delicious cakes and muffins, but also hearty breads and casseroles conjure up. Also delicious are baked Granola Mueslis, which are served for breakfast with some honey, dried cranberries and nuts.

Steamers are available either as separate appliances or integrated in ovens. They allow gentle cooking so that the vegetables are crisp and the vitamins are retained. Also popular is the so-called sous vide cook. In the process, vacuum-packed foods are prepared at low temperatures in the steamer.

Refrigerator With Different Cooling Zones

The fridge may not be big enough in a veggie kitchen. It is mainly used to store fresh ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. Because lettuce, savoy cabbage or pak choi take up a lot of space, a spacious fridge with various cooling zones is important. Separate boxes allow the separate and therefore clear storage of various foods. Modern refrigerators are equipped with 0 ° cooling zones, in which the vitamins and minerals of are retained for a particularly long time.

Incidentally, not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for storage in the refrigerator. Tropical fruits, tomatoes or even zucchini lose their aroma at low temperatures, so they are better off in a sheltered place at room temperature.

Induction Hob With Cooking Accessories

For the varied veggie kitchen wok, grill plate and Teppan Yaki plate are a practical addition to the conventional hob. With the cooking accessories can be prepared in no time delicious veggie food, also benefits from a particularly low energy consumption.

Extractor Hood With Dump

Stewing vegetables and cooking potatoes creates vapors that should be siphoned off through a powerful extractor hood. Cook tops with an integrated extractor hood , so-called skip ventilators, absorb vapors and odors wherever they arise – directly on the hob.

Food Processor For Multi-functional Use

With a food processor you can prepare delicious smoothies full of vitamins in no time at all. With the right attachment , a food processor can perform a variety of services such as.slicing vegetables, kneading bread dough, or chopping nuts. In addition, the device is ideal for making spicy sauces, dips or salad dressings. It is important to pay attention to a powerful kitchen appliance.with sharp blades, so that nuts or ice cubes are no problem for the mixer.

Oven and steamer for the veggie kitchen

Refrigerator with XXL space for fruits and vegetables

Induction box with cooking accessories

Hob with integrated extractor hood

Food processor – the practical kitchen helper

A Green Kitchen Ideas Is Not Only Interesting For Vegetarians And Vegans

Balanced, healthy and vitamin-rich nutrition is becoming increasingly important in our lives. Ethical issues that address sustainable population or global climate change affect us all and influence our eating habits. No wonder the number of vegetarians, vegans and flexitaries is steadily increasing.

With a veggie kitchen, the conditions are met for a varied diet full of vitamins and minerals . Here you will find plenty of space to store fresh food, can spread while snipping and preparing unrestricted and even have the grow their own herbs – this sounds like a perfect solution for all passionate.amateur cooks, which occasionally meat and fish on the menu is.


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