5 original zoning solutions for the kitchen and living room

The main tasks of the zoning of the kitchen and living room are to visually delimit a single space into 2-3 functional zones, without violating its overall style. Thus, the degree of coziness and comfort in the room increases, making the room practical and aesthetic. In the article, consider the original solutions for the zoning of the kitchen and living room.

Features of combining the kitchen with the living room in the house

By combining the kitchen with the living room in one house, the optimal layout of the room and the expansion of the space are obtained. This solution can be useful in the case of small areas of rooms.

Consolidation has many advantages. Therefore, such redevelopment is carried out in private houses and apartments. It is important to pay attention to the disadvantages of such a design solution.

Before combining the kitchen with the living room in the same house, they analyze whether it is possible to do this in a constructive way. Sometimes the partition between these rooms is a load-bearing wall. In such a situation, the redevelopment process is impossible.

Advantages and disadvantages

Experts refer to the advantages of the merger such factors as:

  1. Improving the comfort of the room. People feel comfortable in spacious, not cramped, rooms. After the merger, the new premises become open and large-scale.
  2. Aesthetic transformation. After the merger, the house or apartment begins to be perceived differently.
  3. Possibility of simultaneous communication of all family members. Regardless of where a person is in the house (in the kitchen or in the living room), he can communicate with relatives or guests without any problems.
  4. Simplify preparation for important events and holidays. After the unification, all the things necessary for this will be in the common room.

The main disadvantages are as follows:

  1. The smell from cooking spreads throughout the room.
  2. Sounds from household appliances and appliances interfere with the rest of people in the living room.

To neutralize the shortcomings, it is imperative to use a high-quality hood. The presence or absence of extraneous odors will depend on this. Sound-absorbing mobile partitions are also important. They protect personal space from excessive sounds, make it possible to enjoy the silence even when all family members are at home or guests come. Responsibly, you should choose household appliances so that they do not make loud sounds. A noisy dishwasher or washing machine will not provide a quiet and comfortable home.

Methods for zoning the kitchen from the hall – original solutions

To make two separate rooms look organic and practical together, it is important to pay attention to zoning methods. The various functional areas of the kitchen and the living room are separated from each other with furniture, lighting solutions, floor structures, partitions, as well as decor and accessories. The most advantageous solution is the separation of furniture and light. Modular shelves and illuminated cabinets will create the desired effect.


One of the simplest solutions for zoning a space is to use furniture. This can be done with various things, such as:

  • bar counter with a corner kitchen;
  • kitchen island;
  • sofa.

Additionally, attention is also drawn to the fact that zoning is carried out without difficulties with the help of small and large pieces of furniture. These include soft padded stools, shelves, cabinets, high chairs.

When choosing pieces of furniture, it is taken into account that they should be suitable for both rooms – both the kitchen and the living room. One of their tasks is to visually unite the premises into one whole. Furniture should not create the feeling of two different rooms that are not connected to each other. Find out about stylish chairs for the kitchen here.

Light zoning

A more original way of zoning is the use of modern lights and original fixtures. With their help, you can radically change the appearance of the premises.

The right lighting in the kitchen and living room creates a real wow effect.

To highlight the cooking area, experts advise attaching appropriate LED strips around the perimeter of the cabinets. Placing them at the bottom of the furniture can give the impression of floating in the air.

If glass is installed in the upper cabinets, the lighting can be built in. Thus, you can create the effect of a modern high-tech kitchen. In addition, it is not uncommon for household kitchen appliances to have their own factory lighting.

The hall area is highlighted with ceiling lighting. Additionally, designers recommend using oversized floor lamps or wall sconces. In order for the zoning effect to be noticeable together with the lighting, it is recommended to mount multi-level ceilings.

Multilevel floor

Most often, podium floors are installed in premises to mask certain communication systems. Despite this, such structures also allow zoning of premises into 2-3 functional zones. Such a solution can be easily organized in a private house and in an apartment.

The recreation area and the kitchen are allowed to climb to the podium. The latter, in such a case, becomes truly cozy and comfortable.

To make the podium in the living room practical, it is allowed to upholster it with carpet. The space under the structure can be used without restrictions as a storage space. It is convenient to store shoe boxes, seasonal wardrobe items, children’s toys and more there.

Beautiful partitions

The cardinal solution for separating the kitchen from the living room is the installation of an appropriate partition. There are both stationary and mobile products that function as fencing.

Popular types of beautiful partitions that allow you to separate the kitchen from the living room are such devices as:

  • wooden blocks;
  • bamboo stems;
  • screens;
  • sliding glass doors;
  • stenoblocks;
  • volumetric structures made of wood;
  • metal and plastic panels.

When choosing a partition, it is necessary to focus mainly on the general style of these rooms. It is important that the fence does not stand out from the general color scheme of the rooms.

Made of wood

Wooden partitions are used in any interior style, except for a frank hi-tech. In some cases, such structures are coated with paint or varnish. In other situations, designers advise keeping the wood’s true appearance.

Natural coating gives a unique look and allows you to emphasize the special style of the interior.


A distinctive feature of drywall partitions is the ability to use them for zoning, but also as a stand for certain decorative details. They are practical and comfortable, easy to assemble and fixed immovably with the help of special profiles. These designs can be installed in any configuration, cut in several sectors or steps, supplemented with lighting.

Experts advise placing figurines, books, some kitchen utensils or potted plants on such structures. They are made in the form of shelves and rack holders.


The main advantage of sliding partitions is the ability with their help to completely enclose the premises from each other. This is an important property that can be advantageously used in the kitchen in case of active cooking. Thus, you can limit the penetration of foreign odors into the living room. Simply slide the panel in and create a separate space.

From profile

Partitions made of metal profiles are bulky and massive structures. They are stationary and durable. Therefore, such fences can be used for zoning rooms, but also for placing certain decorative elements.


Glass partitions allow you to save the useful space of the premises. It does this by maintaining a sense of openness between different functional areas. To delimit rooms among themselves, experts recommend using frosted glass rails. They do not make the interior heavier or diminish.

Arched type

In most cases, such partitions are made using metal profiles and drywall. After that, the structures are properly finished and decorated, depending on the style of the interior.

Arch-type partitions can have almost any configuration. Due to the fact that such fences are stationary structures, they visually reduce the area of ​​the room to some extent.

How to zone two rooms using a bar counter

A profitable solution that allows you to separate the kitchen from the living room is the arrangement of the bar counter. The configuration of the bar counter can be completely varied. Currently, arc designs are popular, which can be concave both towards the kitchen and towards the living room.

The bar counter, as a functional element of the room, is also a beautiful detail.

How to choose the right decor and accessories

For zoning, it is not always necessary to use volumetric structural partitions. Instead, designers advise to delimit functional areas with each other using mobile things. If desired, they can always be removed or replaced with others. Such items include interior details such as:

  • flower pots with plants;
  • curtains;
  • pillows;
  • puffs;
  • pedestals with a table top;
  • carpets.

If you approach the decoration process correctly, you can get a really beautiful and functional room, in each corner of which there will be its own atmosphere. However, it will not contrast with other parts of the room.


The zoning of rooms with curtains is distinguished by the functional division of the room, but also by an aesthetic decoration. For this, various products are used, such as:

  • classic fabric curtains;
  • thread;
  • Japanese;
  • blinds;
  • from beads.

In addition, designers recommend decorating the canvases with details that emphasize other interior items.

How to increase space with vertical blinds

One of the popular ways of zoning a room is to place fabric vertical blinds in them. They are made in the form of wide stripes of various colors. Manufacturers apply drawings or ornaments to the surface.

The advantages of vertical blinds include such features as:

  • fast deployment;
  • the possibility of a compact location near the wall;
  • inconspicuous when folded.

Vertical blinds are becoming an alternative to curtains or partitions.

Decorating the dining room combined with the living room

By combining different materials, you can both combine two rooms, but also separate them. If a person does not have experience in home repair, it will be difficult for him to choose the right decoration for walls, ceilings and floors. Therefore, in such situations, one must focus on the experience of others and on the correct advice of specialists who have the skills to create an interesting design in a house or apartment.

Wallpaper and wall tiles

In the kitchen and living room, the walls can be made the same. Such a room can be used as decorative plaster and wallpaper. It is allowed to use combined wallpaper, or exactly the same color scheme. In the cooking area, it is better to provide a place for the tiles. This is due to the practicality of the material and the ability to wipe it off without any problems. Instead of ceramic tiles, designers also advise using glass, decorative stone or mosaics.

To make the living room area more comfortable for people to be in it, frescoes and paintings are allowed on the walls.

In order to stylistically unite two rooms, functional areas are made using one material. For example, builders trim the kitchen apron with decorative bricks, using it also near the living room fireplace.


For zoning, they resort to such a method as creating a multi-level ceiling. It can be decorated as follows:

  • using a tension cloth;
  • by means of plasterboard structures;
  • using the correct painting.

To make the space of the room modern and interesting, it is allowed to install LED lighting or lamps built into the ceiling structure. This link will tell you about two-level stretch ceilings for the kitchen.

White paint may be inappropriate indoors. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of using a bright color scheme, with the help of which it is visually obtained to highlight the functional zones of the rooms.


The kitchen and living room are those rooms in which the floor is loaded. Therefore, they must use materials with increased wear resistance.

If you can use wooden parquet or laminate in the living room, such materials will not work for the kitchen.

If there will be tiles in the zone, and parquet in the living room, it is necessary to think over the way of their correct joining. If it is impossible to carry out the e

process, experts advise using the same material. They can be high-quality linoleum.

There is no consensus among designers about the texture and color of the floors. It is allowed to use both the same materials and completely different from each other.

Styles and interior design of the dining area and living room in a country house

Modern kitchens that are connected to living rooms are performed in completely different architectural styles. To emphasize a single space between them, experts advise choosing one design direction for two rooms. It is allowed to use parts from other styles. This will help create a sense of thoughtfulness in interior design.


Combined kitchens with a living room, made in a modern style, are functional rooms, in which unnecessary details are completely absent. This applies to an excessive amount of furniture, accessories and decor. In such rooms, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail.

Most often, if the room is made in a modern style, the direction of Scandinavian minimalism is chosen for it. Its main features are as follows:

  • an abundance of white or light shades;
  • the presence of wooden textures.

Scandinavian minimalism is well suited for small rooms. Experts recommend in such cases to give preference to straight lines, modern materials and a successful combination of textures. In this way, sufficient space can be ensured.


Classic style furniture is used in rooms with a large area. This is due to the fact that such products are bulky. There are these pieces of furniture on the market. This article will tell you about buffets from Ikea.

The features of this interior style are as follows:

  • restrained colors;
  • sharp lines;
  • symmetrical arrangement of furniture;
  • active use of stucco molding on the walls and ceiling.

Classic furniture is usually decorated with gold, carvings or paintings. Natural materials and textures are used for decoration in this design style. This applies to brick, stone, wood.

A large, beautiful sofa or table is used in the center of the classic-style rooms. This material will tell you about kitchen, oval, sliding tables.


The main features of the interiors of living rooms and kitchens in the Provence style include the following factors:

  • an abundance of delicate shades;
  • the use of floral prints;
  • decorating rooms with cute beautiful things.

To create the feeling of true French Provence, preference is given to natural materials throughout. This applies to furniture, decor, decoration. In such interiors, flower patterns and floral ornaments look beautiful.


The loft-style premises are distinguished by their voluminous space. They have large windows, open communications and structural elements. In such rooms, you can see roughly finished timber, the number of pipes with imitation rye.

Not every apartment or house can have an attractive loft-style interior. This is due to the fact that such premises are present not in residential, but in industrial buildings.

Pop art

Not everyone can cope with the creation of an interior in the style of pop art. especially with combined kitchen and living room. The design style requires the use of bright wallpapers, posters and original art objects.

Experts recommend using neutral colors as a background. These include white, beige or gray shades.

To make a pop-art room more interesting, designers recommend purchasing one or a pair of designer pedestals or armchairs.


  1. Zoning the kitchen and living room is an important process that allows you to achieve coziness and comfort in the room.
  2. To implement one or another original solution, it is necessary to think in detail about all the details that can affect the final result.
  3. Ergonomics and practicality depend on the correctness of the process of creating functional areas of rooms.
  4. There are many ways to zoning rooms. The choice of one of them must be carried out based on the configuration of the rooms, the chosen style and the expected functionality.


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