Built-in Tv In A Kitchen Set: How To Build A Tv In A Closet Or Kitchen Facade

Built-in TV for the kitchen: how to integrate a wall-mounted or facade-mounted kitchen cabinet with a TV cabinet

The era of television has long embraced the entire modern society. The overwhelming majority of the population cannot do without constant viewing of television programs. Therefore, everywhere, many residents install televisions in most rooms. However, in the case of a kitchen, a certain dilemma arises – how to install this unit without losing usable space and while maintaining functionality.

Until recently, in most cases, it was necessary to accommodate televisions (diagonals and, accordingly, the dimensions of which only grow from year to year) in the kitchen, occupying a useful volume to the detriment of other equipment, while inventing intricate technical designs, but many manufacturers went to meet consumers and developed special built-in televisions specially for kitchens (which are different from their usual competitors). You may also be interested in information on how to choose the right LCD TV for the kitchen.

The principle of operation and the device of built-in TVs for the kitchen

In order to choose a high-quality built-in TV, you need to know the features of this unit relative to conventional wall-mounted or floor-standing TVs. As usual, before the appearance and widespread distribution, televisions were mostly hung on the walls or found a place on the countertop or other kitchen equipment. In the case of built-in kitchen appliances, usable space is practically not consumed, the interior is kept in the same color scheme and style, there is no need to eliminate technical tasks for installation and wiring.

built-in TV for kitchen

built-in TV for kitchen

In addition, such units also have a number of advantages:

Given the location of such TVs ( kitchen ), many manufacturers were concerned in advance with providing a powerful internal antenna that allows you to view the required number of channels without connecting a third-party device (of course, for different people the required number may be different, but for most consumers a standard package of 20 main channels is enough ).So, as usual, when buying an ordinary TV, you need to purchase an additional external antenna, which will allow you to view a certain number of channels in good quality, however, given the layout of the built-in TV and saving space in the kitchen with a powerful internal antenna, this need disappears. The internal amplifier provides clear reception and transmission of a digital signal in almost any range (at the moment, the higher number provides clear signal reception almost throughout the country);

antenna for tv

The antenna must have additional power supplies

Another important factor is the saving of internal space in the kitchen by placing the TV inside the built-in kitchen cabinet. However, when installing and installing the TV, it is necessary to immediately take into account the diagonal and overall dimensions of the unit, since in order to immediately install such a product, it is necessary to determine the model in advance, that is, before installing the entire kitchen and take into account the dimensions of the TV when designing it;

built-in TV for the kitchen in the closet

The cabinet for the built-in TV can be of any shape

The stylistic nature of such TV sets plays an almost decisive role in their choice, since the built-in unit looks much more attractive than a conventional wall-mounted device . In turn, manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times, not only from a technical point of view, but also carefully work out the appearance of the device (this also affects the cost of the TV upward, since it is not uncommon for manufacturers to use in production (this is especially true of the frame hulls) rather expensive materials;

built-in TV for the kitchen in the closet

The TV can be of various shapes and sizes

Also, when choosing, you should take into account the size of the diagonal of the device . This parameter is important given the area of ​​the room, since the recommended distance from the holes to the picture tube is equal to 3-4 diagonals from the TV area. This distance will allow you not to harm your eyes and choose the objective size of the picture tube;

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to the presence of additional functions.Since manufacturers, given the high cost of built-in TVs, are trying to accommodate and expand the functionality of such units. Therefore, many devices, even with a small diagonal, have the function of displaying images in high quality (there are often cases of the presence of the 3D function of the image, which refers to the middle and high price segment). Also, many devices include advanced functionality as a multimedia device, that is, they have a set of functions that allows you to expand the standard performance of the TV display function. In addition, the vast majority of devices are capable of transmitting images in LCD quality, and some products can be tied to the WI-FI module, which will significantly expand the functionality of the TV and allow you to broadcast programs and videos directly from the Internet. Also, the device has special outputs for connecting various additional accessories, ranging from flash drives to hard drives. The modern functionality also allows you to control the viewing time of various programs and control the functionality with a touch screen (now this is quite rare and only in expensive models).

built-in TV for kitchen with wi-fi

Also, a function can be Wi-Fi, without which it is no longer possible to live.

The negative aspects when choosing such a device can only be attributed to the rather high cost, since many manufacturers, with similar characteristics to conventional wall-mounted products, set a higher price.

The high price is due to the design features, the presence of additional brackets for fixing in a niche, and other body materials.

Also, when choosing such a unit, there is a need to select in advance the size of the cabinet for the kitchen and the installation location. The consumer also has the opportunity to install a conventional TV in a niche or shelf, but this procedure will require alteration of standard cabinets and niches.

What you need to look for when choosing a kitchen facade

When choosing a built-in unit, in addition to the brand and cost, the consumer needs to pay attention to some factors:

  • Matching the size of the diagonal of the TV and the chosen niche in the kitchen. In this case, you should design the size of the cabinet in advance and decide on the size of the TV. For small kitchens (the size of which does not exceed 6-7 square meters), the diagonal size of up to 20 inches is quite sufficient, this size is quite enough for comfortable viewing of TV programs. For large kitchens, the size of the diagonal is required correspondingly larger;
  • The color and material of the TV cabinet . This parameter has rather stylistic significance for the future interior of the kitchen. Most manufacturers make the case in classic black, less often in light silver or metal-like colors. Also, models of the middle and high price range sometimes have stainless steel edging, which increases the cost of the entire product;
  • Screen resolution and color rendering of the kinescope. This parameter is quite important, since the quality of the TV picture depends on the resolution. Modern models for the most part can transmit a picture in high resolution, and some models are equipped with a display function in 4K format (however, very rarely manufacturers make built-in TVs in a fashionable curved version, since this form is impractical when installed in a kitchen).

The best manufacturers of embedded TVs

Only large brands are mainly engaged in the production of such TVs, since such models are, in fact, a niche product that is in rather limited demand in the household appliance market. The highest quality manufacturers include:

sk 215a11 is a new model of built-in TV, which has a very wide functionality and almost unlimited installation possibilities.This TV is mounted instead of a kitchen cabinet lid, due to its thin dimensions, leaving a lot of space inside the cabinet itself, and also has several fairly convenient installation methods. One of the most practical is to install a TV using conventional closers on the sides of the cabinet – this can greatly save the interior of the kitchen. The second method will require fixing a special bracket inside the cabinet, which will almost completely occupy the internal space, however, in this case, the TV will be installed on a special swivel bracket, which will allow you to watch TV programs from almost any angle, since the swivel mechanism can change the angle of inclination in any plane. Also, this model has a fairly large functionality as a TV, good resolution quality, but also a fairly high cost, which is almost the only drawback and amounts to about $400. The body is made of simple but glossy black plastic and therefore this unit will fit into any kitchen interior. Also, the disadvantage can be attributed to the relative novelty of the brand on the market, since given the small number of consumers of this product, there is an absolute conclusion about reliability, although the manufacturer gives a guarantee for a period of 1 year of work, in addition, it is currently possible to purchase such a unit only by pre-order from manufacturer directly from China;

built-in TV for kitchen sk 215a11

Reliable enough TV that will last a long time

Samsung is a well-known Korean manufacturer of home appliances and electronics.In its assortment it also has several models specially for built-in kitchens. Such models are equipped, as usual, with full functionality and the ability to view both TV shows and video (expensive models provide the ability to access the Internet via the WI-FI module). In addition, this brand has long been on the market and with its quality has long won a leading position among domestic consumers. However, the main disadvantage is the rather high cost, since the kit includes additional brackets and even a small TV set is equal in cost to floor-standing units with an average diagonal. The manufacturer also gives a guarantee for stable operation for 3 years, and installation is not difficult, since the models are equipped with swivel arms and during viewing can change the angle of inclination up to 80 degrees in any plane. The average cost of such TVs is about $400 to $550, which is quite a lot for the consumer. The color scheme of devices is not replete with variety, most of the products are made in classic black and only occasionally there is a color like metal. Installation is not difficult, the swivel joint can be installed independently (before purchasing, you must compare the dimensions of the niche in the kitchen and the dimensions of the TV; most of the products are made in a classic black color, and only occasionally there is a metal color. Installation is not difficult, the swivel joint can be installed independently (before purchasing, you must compare the dimensions of the niche in the kitchen and the dimensions of the TV; most of the products are made in a classic black color, and only occasionally there is a metal color. Installation is not difficult, the swivel joint can be installed independently (before purchasing, you must compare the dimensions of the niche in the kitchen and the dimensions of the TV;

built-in TV for kitchen Samsung

Quite expensive equipment, however, which is very easy to install in a special box

LG is another Korean manufacturer that is the leader in the mid-price segment . In terms of equipment, it does not lag behind competitors and has all the minimum set of functions, which includes high-resolution images, transmission of video and other images via the Internet and a powerful enough built-in antenna, which makes it possible to do without third-party devices to display a sufficient number of channels. In addition, in the presence of a full set of functionality, the manufacturer gives a firm guarantee for work for a period of up to 5 years, and also has an extensive network of repair shops, which, in the event of a breakdown, will allow the consumer to quickly take advantage of the warranty. Also, this manufacturer has a more diverse range of models, both in color and in cost.

built-in TV for kitchen LG

Built-in TV for the kitchen LG is a well-known brand that is widely represented on the market

The average price for such TVs ranges from $270 to $550, depending on the size of the diagonal and the availability of additional functions. A small drawback is the limited action of the bracket, since the swing angle is less than that of competitors.


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