The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: how to combine shades correctly – the palette

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: a palette of pastel colors with bright contrasts and shades

The kitchen is a very important room in any home, where the whole family gathers not only to eat but also to share their problems and concerns, so its interior and furnishings should be harmonious and comfortable.

An important role in the arrangement of the kitchen is played by the color of the walls, ceiling, and furniture facades, the choice of which we will talk about below.

How to choose a kitchen color: basic rules and tips

The combination of colors for the kitchen-29

When choosing a color scheme for decorating a catering unit, several important factors should be taken into account:

  • Room dimensions;
  • Interior style;
  • Illumination;
  • Furniture color.

Here are some basic rules to follow when choosing a color palette for your kitchen.

Dark tones make the kitchen a little smaller, but great care must be taken when using them: they can make it dull and impersonal.

color combination in the interior of the kitchen: light in the kitchen

A dark kitchen with the right lighting looks unusually stylish

Cold tones create a pleasantly cool atmosphere in the room, so they can be used for too hot kitchens that face south.

The combination of colors for the kitchen: cool tones

The cold scale creates the mood of a light breeze in the kitchen.

But in case of insufficient illumination, warm, calm shades are better suited – among other things, they will create an atmosphere of real home comfort in the kitchen.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: warm colors

Soft, warm colors will make the kitchen cozier

For small rooms, it is best to choose light shades that can visually enlarge the space, while avoiding overly bright, flashy colors.

Harmony of color

color combination for kitchen interiors: choice of colors

Three colors are the maximum that you need to use when decorating the interior of the kitchen.

  1. When choosing color combinations for a room, it is important to avoid too bright combinations that will tire and irritate the eyes.
  2. As a starting point, you need to take kitchen furniture: that is, you need to select shades for finishing walls and ceilings for the kitchen set and the color of the countertop, and not vice versa.
  3. It is better not to use more than three or four colors, otherwise the kitchen will look clumsy; one shade should be taken as a basis, already based on this, choose the rest of the colors, harmonious, contrasting or from the same palette.

How to correctly match the shade of walls, ceiling and furniture?

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: color harmony

Harmonious colors and correct placement of accents will make the kitchen original and unusual

To choose the right, harmonious combination of walls and furniture, you can use the following tips and tricks:

Space zoning

color combination in the interior of the kitchen: color zoning

In modern apartments, dining rooms are very rare, so their owners tend to zone the kitchen space, that is, to separate the working area from the dining area.

This can be done using color by painting the wall near the dining table in a different shade, but this must be done so that this part does not fall out of the overall concept of the interior. Also, the kitchen can be delimited by flooring in different colors and textures, clearly separating the cooking area from the dining area.

To understand which color is best for the headset, you need to hang sheets of paper painted in the selected shades on the walls: this way, you can imagine the final look of the room.

Kitchen color

color combination for the kitchen: successful combinations

By changing the color of the walls in the kitchen, you can get a spectacular room

The color scheme of the kitchen influences not only the mood of its owners but also the well-being and health. The choice depends primarily on the task that the kitchen interior should perform: to tone up, pacify, give calmness or charge with creative energy.

Each color or combination of shades has its own characteristics and characteristics, which must be taken into account when designing a catering unit.

Monochrome room

The combination of colors for kitchen interiors: plain

A plain kitchen is the simplest solution that fits both classic interior styles and modern ones: for example, hi-tech and minimalism. True, if you use the same shade for the entire kitchen, the room will look too boring and monotonous. Today, with this solution, you can create a truly fashionable kitchen.

It is best to base the same color, and all the others to choose from close range to it: for example, dark brown, light brown, coffee, gold, etc.

If the color of the walls and ceiling is the same, then the shade of furniture and kitchen facades should be at least one or two shades darker.

Plain kitchen: how to highlight accents?

With the right placement of color accents, a monochromatic room will become even more attractive and individual. The most common design options are:

  1. One of the walls is covered with 3D photo wallpaper or laid out with tiles with a bright geometric pattern. This is usually done to highlight one of the areas: work or dining.
  2. Accents can be arranged with the help of colored objects or interior accessories: furniture, tack (if there are no suitable commercially available, can be made on  the pattern  with his own hands  potholders kitchen), towels or utensils.
color combination for the interior of the kitchen: how to transform the kitchen

Looking to add color to a plain kitchen? Bright little things will help you do this.

Bright kitchen: how not to make mistakes

A kitchen in bright colors looks very impressive and fresh, however, when choosing catchy, flashy shades, you need to be very careful, otherwise, the room will simply tire your eyes.

color combination in the interior for the kitchen: gray
  1. You should not use more than two or three shades, and the ideal option is to play on contrast.
  2. If the kitchen is small, then it is better to limit yourself to one bright accent – for example, apron panels or a wall.
  3. We must not forget that saturated colors “love” simple and laconic geometric forms, so you will have to give up pretentious, original furniture.

How to choose the color of your kitchen?

When choosing a specific color, you can be guided by both personal preferences and the recommendations of designers, psychologists, Feng Shui specialists, etc. Each of them has its own influence on the psyche, mood, and even human health.

Elegant white

White is associated with purity and innocence, ideal for any interior style, and is able to visually enlarge the space.

color combination for the kitchen interior: white kitchen

White color gives the room airiness

Too much white in a kitchen can be very fatiguing (especially if floors and furniture are reflective) and create a hospital room or operating room atmosphere. The white top and gray bottom of the kitchen look very stylish and neat.

If a white kitchen is diluted with bright, saturated colors, the room looks very fresh and stylish.

By diluting the white, you can avoid the feeling of an operating room.

By diluting the white, you can avoid the feeling of an operating room.

 Stylish gray

Quite boring, monotonous color, which at the same time is an excellent base for other color schemes. It goes well with pale pink, indigo, purple, bright blue, etc., and also perfectly emphasizes the design of modern household appliances.

color combination in the interior of the kitchen: gray

Gray can be an interesting base for other shades.

A gray kitchen in combination with pink should be chosen by those who want to lose a couple of kilograms, because it is such an interior that removes the craving for frequent and late snacks.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: gray-pink palette

A cold combination of gray-pink color will help you withstand even the toughest diet.

 Fresh green

Green is considered the most beneficial and pleasing to the human eye, and, moreover, is a symbol of nature, energy, and renewal.

A kitchen decorated in green tones is ideal for those who often experience physical and emotional stress, as it will help to cope with any stress.

color combination for the interior of the kitchen: green kitchen

Green brings spring freshness to the kitchen

It is best to take gentle colors as a basis. For a kitchen in pastel colors, shades of mint, lettuce, and young grass are better suited, slightly diluting them with shades of aqua and light blue.

color combination in the interior of the kitchen: mint green

such a cuisine acts on the nervous system in a beneficial way

Extravagant brown

The brown palette is very rich and has a wide variety of shades. It is believed that the warm brown color creates a feeling of home comfort, and is conducive to open, easy communication.

color combination for the kitchen in the interior: brown kitchen

Brown can look different depending on the light

In addition, it can be combined with any other selected shades, creating a very harmonious atmosphere.

color combination for the kitchen: brown

With a skillful combination of brown colors, you can create a stylish and extraordinary interior

Too dark brown is considered not very suitable for a food unit, as it creates a certain pressure on the psyche, and causes associations with dirt.

Expressive red

Red is perfect for energetic, active, and strong-willed people who always like to be in the spotlight.

color combination for the kitchen interior: red

The bright color of the walls will add expression to the room

In addition, it is able to improve mood, self-confidence and whet the appetite, so those who are on a strict diet are better off choosing light kitchens in the interior.

In large quantities, red can be too tiring, that is, it is better to use it in small portions, for individual interior details.

color combination for the interior of the kitchen: bright colors of the kitchen

So that the red color does not tire you need to dilute it with light shades.

 Classic black

Black is considered a mourning color, a symbol of darkness and night, however, when framed correctly, it looks very stylish and never goes out of style.

color combination for the interior of the kitchen: black kitchen

Black is a timeless classic

A completely black kitchen will create a gloomy, oppressive impression, but this color gives a wide scope for a variety of experiments: classic black and white combination, bold black and red, dynamic yellow and black – in general, there are more than enough options.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: black kitchens

To make the black kitchen look gloomy, add bright colors

Sunny orange

Kitchens in orange are the perfect choice for those who love culinary experiments and noisy gatherings at the dinner table.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Orange is the color of the sun and can add warmth and fun to the kitchen.

It increases appetite and promotes fun, casual communication, so for those who are on a diet and enjoy leisurely meals and calm intimate conversations, it is better to choose a different color of the kitchen.

color combination in the interior of the kitchen: orange kitchen

It is pleasant to spend time in such a kitchen with a friendly conversation.

Choosing a color for your kitchen is not an easy task, it does not tolerate haste and fuss. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, get creative, and experiment, and your kitchen will turn into the best place in the world. In our other articles, you can familiarize yourself with the online kitchen design and modeling program.


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