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Country style – kind, homey. It is not suitable for fine dining for a lady. But, at the same time, the country kitchen will give warmth and become the very place in your home where the whole family will be happy to gather. Natural materials, warm colors and lots of decor are the hallmarks of the country style.

Creating a country style in the interior of the kitchen

kitchen in country style photo interior,

Country kitchen is a cozy and home style

You will find varieties of country style and photos of interesting interiors on

At first glance, this style can only be used in a combined kitchen in a wooden house or cottage. But what about the design of a small kitchen? Please note that the country style is one of the most comfortable, and with a skillful approach, even in an ordinary Khrushchev, you can create a real atmosphere of comfort, harmony and warmth .

For example, many owners decide to combine space, connecting the kitchen with the living room (sometimes with a corridor). To transform this room into a country style, you must adhere to some rules .

kitchen in country style photo interior
  • The zoning of the living room kitchen in the interior assumes the unity of the stylistic direction : this includes a single color palette (with three or four basic shades – natural tones are taken for decorating surfaces, and bright and saturated colors can be left for accessories and accents), and materials for decoration and decoration, and many other important little things.
  • Zone the room gently, without abrupt transitions . A fireplace (even an artificial one) can ideally separate the kitchen and living room.
  • Neither in the kitchen nor in the living room luxurious or pretentious things are supposed : wooden surfaces of massive comfortable furniture, wicker products, capes, bedspreads, blankets, many decorative pillows, woven carpets, tablecloths and napkins, paintings and photographs in wooden frames, figurines, caskets , chests … Antique furniture can be found in any old house, bought at flea markets or ordered by a master. A self-made base cabinet can also stand on the border of the living room and kitchen, being both a piece of furniture and a zoning element. In the same role, boxes and chests play well, perfectly fitting thematically into the concept.
  • Of course, it is not easy to adapt the life of the last century to modern conditions . Not a single person can do without technological innovations and a huge amount of household appliances in the kitchen. However, it should be noted that this problem is solvable. For both the living room and the kitchen, you can advise to make the appliances invisible, that is, built-in. As for household appliances and other essential elements, you can find entire country-style collections from global manufacturers of plumbing fixtures, household appliances and utensils: kitchen sinks in the form of copper bowls, stylized faucets and taps, antique stoves with wrought iron grates, themed refrigerators etc.
  • If you have chosen stone or wood for the kitchen, then for finishing the living room you can take decorative plaster or wall panels with wooden cornices to create the integrity of the ensemble. You can put the same natural stone, decorative tiles, wood on the floor. In the living room, a carpet will become an additional element. Pay special attention to the lighting of the space. Country style does not accept lurid chandeliers or “Ilyich’s bulbs” . If you are going to use wooden ceiling beams as a decor, then they can be used to make excellent vertical illumination. Spot lighting (for the working kitchen area, for the recreation area, etc.) and separate local lighting also work great.

When choosing a device, avoid plastic and other materials foreign to country. It is better to give preference to small table lamps, floor lamps, textile lampshades, and if possible, then forged multi-level lamps or imitation candles.

kitchen in country style photo interior

But, you can also create a modern country.

When creating a country style in the kitchen of a small apartment, be prepared for the fact that you will have to subordinate the whole dwelling to this stylistic solution, because otherwise the soft country kitchen will sharply discord with the high-tech in the bedroom or minimalism in the living room. About the Audience Retention graph, note that to create a country style needs a competent and thoughtful approach, not to go to the artlessness . After all, the unpretentiousness and simplicity of this interior is only apparent.

Important details

kitchen in country style photo interior

Wood is the main attribute of country

Since not everyone can afford to buy real antiques in the kitchen, smart people have come up with a lot of technologies that allow you to make unique, unique and exclusive things from simple junk .

Painting and patinating furniture

kitchen in country style photo interior

Painting and patting will add antiquity to the kitchen

For the country style, artificial aging of furniture has become simply irreplaceable . Craftsmen can add cuts, imitation chips, wormholes, cuts or scuffs to wood items to make them more colorful. To emphasize the deep texture of wood, as a rule, patting of facades is used.

kitchen in country style photo interior

Antique kitchens are often painted green or blue.

And also, if you add the effect of roughness or an uneven surface (stitching) to the patina, then you will get original wood furniture that will look very old and expensive.

If a multi-layer painting is used with various chips and abrasions, then the master can also add the effects of cracking paint or craquelure. Time-worn gold or silver recreated with the help of gilding and silvering will look incredibly beautiful.

Decoupage, painting of facades, tiles, walls

kitchen in country style photo interior

Ceramic tiles are one of the main finishing materials of the country

If there is an opportunity to make the decoration of the walls in the kitchen, the ceiling and the floor completely natural materials – great. If not, don’t be upset. Rough rustic plaster can be replaced with decorative or even with embossed and textured wallpaper, glazed brick or masonry can be imitated with tiles , imitation of wooden beams (dark for contrast or bleached in the main color) on the ceiling can be made.

They paint a facing board or other finish based on a stylized direction, for example, in the Slavic country, the board should retain its texture and color, and for the Provence style for the kitchen, it can be painted white.

kitchen in country style photo interior

But besides tiles, stone is also used, for example, for decorating a fireplace.

The surface of furniture doors is often decorated with floral paintings . It is good if you can install window-doors (from the floor itself), and for ordinary windows you can buy new bindings for several sections.

The facades of the furniture can be painted in the appropriate color yourself, also decorating them with painting with ornaments or floral patterns, and the work area can be decorated with a multi-colored apron. You can also make a thematic decoupage on the surface of the refrigerator. The hood air duct is decorated in a similar way.

Textiles, paintings and other accessories

kitchen in country style photo interior

Paths, light colorful curtains and tablecloths are all details that make the country interior

Curtains, tablecloths, cushions, napkins and other fabric products should be made only from natural materials: bleached linen, coarse cotton, simple chintz with flowers. Things from scraps look very interesting .

Floral patterns are the most commonly used, and checks and stripes are also widespread. Crocheted potholders and embroidered items are also incredibly distinctive and original. Pay attention to wicker products: vases, boxes, baskets.

Country music is just a godsend for everyone who loves and knows how to do something with their own hands.

kitchen in country style photo interior

Ties of onions and garlic, bunches of dried herbs and many other details will create a cute rustic style.

There are never too many country-style accessories, so any little things and details will come in handy: retro paintings or photographs, wall clocks, all kinds of handicrafts and handicrafts, bouquets (much attention is paid to country-style plants: flowers can grow alive – in ceramic and clay pots or tubs, stand freshly cut in pot-bellied vases, hang in the form of dried compositions on the walls and from the ceiling, etc. Also used are bundles and bunches with fragrant herbs, decorative bags with rosemary, mint, lavender).

Open shelves and painted dishes

kitchen in country style photo interior

Frying pans hung on the walls and placed ceramic dishes are another option for country decor

Crockery can also be considered a separate piece of furniture. In country style, there should be a lot of it, and it should be placed in plain sight, that is, on numerous open shelves .

Hang brass or cast iron pots and pans from the hooks above the dining area. Arrange porcelain, ceramic and earthenware dishes on the shelves of cabinets, sideboards, dressers, built-in niches and on the windowsill. It is great if you have a painted clay pot, an old jug or vase, dishes with traditional ornaments of a particular country .

kitchen in country style photo interior

Country is the style of a country house

Even the products themselves can be actively used as decoration: braided bunches of garlic and onions, red hot pepper will look amazing in the interior . If you have transparent pot-bellied jars of cereals or herbs hidden in your bins, be sure to get out interesting things for the kitchen and put them on the shelves.

For a country-style kitchen, combined lighting is best: you can put beautiful colored candles in forged candelabra and decorative candlesticks, make a pendant or point light above the working area, and hang a stained glass chandelier with a floral lampshade above the table.

Care, what to fear

kitchen in country style photo interior,

Taking care of a tree is a tricky time

Following the style presupposes special care of furniture and furnishings, not to mention the maintenance of cleanliness and order among the numerous accessories.

Please note that if you use non-natural materials for decoration, then very soon you will be forced to tint and adjust walls, floors or furniture again and again, moreover, the paint fades over time and the furniture loses its presentation.

kitchen in country style photo interior,

Do-it-yourself old furniture will come in handy

It is necessary to know exactly how it is possible and how not to care for this or that type of natural wood, stone, etc. For example, rare tree species cannot be washed with strong household chemicals , and some of them will very intensively absorb all odors and moisture.

Light color textiles will also require constant, but non-aggressive care .

kitchen in country style photo interior,

This style is perfect for a country house.

kitchen in country style photo interior,

It is good to use DIY furniture

Brickwork is often used

Brickwork is often used

kitchen in country style photo interior,

Very often in such a kitchen you can find a hearth

kitchen in country style photo interior,

Country-style ceiling beams add charm

kitchen in country style photo interior,

Such a cuisine cannot but please

Unusual country music in Russian style:

Country music is called a style for the soul for a reason. He is loved for its versatility and uniqueness, because it doesn’t matter what kind of stylistic direction you choose, and what objects you fill your own village corner with . In any case, you will create that desired atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, simplicity and harmony by organizing a country-style kitchen space.


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