How to paint a battery: what paint to cast iron and a heating radiator with your own hands – what paint to paint for decor at home

There are a lot of reasons why it is simply necessary to paint radiators: major or cosmetic repairs of the premises, replacement or renewal of the old heating battery, or, for example, the old color does not fit the new kitchen interior. In addition, chips often form on the batteries that need to be painted over. In general, the reasons may be different, but how to properly paint the batteries and not lose their thermal conductivity, read in our article.

Why paint a radiator

In our harsh climate, additional heating sources are indispensable. Of course, modern technologies do not stand still and more and more often underfloor heating systems are installed in houses under the laminate, but the batteries we are used to can still be found in many houses.

painting radiators

Without radiators in our climate is not easy. Such cast-iron, bulky structures are appropriate only in an industrial loft style.

Batteries, no matter how useful they are in the winter season, are constantly criticized. Their design rarely fits into the interior of the room.

Alternatively, they can be hidden behind false panels for the kitchen, but in this case you risk “losing” some of the heat.

In addition to the bulky and awkward design, batteries are not so easy to care for. Firstly, they perfectly collect dust, which must be periodically “sweeped” with the help of all sorts of tricks. But periodically they need to be painted, which is even more difficult to do. How to do it right, we analyze in stages.

Battery painting outside the heating season


The first step is to remove the old paint. In view of the fact that the design of the battery makes many of its places difficult to clean it in the old, old-fashioned way with a metal brush is not possible.

A soldering iron or hot air gun will not work. Since in the first case it is possible to damage the structure, and in the second it is simply useless.

The best way to clean the battery from old paint will be a variety of chemical washes.

How to paint radiators

Paint remover will be able to remove paint even in hard-to-reach places

Of course, this method also has its drawbacks, but still it gives the best results. The wash works on the principle of a solvent. It penetrates the paint layer, softens it and then scrapes off the old paint quite simply with a spatula or metal scraper. Among other things, the remover does not damage metal or wood, so it can be used before painting the batteries.

When working with the substance, hold the bottle with the neck away from you so that aggressive vapors of the liquid do not accidentally breathe. The room must be well ventilated.

The process of dyeing radiators

  • apply a wash;
  • remove old paint
  • rust must be sanded;
  • treat the battery with a degreasing agent (white spirit, or a slightly alkaline solution);
  • apply a primer if necessary;
  • after drying, you can apply the main color.

Recommendations on how to paint cast iron batteries with your own hands

  1. Batteries should only be painted when cold . Therefore, it is better to postpone all work for a time when the heating season has already ended. If there is a need in the autumn-winter season, close the valves and wait until it cools down completely.
  2. If you have to apply paint to warm batteries, use a spray can or apply a very thin layer. The whole difficulty of applying paint to a hot surface is that there are marks left by the brush. In addition, the paint will change color and the batteries will become stained.
  3. It is possible to connect radiators only after complete drying of the paint.
How to paint radiators

Interestingly colored batteries will be the highlight of the kitchen

The room must be ventilated. If this is not possible, use a respirator.

Choosing the Right Paint

When choosing paint for heating radiators, you should consider several requirements that products must meet:

  1. Thermal resistance . Since batteries are basically a heating device, the paint must be heat-resistant. Consider this when choosing a paint that is not afraid of exposure to high temperatures.
  2. Not toxic . When heated, the paint can emit an unpleasant odor and toxic substances that can cause allergies, headaches, and even poisoning.
  3. Acrylic provides shine to the paint , but it is worth remembering that when painting in the room there will be a rather pungent smell. An unpleasant smell may not disappear for a long time – the room must be ventilated for several days. Observe safety precautions when working with paint

It is worth noting that acrylic paints are among the most durable and resistant. In addition, acrylic paint is wear-resistant and not subject to abrasion.

How to choose a beautiful color for coloring, drawing

Classic color for radiators: white or silver. But if desired, you can paint in brown, gray-green and in any other color.

How to paint radiators

Classic white batteries can be interestingly designed

A battery painted in bronze or copper will look very interesting in the kitchen.

How to paint radiators

Batteries of dark colors give off heat better

Best of all, batteries of dark colors give off heat. As an option, you can finish the back wall with terracotta tiles for stoves, which give off heat perfectly. If your batteries are not too hot in your apartment, choose a dark palette for them. Batteries of chocolate, dark gray or marsh color combinations will look good. You can draw still life or landscape paintings on batteries, or make decor in a retro style. The most interesting will be the painting of the walls and the flow of the pattern onto the battery.

How to paint radiators

Interestingly designed batteries will be the highlight of the kitchen

If you approach the coloring of batteries creatively, you can turn this awkward element into an interesting design move.

How to paint radiators

Decorate batteries in a beautiful style

How to paint radiators

How do you like this Khokhloma

How to paint radiators

Simple but tasteful

How to paint radiators

Rainbow brightens up the kitchen

How to paint radiators

Can you draw? How do you like this “canvas”

How to paint radiators

Folk ornaments in trend

How to paint radiators

Hide ugly radiators behind false panels

How to paint radiators

Panels must not be blank

How to paint radiators

But modern radiators are already the decor of the room


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