The combination of pink and green: colors in the interior

Pink with green in the kitchen: colors, combinations with light green, with delicate

At the moment, the use of completely different color shades in the design of premises is very popular, because, with the help of the colors used in the interior, you can equip not only a stylish and beautiful room but also create a room, entering which a person’s mood rises and only positive emotions arise.

Pink is not the most common color in the design sphere, where it is believed that cold or neutral tones look most harmonious when arranging living quarters. However, this is not quite true.

Pink in the kitchen

color kitchen color combination

Pink kitchens are very warm and always associated with Barbie style.

In color therapy, the delicate pink color is associated with comfort and coziness, as well as cheerfulness, it calms the human nervous system, brings peace and harmony to it.

In addition, pink tones in the interior of the premises contribute to an increase in appetite, so its use in kitchen design is highly justified.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many shades of pink: from bright to pastel-delicate, each of which brings its own characteristics to the interior of the premises.

The main advantages of the pink range when used in the interior of kitchens are:

color kitchen color combination
  • using pink to create the original style of your kitchen;
  • bright shades of pink are a kind of therapy for stress and mental imbalance;
  • a rich crimson tone fills a person with energy;
  • gentle calm light pink shade gives calmness and harmony;

color kitchen color combination

However, the use of this color in the interior of the kitchen also has its drawbacks, since for many people (especially males) this color scheme causes a feeling of frivolity and frivolity. Also, knowing that pink stimulates the appetite, it should not be used when arranging the kitchen for those who are overweight.

Pink shades, visually associated with the most delicate delicious desserts (creams, mousses, cakes), increase appetite , so your children will never give you problems related to appetite.

The right combination

color kitchen color combination

You need to be able to combine pink colors, so designers do not often use them.

It would seem that you can count the colors on your fingers, with which pink would be harmoniously combined. However, this is not entirely true, since the pink color scheme goes well both with some contrasting colors and with various shades within the pink range itself.


The most organically pink color scheme is combined with the following color shades:

  • with white , which enhances the brightness of pink and gives it lightness and airiness, the combination of red and white looks especially rich;
color kitchen color combination

More often pink is emphasized with white – this is the perfect combination

color kitchen color combination

Gray and pink are the most common as these two colors balance each other.

  • with black , which, like white, emphasizes all shades of pink;
color kitchen color combination

Only hot pink goes well with black

color kitchen color combination

Light green and pink look very stylish – don’t be afraid to experiment

Correct union

color kitchen color combination

Most harmoniously, pinks are combined with adjacent shades within their own color scheme. For example, a combination of pink with rich burgundy or purple looks very stylish in the kitchen. At the same time, these colors will look most impressive in the interior when using pink on the walls, and burgundy or purple in furniture and other design details.

A combination of a pale pink shade with interior elements that have a rich bright purple color will look very interesting and original in the kitchen.

How to highlight accents

If you like pink in your interior, you can easily apply it to your kitchen.

It should be borne in mind that a pink kitchen will be most relevant for rooms located on the north or south side. This color scheme is suitable for rooms with different areas, both small and large. Moreover, in a small room, light pink tones will be more appropriate, which will visually increase the space.

color kitchen color combination

The combination of pink and lilac is very close.

If you want a lot of pink in the kitchen, a kitchen set with pink facades, or a pink kitchen apron made of glossy material, which will look most stylish with spotlighting, will suit you. In this case, the wallpaper on the walls must be selected in a color different from pink but combined with it, it is important to correctly combine the wallpaper for the kitchen.

color kitchen color combination

But you can also vice versa, you can add accents of pink

You can also use a pink color scheme on the walls of the kitchen. Then furniture and other interior details should have light, calm tones, suitable for pink.

color kitchen color combination

You can put an accent with a bright print

If you only want to revive and complement the interior of the kitchen with pink colors, then use this color in kitchen equipment and various little things: household appliances, accessories, tableware, textiles (curtains, tablecloths, decorative pillows).

At the same time, remember about the combination of pink kitchen details with the rest of the kitchen interior.


Correctly selected lighting for the kitchen in pink colors will enliven the room and emphasize the tenderness, or vice versa, the brightness of the pink color.


color kitchen color combination

Daylight is always important, it does not distort color

If your kitchen does not have enough natural daylight, then for the most complete comfort and coziness, it is necessary to supplement the interior of such a kitchen with lamps or daylight lamps.

With this kind of lighting, your pink kitchen will sparkle with new colors and look stylish and cozy. Moreover, if the furniture kitchen set has glossy facades, they will actively reflect light in all directions of the room. On the other hand, matte facades absorb daylight. And you can find out about the glass folding transforming table here.

The use of spotlights in the kitchen in a pink color scheme will give it additional brightness and originality.


color kitchen color combination

Yellow makes pink brighter

When using a yellow light source as supplemental lighting in your kitchen, keep in mind that such lighting will distort the color scheme of your kitchen.

In this case, light pink tones will become closer to white, and hot pink will become more saturated. Therefore, such lighting is not recommended for use in a kitchen that has a pink color scheme. You can find out about the standard sizes of kitchen cabinets here.

Colored backlight

color kitchen color combination

In such a futuristic kitchen, colored lighting is simply irreplaceable.

Today, it is very popular in the design of rooms to use multi-colored lighting in rooms, which gives the space individuality and color.

When choosing such lighting, it is imperative to take into account the general color scheme of the surrounding space, since the more colors multi-colored lighting has, the more the natural colors of interior items are distorted.

Therefore, the use of such lighting in a kitchen with a pink color scheme requires some caution. And about kitchen chairs with a back can be found at the link.

Pink interior

The color scheme of the room is one of the main determinants in the formation of its style, therefore, having decided to use pink in the interior of the kitchen, it is necessary to decide in advance on the style of the kitchen room, since such a color scheme will not fit into all interior styles.

color kitchen color combination

Pink minimalism: stylish, simple, and bright

The pink color scheme of the kitchen will look most appropriate in high-tech, modern, as well as vintage, and Provence styles.

color kitchen color combination

Rainbow cuisine with amazing combinations

Also, the facades of the furniture kitchen set in pink can be used in the Baroque or classical style, provided that the facades are made of natural wood of a suitable shade. And you can find out about acrylic facades for the kitchen in this article.

color kitchen color combination

Classic cuisine is not so common, but it looks interesting

The pink color of the kitchen and all its shades will have a beneficial effect on people with choleric and sanguine temperaments, who most often have excessive activity and emotionality.

color kitchen color combination

Even countries can include pink

Since in psychology, pink colors are considered pacifying, bringing positive emotions and harmony to the world around them, kitchen premises with such decoration will become a kind of therapy for people who suffer from increased excitability and have an unbalanced psyche.

It is worth noting that pink goes well with modern technology.

It is worth noting that pink goes well with modern technology.

It is also believed that the pink color that surrounds a woman makes her look younger, so a pink kitchen will come in handy for women of all ages. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the layout of the kitchen-living room in this material.


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