Black and red in the kitchen: a combination with white in the interior, a combination of black and red in a kitchen set

The kitchen, decorated in a color scheme of red, black and white, is designed for people who appreciate modern design and original furnishings.

To make the interior harmonious, you must be guided by the basic rules of color combinations.

Who will suit

Kitchen color combination of colors

Red and white combination in the kitchen looks very stylish

The combination of red black and white are favorite colors that have a cheerful character, they always prefer to live life to the fullest, not to give up entertainment and everything that brings joy. With a skillful combination, the interior does not become defiant, so calm natures will also like it. A bright interior, dominated by saturated, rich shades of all three of the listed colors, is suitable for natures who love power, take action, and are impulsive.

Often, many people draw a parallel with red and aggressiveness, but in the interior, bright combinations of this color and two achromatic ones make the room brighter.

Kitchen color combination of colors

It is important to keep proportions: the third color is always added by several elements

So that the interior design does not seem defiant, but becomes cozy and harmonious, white colors are used. When the owners are constantly in a good mood, like to do good deeds, they will like the above color combination of a white and red kitchen with a predominance of white and calm shades of red.

The combination of white and black is of great importance for people who like noble shades. Red allows you to diversify the modesty of the interior, so it can be used in doses in order to establish a stylish combination.

Kitchen color combination of colors

Black and white interior, even with small splashes of red, looks rich and bright

The combination of red with white and black is suitable for kitchens of any size but looks best in spacious rooms. For small kitchens, you need to be careful not only with black but also with red. Also, white should not be abused, as large areas in this color can create the appearance of a featureless interior. It is necessary to delimit structural elements with thin, filigree lines and elegant objects, but not to create large margins in a solid shade.


Positive traits:

Kitchen color combination of colors
  1. Even the laconic design looks beautiful. A minimum of furniture or insufficient kitchen area, its ugly shape with a skillful placement of accents are not striking.
  2. The interior of the red kitchen, especially with a cherry tint, always looks solemn.
  3. The cheerful combination of white and red with a skillful interspersing of black gives a charge of vivacity to those who are in the room, so the hostess will cook food with pleasure, being less tired.
  4. Depending on the brightness of the tones used, you can create almost any interior design.
  5. Red color is able to give energy to people who often fall into a bad mood, suffer from pessimism.
  6. Red and black colors can be combined with white, which will be the basis for an interesting pattern or ornament.
Kitchen color combination of colors

This is a good combination for modern kitchen-living rooms.

With this color combination, you can combine almost any color. This is often necessary when purchasing household appliances or other appliances not by color, but by the principle of quality and convenience.


Kitchen color combination of colors
  1. Often, such a combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen has to be diluted with other elements, especially if ornaments or patterns are not provided.
  2. The proportions of tones must be adjusted in accordance with the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen. The smaller it is, the richer the tones should be, however, you need to use lighter shades, since with small dimensions the dark ones will make the interior heavier, the room can become visually cold or gloomy. This imposes certain obligations on the owners when planning interior design.
  3. When combining many bright elements, combining various juicy shades of the same color, it is possible to make the room shocking, which is not always positively evaluated by the owners or their guests.
  4. Sometimes a color combination that combines contrasting white and black, as well as red, does not fit the style preferences of some people.
  5. Care must be taken to add black, especially on non-glossy surfaces.
Kitchen color combination of colors

For such a kitchen, get beautiful white dishes.

If, when creating a red-black-and-white kitchen interior, utensils and other elements intended directly for cooking are not used in the same shades, the interior may cease to be harmonious.

Combination options

Kitchen color combination of colors

Red, white and black in different combinations give completely different results.

You can combine red with white and black in such design moods:

  • calm overflows of related shades and their smooth combination with contrasting compositions.
  • The predominance of warm shades, which helps to create a cozy or romantic atmosphere.
  • The dominance of cold shades, a bet on brightness and elegance.

In an interior where there are red, black and white colors, red is usually the main accent and is located effectively, in prominent places. Black and white are designed to set it off and, with the help of various compositions, create a certain mood, form belonging to any style.

Kitchen color combination of colors

Red attracts attention – so highlight the places you want to highlight for them.

When using white, you need to remember that in the interior it should reflect rigor and purity, especially if you choose a bright, cheerful red hue filled with rich color. To visually increase the volume in the design of a small kitchen, visually add freshness and majesty, you need to use a combination of white and red on the walls and ceiling, that is, line them with an aesthetic duo color, it is advisable to apply a finish if the kitchen has large dimensions.

Kitchen color combination of colors

In a small kitchen, you can also use this combination, but moderately.

For optimal use of white, you can use the following options:

Kitchen color combination of colors
  1. The use of red and white for any finishing materials, that is, it is not only plaster or wallpaper, but also a pattern of tiles, decorative natural stone. In this case, black should only be used for furniture or decorative items.
  2. The walls are created in white, filigree blotches of a combination of black and red are possible, and the red color predominates in the furniture, which can be carefully diluted with any of the remaining two.
  3. The use of patterned, often geometric combinations of red, white and black colors or their shades in many elements, for example, the creation of a strip, an ornament or an exclusive pattern.

If preference is given to comfort, then it is necessary to use as many white tones or light shades of red as possible in the room.

Kitchen color combination of colors

A majestic interior can contain colors in any quantity and arrangement, but harmony between them must be maintained.

If you compliment the interior with drawings of darker shades on light ones or add elements with beige or brown shades, you can achieve significant contrast and the effect of an expensive appearance of the room.

If a bright atmosphere is created, halftones cannot be used in the interior.

Kitchen color combination of colors

Halftones are not applicable here

It is necessary to use not only saturated but also the deepest shades, which immediately attract attention and create a feeling of high cost and pretentious taste of the owners. You should not saturate the composition mainly with black and red, you need to dilute the elements with white in time.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Also, red and black can be skillfully diversified with shiny appliances, white, possibly interspersed with a silvery gray tint. If the interior is dominated by a combination of red and black, it is desirable to perform the floor in shades of brown that are appropriate in terms of brightness, possibly using parquet or laminate. You should not make the coating for the kitchen red or, conversely, use too light colors.

Kitchen color combination of colors

Black can be changed to gray

Bold personalities with excellent taste can afford to highlight the main color and use it for 70% of the space, mixing shades, and sometimes leaving one bright tone. Such combinations often look great, as they do not allow the interior to be pretentious, however, with proper selection, they reflect the wonderful taste of the owners.

Red elements in black and white interior

Often the combination of black and white seems boring to the owners, so they use red, which allows them to make a unique composition. It looks like interesting options in which red becomes fundamental in planning, that is, it is a bright accent.

Red for walls and ceiling

Kitchen color combination of colors,

With caution, you need to use this option in a small kitchen.

If you do not know what color to choose for the walls of the kitchen, it is not necessary to choose only white. Red color can visually change the surrounding space. If this tone was used for wall decoration, they seem closer. He is also able to make the ceiling visually lower.

Sometimes the width of objects increases, they become both more massive and bulky.

The darker the shade, the easier it is to overdo it with its intensity, so you need to carefully select the optimal combinations.

Red for furniture

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Red facades are always in the spotlight

The kitchen set, in particular, the upper shelves, can be made of wood. If they have a red tint, then they are made from sandalwood, cherry or alder. A classic wooden surface is given to furniture if necessary to match classic, noble styles, while a glossy surface is necessary for modern ones, such as hi-tech, art deco, minimalism and others.

Often, upholstered furniture with leather or thick fabric trim is also used for the kitchen. Red armchairs or soft chairs look great against the backdrop of a strict black and white interior. Sometimes in the kitchen, red is used only for furniture facades, and the rest of the parts are black and white drawings or plain surfaces, which are sometimes diluted with other colors, in particular beige or brown.

If light shades, such as cream, are used with a red-white-black interior, a festive, iridescent mood in the room will always be visually maintained.

Red for curtains

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Red curtains are an exquisite kitchen decor

In the kitchen, even large-scale curtains are often appropriate for the wave, so do not neglect this beautiful and useful accessory. When decorating a window in the kitchen, it is advisable not to use red color in its pure form, with the exception of the thinnest, translucent fabrics. For massive curtains, it is desirable to use other shades.

Often a drawing is made on the canvas, and when using multi-tiered curtains, it is advisable not to be limited to different shades, but to use contrasting colors.

In what styles is this gamut appropriate?

In most cases, a similar choice of colors for the kitchen – a combination of red with white and black in the kitchen is used as part of the hi-tech style or in its likeness. It involves an abundance of glossy surfaces, straight lines, and also allows for the presence of a metallic sheen. All elements should be harmonious, while reflecting modern trends.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

High tech is one of the best styles for this combination.

Minimalism with a reference to the popular styles of classical trends from different countries is represented by a combination of red with black and white. The classic black and white design, which often looks dull and cold, is being replaced by a combination of achromatic tones with bright red, which allows you to beautifully diversify the design, form new and really beautiful combinations with which you can demonstrate the individual taste of the owners, arranging the elements into elegant compositions. .

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Minimalism is another style where red combined with white and black looks justified.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

A kitchen with Japanese touches can be done in red and black colors.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Modern style with unusual facades looks incredibly beautiful in red and white.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Boring black and white kitchen brighten up with red decor

Kitchen color combination of colors,

If white is replaced with milk, the kitchen will become warmer

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Bright pop art kitchen in vintage style.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Caution this combination should be used in kitchens with insufficient lighting.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

Brown countertops in such an interior do not always look beautiful.

Kitchen color combination of colors,

But the red countertops are very stylish

A red-black-and-white kitchen, with proper design, can become a design masterpiece. In this color scheme, you can choose unique options for furniture and decorations, so when repairing, you should show your imagination.


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