Open Living Kitchens

Right In The Middle Of It All – The New Open Living Kitchens Of Today

With the changed function of the kitchen, their layout has evolved. The kitchen has become bigger and reflects the idea of openness and communication. For many families and couples there is nothing better in the evening than to come together in the kitchen. And conjure up a delicious meal. Already during the preparation of the meal one can exchange information about the experiences of the day. And during the meal there is still more time to talk in peace. But the kitchen is much more than the space in which we eat and cook. Here is played and laughed, the guests are welcomed. And the best parties are still known to take place in the kitchen. Open Living Kitchens are looking very beautiful in this age.

Open-plan kitchens enjoy ever-increasing popularity, especially in households where people like to cook. New family homes and condominiums are therefore often built with open plan kitchens. In the following guide you will find tips for planning an open kitchen and its advantages and disadvantages. We would like to encourage you to design the living kitchen exactly to fit your ideas of cooking and living. Because even if living kitchens are currently very trendy, you should ask yourself. If an open kitchen fits to your own wishes, which affect your own life and living.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Open Kitchens


Following are the advantages of Open Living Kitchens are:

  • People for whom cooking is a kind of passion are usually enthusiastic supporters of home kitchens. Because an open kitchen usually represents the center in one’s own home. And thus reflects the own enthusiasm for cooking and baking.
  • In addition, kitchens today are so beautiful and individually designed that you want to present the kitchen equipment rather than exclude them in a separate room behind a locked door.
  • An open living concept promotes communication and socializing. If there is a visit, you can continue to participate in the table discussions despite the preparation of the next gear. The cook is not alone and isolated in the kitchen. But can participate actively or passively in the action together with the family and the guests.
  • Kitchen kitchens are very popular with families. Through the combination of living and cooking area. The parents always have an eye on their children playing despite food preparation . In a kitchen, it is easy to bring different foods to the little ones. Children are curious by nature and will watch their parents cook and bake and ask questions. They may even find their first interest in cooking by helping their parents peel their vegetables or water them with the stew.

Some More Advantage

  • The spatial concept of kitchen kitchens ensures that the kitchen opens to the living area so that the living space is effectively enlarged. Activities such as cooking, eating, working, reading or watching TV no longer take place in separate rooms, but in an open and inviting living atmosphere . While preparing the evening meal, children go about their homework at the dining table or play together with friends in the living area. Your partner wants to relieve you of work after a hard day and pamper you with delicious, home-cooked food? Thanks to the open kitchen, you can continue to talk to each other while you make yourself comfortable on the couch.
  • Homely elements of kitchen furniture such as shelves, sideboards, bar elements or tables for the dining area integrate perfectly and complement the living area perfectly.
  • An additional advantage is that all kitchen forms are suitable for the open plan concept . Large, inviting kitchens, for example, are the right choice for single-family homes, while space-saving kitchenettes are ideal for small apartments.


However, Open Living Kitchens also have some disadvantages that should be taken into account when thinking about whether an open plan kitchen is right for you:

  • Kitchen utensils, used utensils, and pots are always in the visible area when they are in the kitchen. Because you can not just close a door to the kitchen, the worktop, the stove and the shelves should always be cleaned up. 
  • Suggestedsolution: Allow sufficient storage space in the kitchen cupboards. Very popular are, for example, blinds behind which small appliances can be hidden. A 60 cm wide dishwasher with plenty of space ensures that pots and dishes can be stowed directly after use.
  • Furthermore, cooking and baking are always associated with a certain level of noise . Although these sounds can not be avoided completely, they can be reduced.
  • Suggested solution: So that you do not have to be annoyed by a loud cooker hood, a humming fridge or a noisy dishwasher, it is better to opt for low-noise appliances during kitchen planning. Pull-out cabinets and the doors of kitchen furniture are equipped with fittings that provide damping when closing, thus avoiding noise. Clattering wooden spoons can be replaced with silicone cooking utensils to reduce noise when cooking.
  • When roasting, stewing and stewing, of course, odors and vapors that may impair the feel-good atmosphere in the living room.
  • Suggested solution: A powerful extractor immediately absorbs fumes and odors, so that they can not spread in space. But fragrances can definitely have something positive: Because what could be better than being woken up in the morning with the smell of freshly ground coffee or when the smell of freshly baked cake lures you into the kitchen.
  • Children like to go on a discovery tour and could freely access dangerous objects such as knives and cleaning products in an open kitchen. Even the secret hiding place for chocolate, gummy bears and sweets would be freely accessible.
  • Suggested solution: Lockable cabinets and child safety locks on kitchen cabinets ensure safe storage of objects that could be dangerous for children.
  • While cooking is fun for you, cooking is a mishap in your cooking routine? Even if all guests notice, this does not speak against an open kitchen.
  • Suggested solution: Stay calm and laugh about the little mishap. Nothing is more likeable than people who are not perfect. In addition, no professional chef has fallen from the sky and practice is known to be the master.

Planning An Open Living Kitchens Is A Success

If you want a kitchen for your own home, its planning depends on different circumstances. On the one hand, the size of the room that is supposed to connect the living space and the kitchen plays an important role. On the other hand, of course, your personal cooking habits and preferences also influence kitchen planning. With our tips for planning an open kitchen, you play it safe:

  • For an eat-in kitchen to be visually convincing, it is important to pursue a consistent interior design concept . After all, the areas of cooking, dining and living have to be integrated into one room. If the cooking area is harmoniously integrated into the living space, it does not look like a foreign body. Instead, the living area is extended functionally around the kitchen area.
  • Materials and colors for the furniture elements and furnishings should be coordinated. In the kitchen shop, you benefit from an extensive range of kitchen furniture, which offers a large selection of furniture in various colors and decors. These are not only suitable for the kitchen. But also for the living room design with living room and dining area. A qualified kitchen designer will help to set up sideboards, bookshelves or a TV station for the living room. He also helps in the design of the dining area with dining table. Cabinets and cupboards for the good dishes, creating a harmonious look of the device is maintained.
  • If the open kitchen has a kitchen island, it may be worthwhile integrating a bar or counter . This creates a place for sociable communication and at the same time rewarded with a very modern kitchen look. Pretty bar stools with fabric upholstery additionally provide a homelike flair. In addition, a counter can act as a practical screen: If this is about 20 cm higher than the worktop, you do not constantly have the used dishes in view.
  • However, the kitchen is only really cozy if it is equipped with a place to stay. But that is neither the dining table nor the couch meant. As seating for in between, for example, offer low base cabinets , which are an integral part of kitchen planning. Give them with pretty seat cushions or a soft wool blanket and in a jiffy, it becomes a cozy seat in the kitchen.

Open Living Kitchens In Country Style

  • The key to good kitchen planning is to plan the paths between the individual kitchen zones in such a way that the work processes can be optimally designed . If the refrigerator, sink and cooking area are arranged in a triangle, which in the kitchen design is also known as the “magic triangle”, there are short working distances. It is also particularly convenient if there are shelves next to the respective kitchen zones.
  • When planning an open kitchen, possibly with a central kitchen island, the appropriate connections for water and electricity should be taken into account. If you opt for an extractor fan hood, you will also need an exhaust duct that transports the vapors and odors outwards.
  • In addition, you should think of sufficient sockets. Because in addition to the kitchen appliances, require in a kitchen also the TV, the floor lamp or mobile phone charger for an electrical power supply. So that the sockets do not affect the look of the kitchen. The kitchen trade provides practical solutions for retractable sockets or sockets that can be integrated into table legs.
  • It is also important that there is enough storage space in the kitchen to conceal the unnecessary behind doors or pull-outs. In this way, you always benefit from a tidy look in an open-plan kitchen.
  • Be sure to create a harmonious unity in the design of walls and floors . Very well suitable for this purpose, a tile floor, laminate in wood look or tiles that have an authentic wood look. Give the walls a uniform, uniform color to create a coherent overall picture. If you prefer patterned wallpaper, these are ideal for the living area. If you pick up the motifs when designing the niche back wall, the result is a particularly harmonious appearance.

Open Living Kitchens In Design Style

  • Tune the lighting concept to the different areas. In the kitchen area a good work lighting is important. After all, you want to ensure a high level of safety during cooking and cooking and at the same time feel good. That’s why LED lights, which are integrated in the closets, a very good choice. To create a cozy atmosphere in the dining area, this is best equipped with an attractive ceiling light or opt for a modern floor lamp, which generates warm light. In addition, you can equip the display cases inside with LED lights, so that dishes and glasses are impressively staged. With a wireless remote control, the lighting can be easily controlled and adapted to the mood.
  • In an open kitchen quiet, but still powerful electrical appliances are useful. After all, if the exciting crime scene is on Sunday evening, you do not want to be disturbed by a grumbling dishwasher or a loud fridge. The extractor hood also requires a high level of power, so that vapors and odors are reliably extracted. Modern recessed fans, which suck directly on the hob, are ideal if the cooking area is integrated into the kitchen island. For who wants to smell in the evening, what has been given for lunch?

Kitchen Forms For An Open Kitchen

Open Living Kitchens are very best. Just as when planning a kitchen in a closed room, all kitchen designs come into consideration when designing an eat-in kitchen. The choice depends only on the available room size.

If there is little space available, a kitchenette or an L-kitchen is very well suited as an open kitchen. If the room is big enough, the living room kitchen can be wonderfully furnished with a work block, a small kitchen island or a cozy dining table. We have a few kitchen suggestions for you:

Ideas For Small Open Plan Kitchens

Numerous hobby cooks, however, dream of an open kitchen with a large central kitchen block and attached counter. If the kitchen island is equipped with a hob , there is enough space to prepare, cook and enjoy. If you enjoy cooking with the whole family or regularly visiting guests, you will appreciate a cooking island. This allows guests to easily sit down at the counter while they are still busy preparing the starter. 

Kitchen islands with a sink area or a large work surface, offer plenty of space for preparing and preparing the food. In addition, there is an increase in storage space from which you can never have enough in a kitchen. The area towards the living room can either be equipped with a counter or one can opt for open shelves, which give the room more lightness. An alternative is illuminated glass base cabinets, which create a homelike atmosphere. We have a few inspirations for open, spacious kitchens for you:

Ideas For Generous Open Plan Kitchens


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