Shades of orange: what is the combination of orange color in the interior of the kitchen with walls and a set, an apron

What color to choose for the kitchen? The atmosphere of an orange kitchen is warm and cozy, although few people decide to decorate their kitchen in such colors. To do this, you need to have special creative thinking, although there are more and more people who want to decorate the kitchen outside the box every year. But if the ideas of purple, white, even red kitchens are often discussed on the Internet and put into practice, then the supporters of the orange option are not so numerous.

orange kitchen

What color to choose for the kitchen

The orange kitchen looks sunny in any weather

Such a kitchen looks original, unusual, staying on it improves appetite, sets in a positive way.

Advantages and disadvantages

What color to choose for the kitchen

Such a kitchen cheers up and gives a lot of emotions.

When designing an orange kitchen, it is difficult to strike the right balance. So that the kitchen does not look vulgar, you should correctly calculate the allowable amount of orange and its shadesWhile orange goes with most tones, choosing the right one based on the size of the kitchen, the degree of light, the preferences of the owners, and even the amount of time they spend in the kitchen are quite difficult.

With the help of orange, it is easy to make up for the lack of sun and light. Orange can be used both as the main background and as a decoration. This color is called the color of lazy housewives: most of the spots are not visible on it.

How to make the right combination

What color to choose for the kitchen

But orange is not so easy to combine, it is important to adhere to certain rules and proportions.

Psychologists consider orange to be the leader and recommend using it in combination with light, calm tones. An excess of orange is tiring, and when used in a reasonable amount, it adds energy, improves mood, and inspires self-confidence.

To decorate the kitchen, it is better to use shades of orange: cream, salmon, peach, apricot, honey, pumpkin, terracotta. For wall decor, it’s just better to take shades, and decorate furniture in a bright original color.

What color to choose for the kitchen

The psychological comfort in your kitchen depends on how correctly you combine the orange color.

Orange color in design is usually used in combination with other colors and shades, choosing which you need to take into account many nuances:

  • you need to take into account the degree of natural light in the kitchen: if it is the sunny side, then it is better to use cold light shades: white, light blue, silver, light gray;
  • you can’t take warm tones that can enhance the orange color and provoke a stuffy atmosphere in the kitchen;
  • steel color, and even with a sheen, usually depersonalizes the kitchen, but the combination with orange or terracotta tiles changes the perception of this color; it looks softer and looks harmonious; you can paint the walls with steel glossy paint, they will favorably set off a bright orange set;
  • the orange set looks good against the background of brown, green, light green, white walls;
  • if you paint the walls orange, then a rather pleasant soft combination is obtained with a set of the color of baked milk or coffee with milk, a creamy shade; the kitchen takes on a completely different accent, it becomes soft, very comfortable;
  • the orange color of the walls is combined with the natural wood of the headset;
  • a strict orderly interior is obtained with a rather unexpected combination of orange and black; at the same time, it is better if black is at the bottom: on furniture podiums, on the bottom of the wall in the form of a narrow strip or in such a detail as black glass in a headset, plus a carpet on the floor;
  • a touch of freshness can be brought to the orange kitchen by complementing it with the color of fuchsia or chili pepper;
What color to choose for the kitchen

The orange kitchen looks especially provocative against the background of a cold range.

How to set accents: white wall, curtains, flower

Orange tends to displace other colors, so it is very important to correctly place accents and choose decor:

  • snow-white details look good in the orange kitchen: tablecloth, dishes, chairs, curtains;
  • you can create an orange kitchen without painting the walls orange, without buying an orange set, but only placing orange accents: orange apron, countertop, curtains, flower pots on the windowsill, textile panels with a predominance of orange, orange shades on lamps, dishes, decorative vases , autumn table setting, napkins;
  • the color of bright greenery on decorative details will harmoniously combine with orange and white;
  • a flower with juicy greenery in an orange pot will be very out of place;
  • if it is possible to put a sofa or armchair in the kitchen, then black sheathing in combination with orange pillows will look very original;
  • a great idea for decor – bright red interior dolls placed on the sofa, armchairs and open hanging shelves;
  • an interesting idea: on a thick cord, hang large wooden balls in the form of a string of beads, painted in the colors and shades used in the kitchen, balls can also be made from woolen threads like pompons, and knitted or crocheted;

The kitchen should never have an orange ceiling.

Tone for a small kitchen, how to avoid mistakes

What color to choose for the kitchen

In a small kitchen, orange is better to make one wall.

In small kitchens, orange does not have to be juicy. It is better to use softer shades: peach, pumpkin, salmon, cream. But decorative details can also be bright orange.

Orange-green looks good in a small room. It makes the kitchen cozy and bright. Natural bamboo curtains, a small green carpet in the dining area will be a great addition to this combination of colors.

The combination of orange and white looks harmonious in small kitchens. And in this case, it is better if the suite and table are white, and the walls are painted with one of the soft shades of orange. Chairs, a carpet, a kitchen apron, lampshades can be bright orange. This combination makes the kitchen very cozy, live indoor plants look nice here.

You should not choose a combination of orange with black and brown, in small kitchens this creates a somewhat heavy feeling and visually reduces the space.

For a large and combined room of color

What color to choose for the kitchen

For the living room kitchen orange is better to make a seating area

The main emphasis in this variant of interior zoning is transferred to the living area. It is there that the orange color prevails, for example, in the upholstery of upholstered furniture, sofa cushions, lamps, curtains, carpet. In the kitchen, orange is kept to a minimum. It continues the given line: there are orange chairs, an orange apron and a table top. The rest is most often made out in white, pale green, cream, creamy colors.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Sometimes it is enough to make one piece of furniture bright

Another option is possible: the main focus is transferred to the kitchen. An orange set is installed here, the walls of the kitchen and living room are decorated in different shades of the same color, for example, green. In the kitchen it is bright and juicy, in the living room it is calm and pale. The furniture in the living room is made of natural wood, the upholstery of the sofa and armchairs is dark brown. And the interior should be supplemented with orange: orange vases, planters, curtains, napkins, cushions, carpet, ceiling lamps and so on.

In a large kitchen, you can afford to use bright orange more widely: orange set, orange furniture in the dining area, orange textiles and decor details. The walls in this case are painted in light, calm tones, close to orange, but not its shades: creamy, creamy, light brown. Or in cold tones: light gray, pale blue.

What color to choose for the kitchen

The vibrant kitchen is sure to grab attention.

If the walls are painted orange, then it is better to choose a set in light green tones, and in order to remove excessive brightness, dining area furniture, curtains, open shelves, decor details are preferably kept in one of the shades of white. But the carpet can also be laid orange.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Orange and yellow look very sophisticated and add warmth.

A rare combination of orange and yellow in the interior is suitable for a large kitchen: orange furniture, yellow walls, an apron, countertops. Yellow and black in the interior harmoniously complement each other and place certain accents. This kitchen is ideal on the north side. Yellow-green looks fresh and does not overstress.

How to choose and create the right light

What color to choose for the kitchen

Orange kitchen requires good lighting

Orange kitchens require the maximum amount of natural light, so it is better to choose light curtains that let light through well. There should also be a lot of artificial light. For lighting, it is better to use light bulbs with yellow light.

What color to choose for the kitchen

Create multiple lighting options in the kitchen

Lighting should have two levels: general upper: spotlights, a large chandelier in the center of the kitchen, spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling – in this case, two-level ceilings would be the best option. The second level is local lighting: lamps above the working area, stove, on open and closed shelves, windowsill. Spotlights can be directed to the suite, especially if its facade is glossy, and to the darkest corners of the kitchen.

Good interior styles

The orange color is very specific. It is used with caution in the design of kitchens of different styles:

  • a few orange details can be added to minimalist kitchens: enliven a simple interior with an orange apron and a few orange decor details;
what color to choose for the kitchen

Orange minimalism looks amazing

what color to choose for the kitchen

Orange high-tech looks elegant and not so strict

  • orange can be the main color in a Mediterranean-style beach design; here they usually decorate the walls;
what color to choose for the kitchen

Soft Mediterranean style can use some shades of orange

  • a combination of orange and black can become the basis for arranging a futuristic style;
what color to choose for the kitchen

Orange and black = stylish, modern and a bit aggressive

  • combinations of orange with blue and green will organically fit into the eco-style;
what color to choose for the kitchen

Blue and orange can also be used in nautical style

what color to choose for the kitchen

green and orange – the most “orange” combination

what color to choose for the kitchen

But if you take pistachio, the room will become elegant

  • in rustic country style, orange and copper tones are a classic combination, such tones go well with clay, wood, rustic utensils, wickerwork;
what color to choose for the kitchen

Country style almost always uses shades of orange.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Facades look brighter if the walls are painted in pastel colors.

  • in the Italian style, the orange color is combined with marsh and malachite, but there is one feature: in Italy, in small kitchens, there are no modern LED lamps, the light should be soft to such an extent that the orange color takes on a hint of fruit jam.
what color to choose for the kitchen

Italian modern often uses natural materials, which can have shades close to orange.

Who will suit the orange kitchen, design

what color to choose for the kitchen

The orange interior, despite its sunshine, is not suitable for everyone.

Such an interior is suitable for people who like to dream, but at the same time do not strive for loneliness, but on the contrary, they like to be in the spotlight, they willingly attend noisy companies and parties. They have many abilities and hobbies, they love original non-standard solutions, but they are not distinguished by genius. These people do not have long attachments, they always have many friends, but mostly new ones. They avoid dependence in personal relationships.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Many will like the golden honey hue, which resembles molten gold.

what color to choose for the kitchen

An extravagant hostess will surely like such an abundance of colors in the kitchen.

what color to choose for the kitchen

One of the worst combinations: ink and orange

what color to choose for the kitchen

Lacquered brick wall looks juicy

what color to choose for the kitchen

The orange ceiling makes the kitchen visually lower.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Unusually interesting island in orange color

what color to choose for the kitchen

Instead of bright orange, you can use coral or salmon shades.

Any interior should first of all suit the owners, if a person is comfortable and warm in the kitchen if he wants to spend as much time here as possible, if he wants to experiment and complement what has already been created, then everything worked out.


Blue and red in the kitchen: combinations of blue and white colors on the walls with red and black in the interior


Yellow kitchen: a combination in the interior of a yellow-green and light green set with a floor, walls, curtains