Kitchen cabinets floor with a table top: island, work area

The floor stand is a standard kitchen furniture option. Without such an element of the interior, not a spacious kitchen room, and even a small kitchen area, can do. A floor stand is usually made with decorative legs or with technical ones, which are hidden by a plinth. Their main purpose is storage of large and heavy objects: dishes, small household appliances.

Island in the kitchen

The island in the kitchen is a multifunctional working table on which you can not only prepare food, but also use it as a dining table. As a rule, a stove or sink is mounted on this type of table, or two options at once. The hood, placed above the stove, in this area of ​​the kitchen is made a kind of hearth. You can also add drawers for storing vegetables, dishes, a dishwasher, an oven or other items for the kitchen into the project. And about the adjustable legs for the kitchen can be found here.

floor-standing kitchen cabinets with worktop

Island kitchen cabinets

The described kitchen design must be chosen only if there is an appropriate area. And if you live in an apartment with small square meters, and you need to equip a small kitchen, then it is recommended to choose a different type of kitchen. Now, if you have a modern studio, then a kitchen with an island is an excellent stylistic solution, because you can divide the space into two working areas: a kitchen and a living room.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you took part in the design process of a house or you bought an apartment with a kitchen island, then you will not only be pleased to be in the kitchen, but you will also enjoy preparing your favorite culinary dishes.

The advantages of an island in the kitchen: 

  • there is additional storage space for kitchen accessories;
  • if you have children, then you can place boxes, household appliances so that your child can independently warm up food when you are not at home;
  • you will be able to organize additional seats, and at the same time you will be able to approach any point of the impromptu table without disturbing the guests;
  • increase in working space;
  • it is possible to equip the necessary amenities such as a sink, refrigerator, dishwashing machine and electric kitchen appliances;
  • the variety of materials from which the kitchen island is made.

Disadvantages of the island in the kitchen:

  • high price;
  • unsuitable for small kitchens;
  • there are problems with the connection of communications

Remember: if you have children in your house, then you need to choose models with rounded corners.


Recently, kitchen floor furniture has not undergone serious design decisions, however, there is a fairly wide selection.

Floor cabinet with work area tabletop

The classic version of kitchen furniture is considered to be a floor cabinet with a table top. It not only allows you to rationally use the space, but also serves as a small table for cooking.

Designers advise installing this type of cabinet in small kitchens, since the surface is made of durable materials, it can be used as both a work and a dining table. Some people choose plastic countertops though.

floor cabinet in the kitchen with a table top in the working area

Floor cabinet in the kitchen with a worktop work area

It is made in the form of a cabinet structure with doors and various pull-out places for storing kitchen items, and has low legs.

Before buying a floor stand with a table top, you need to decide on the material from which it is made:

  • natural stone is expensive, and in modern times it is rare due to the significant weight of the product;
  • artificial stone takes the leading place due to moisture resistance, hygiene and strength;
  • wood massif with competent impregnation is chosen by those who love wealth and luxury, because such a curbstone looks noble and emphasizes the status of the house;
  • moisture-resistant chipboard is a budget option for a countertop, one drawback does not withstand heavy loads and strong impacts.

How to properly install a sink in a floor cabinet with a worktop

The inset sink is built into the countertop, and is more practical and sophisticated. In order to install it, you should make a cutout in it, you can do this procedure yourself without involving professionals. The main plus is their hygiene.

Integrated sink. When installed, its sides can be lower, higher or flush with the edge of the table top. At the very beginning, you need to prepare the countertop in a special way, so the whole process is considered time-consuming and expensive, since you will need to use the services of a specialist. The main advantage is that this type of sink will add elegance to your kitchen.

The undercounter sink is installed in countertops made of artificial or natural stone, as well as hardwood. The edge of the sink must be positioned

below the level of the countertop by the amount of its thickness.

Dinner table

Drawers with a pull-out design in the kitchen tables, cabinets, and special smooth rollers slide out easily. In them you can store not only cutlery, but also napkins or other necessary things for the kitchen. At the request of the client, the boxes can be equipped with movable fixing systems for the convenience of storing kitchen utensils.

floor cabinet in the kitchen with a dining table

Floor cabinet in the kitchen with a dining table

Various hooks can be attached to the cabinet doors for storing large kitchen utensils. The dining table floor stand is multifunctional and practical in a small kitchen, creating comfort and warmth.

For convenience, along with the kitchen table, buy transformer folding chairs, they will always be at hand, but at the same time they will not take up useful space.

And if you choose the right shape when folded, you can hang them on a hook before the guests arrive.

A transformer stool is ideal for stylish design solutions, because it is an economical option for small kitchens.

Combined option

For convenience and functionality, a combined option is often used:

The floor cabinet and the bar counter are two levels of height – the lower level (dining table), the upper (bar counter). If you have, for example, a studio apartment, then this option will ideally help to separate the kitchen from the guest room.

floor cabinet and bar counter

Floor stand and bar counter

Then you should place the dining table in the kitchen area, and the bar counter on the side of the guest room. This option is suitable for small kitchen spaces, and it will organically fit into any interior of the apartment.

The combined work and dining area is not only a stylish solution, but also saves square space.

How to equip

First of all, during the planning of the kitchen design, you should decide on the type of outlets (retractable or built-in) and the place of their installation. Recessed sockets have a swivel mechanism, so they are easy to hide or open. Retractable sockets are installed on various surfaces, and even complex ones.

Basic rules for installing sockets: 

  • one is mounted above the refrigerator;
  • one near the gas stove;
  • one if there is a dishwasher or washing machine;
  • if you plan to install a TV stand, then next to it.

The main thing to remember is that sockets and switches cannot be behind the stove or near the sink.

Next, you need to install an island hood, which ideally ventilates the kitchen and effectively removes even the strongest odors. For its installation, special brackets are attached, and a box is laid for drainage communication systems. And the most important thing is water supply and sewerage.

First, you need to draw up a special pipe layout, taking into account the placement of the plumbing fixture.

The second is the choice of pipes and fittings (in modern times, the plastic material is popular). The third choice of installation system: hidden or open, depends on the size of the kitchen.

Having set a goal to equip a small kitchen and having studied the advice of designers, you can make it comfortable and cozy, and it will also meet all the requirements of ergonomic science and modern interior solutions. Make your dreams come true! We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the layout of the kitchen 6 meters with a refrigerator in this material.


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