Black and white kitchen with bright accents: wallpaper, tiles, floor

Wallpaper for a black and white kitchen: design for a small one with floor and tiles, with bright accents, white set, black floor

Few people dare to use only these two colors in the interior. On the one hand, it is stylish, on the other, it speaks of gloom. However, if you look closely at such a minimalist design, then there is no feeling of overwhelm. On the contrary, only sophistication and refinement.

Black and white kitchen design

Black and white kitchen design

Accents in this seemingly boring interior are realized through the contrast of surfaces. They are rough, smooth, matte, and shiny, with various geometries and patterns. The main color is white. Designers are in no hurry to decorate the space in black – it carries a strong charge. Items of the red, blue, green interior and other bright colors dilute the atmosphere and give it a special mood. Restrained tones are not suitable.

Black and white shades require a lot of light. In addition to the main lighting, it is necessary to install additional sources in the form of huge chandeliers, spotlights around the perimeter and separate zones (cooking or serving).

Interior in contrasting colors

Black and white kitchen design

The black and white kitchen resembles a business style: everything is very clean, dry, and as simple as possible

The presence of black in large quantities in a small kitchen will depress and depress the mood. This does not apply to special lovers of this color, but psychologically not everyone can withstand such pressure. If the room is spacious, then the “black” will fit perfectly. Designers prefer a dark bottom and a white top.

The black and white kitchen is very graphic. There will be no washes and transitions. In the main, clear lines and solid geometry.

Kitchen flooring can be laid out in a checkerboard pattern, alternating lines or a single color (usually white). But gray or sand is allowed. Materials – ceramics, laminate, natural wood, and even cork.

Black and white kitchen design

only occasionally add color accents, but how amazing they look against a black and white background

The ceiling, in contrast to the floors, can be painted black. Moreover, the room will not seem gloomy. It is only necessary to dilute the transition using geometric combinations. For example, circles or lines sliding down walls.


There are plenty of options here to make your fantasy come true:

Black and white kitchen design
  • Drawing. This can be graphics, strange compositions, flowers, curls, and even popular paintings on the walls. Alternatively, one wall is pasted over with stylish wallpaper, the rest are filled with a calm light color.
  • For small kitchen interiors – wallpaper with a small pattern, mosaic. For spacious ones – a large drawing.
  • Wallpaper can include one more color, but only one. If you use a variegated multi-colored coating, then the kitchen will lose its beauty.

Table top

It is usually black. This is understandable. This combination looks very strong in a set of white walls. Glossy surface, massive wood and real stone – this kitchen countertop will become the main elements of the interior.

The black table is very practical

But the most stunning option is the bright red countertop. Just imagine what the kitchen will look like! A play of clear transitions – a white cabinet, a black door, checkerboard floors, and a red accent in the kitchen. Any hostess will look daring and passionate against a similar background. The glossy surface will make the atmosphere modern and give liveliness to the entire design of the room.

Black and white kitchen design

Looks amazing on the red countertop


Black and white kitchen design

The classic combination is as follows. If the kitchen is made in the dominance of white, then the apron should be black. If black predominates, white. This is a play of contrasts. In an interior using two shades, contrast is of particular importance. An interesting option could be a mosaic, photo printing, or a neat drawing on a plastic apron.

It is advisable not to make the apron and the countertop of the same color. They should be opposite to create intrigue, not bore. In terms of texture, the opposite is true – they should be similar.


Usually, they use the following options, which have confirmed their relevance on the part of designers and owners:

Black and white kitchen design
  • Chess floor.
  • Gloss. Allowed if the rest of the surfaces are lacquered.
  • Monotony. Laminate, tiles, parquet.
  • Graffiti. This option is especially suitable for a young family or company. Live drawing will give the kitchen a special spirit of the modern generation (skaters, tattoo artists, music bands).


Furniture should be modern. No country style, Provence, and other similar combinations. How to create a Provence-style kitchen interior with your own hands, you can read here.

A Black and white kitchen is perceived as a representative of new modern trends in the interior. Old shabby chairs, ottomans, and knitted pillows will be inappropriate. The design should be simple.

Black and white kitchen design

Furniture made of plastic, glass, and metal, the wood of strict forms will fit perfectly. Leather is acceptable, but naturally only black or white.

The facades of the kitchen furniture themselves look poor at first. But in the finished interior, such a minimalistic design will look strong, you don’t want any additions. In a small room, it is better to take furniture with a glossy surface. So the space will visually increase.

It is better to cut the fabric to a minimum. The black and white interior does not like lush curtains. Blinds or roller blinds will fit well.


Black and white kitchen design

Black and white kitchens may not be used in all styles. It can’t be country or romantic. It is also difficult to make vintage monochrome, but there are styles in which such a contrast will only emphasize the unusualness of the interior.


  • These are always glossy surfaces, metal (handles, legs) and smooth lines.
  • The table top can be made in a round shape.
  • Furniture is selected on forged or wooden legs.
  • Wiggly flowers can be seen on the glass doors.
  • It is better to hide the technique behind beautiful screens.

In this style, beige shades are especially acceptable.

Black and white kitchen design

Modern is a rather moody direction of styles, but such a modern one can quite be done in black and white.

Art Deco

This is a special refinement.

  • White dominates.
  • The floors are decorated with ornaments or carpet.
  • A huge crystal chandelier can become a highlight of the interior.
  • One wall can be made of marble. Only glossy furniture will accentuate its elite surface.
  • Chairs are recommended to choose with leather trim or natural wood.
Black and white kitchen design

Art Deco is a luxury that resembles a frozen kingdom. The black and white version looks very stylish.


Typically, a loft kitchen can be found among creative people. She looks a little messy, but cute and cozy.

  • Black walls can be used for writing with chalk or crayons.
  • The surface texture is usually rough, wrinkled.
  • The walls are decorated with white brick or plaster.
  • A worktop can be admitted from glossy surfaces.
  • More sophisticated and expensive interior options include plastic furniture (such as chairs and a table).

It is worth remembering – a loft looks only in spacious kitchens.

Black and white kitchen design

The black and white loft is very reminiscent of old photographs.

Modern style

More like hi-tech.

  • Shiny surfaces, functional set, metal handles, glass kitchen table and comfortable furniture with neat shapes.
  • You can allow in such an interior photowall-paper or wall decoration with strange patterns, shapes and images. For example, a mosaic panel depicting Merlin Monroe.
  • The tabletop of a different color and chairs of strange shape will serve as bright accents.
  • Modern technology will be appropriate here – kettles, toasters, a small TV, etc.
Black and white kitchen design

It is quite appropriate to use wood, but you should be careful, it is not so easy to combine it with a black and white interior.

In the art deco style, a decorative fireplace, wall and ceiling paintings (only a frame as a frame) will be appropriate. Such elements will give the interior a sense of grandeur.

Small rooms

Black and white kitchen design
  • White in the interior is the dominant color.
  • It is better to make black surfaces on small surfaces – a few cabinets, a couple of chairs.
  • Wallpaper is required with fine patterns.
  • An interesting option would be a completely white kitchen combined with a checkerboard floor.

The variety of the interior will be given by the texture of the walls – small mosaic, tiles, or other embossed surfaces.

The headset itself is best purchased in white. Black handles and a tabletop can decorate it. Massive and dark furniture will further reduce the kitchen space. If you want color alternation in the headset, then the top should be left light, the bottom dark. And, of course, maximum light. Otherwise, the small kitchenette will turn into a crypt.

The combination of black and white gamut with other colors

Black and white kitchen design

For white and black kitchens, the strongest partners are red and green. But you need to be careful when placing such accents. Otherwise, you can overdo it and make the interior tasteless.

It is better to add one maximum of two colors that are combined with each other, this is especially important to consider when creating a fresco for the kitchen.

With Red

You don’t need to do everything that catches your eye with a passionate color. Only a few details will fit perfectly.

Black and white kitchen design

Red gives the kitchen a passion.

For example, a countertop or refrigerator. Yes Yes! Trust me. There is only one thing that can bring a strong visual emotion to a kitchen like this. Or, for example, a few red chairs or a picture on the wall. You can also wallpaper one wall.

Black and white kitchen design

Black-white-red is a classic combination.

With green

rules for including this color are the same as for red. But this design will already be softer.

Black and white kitchen design

When choosing light green, try not to overdo it with black.

The headset itself can be part of this color. For example, the bottom is black, the top is green. Do not think that this color is weaker. Imagine a completely black front of a headset and a bright glossy worktop in a similar shade. It looks very impressive. In this case, the floors and ceiling should be left neutral (white or gray) so as not to spoil the power of contrast.

Black and white kitchen design

Green has many shades, and with their help, you can create completely unique spaces.

So, a black and white kitchen can be as vibrant as using all the colors of the rainbow. The main thing is only the ability to place accents. Then the interior will not seem boring or gloomy. Such a kitchen will become the dignity of its owner. After all, it carries a charge of originality and sophistication.


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