Small Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling

What Is a Vaulted Ceiling

Small Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted ceilings are familiar, formal and informal, by many names in modern design (such as cathedral ceilings, raised ceilings, high ceilings, to name a few). However, the concept behind vaulted ceilings dates back hundreds of years. Let’s take a closer look at the Small Kitchen With Vaulted Ceilings: their definition, history, pros and cons and some inspiring design implementations.

Vault = a curved shape extruded in the third dimension that is used to provide a room with a ceiling or roof. For the sake of argument, however, this article refers to vaulted ceilings as any ceiling that is higher than the standard 8′-10 ‘ceiling height (curved aspect not required).

The special charm of kitchens with sloping ceilings. Many people immediately associate top floor apartments with a cozy retreat, where security and warmth determine the atmosphere. This is mainly due to the natural need for protection of man. In rooms with attic we feel particularly safe and sheltered, often rather than in an apartment with high ceilings. Small kitchen with vaulted ceilings are looking very amazing.

An attic kitchen becomes a small resort, here we enjoy warmth in the winter and experience a soothing acoustics.However, it is not so easy to comfortably and functionally set up a kitchen with sloping ceilings – especially in kitchen planning, many people often come up against their limits. We’ve put together some tips and interior design ideas that help set up the perfect kitchen directly under the roof.

Vaulted Roof

Vaulted ceilings began centuries ago as an architectural choice in cathedrals or basilicas. Because of the ability of the vaulted ceiling to make a room visually and intangible.

​They can be considered as a kind of optical illusion, but with a profound effect throughout the history of architecture (architectural development and vaulted ceiling considerations at Columbia University).

Domes were the first popular vaulted ceiling option – imagine a hollow ball cut in half. Built at moments before history was even history, domes are constructed from mud, stone, wood, brick, concrete, metal, glass and even plastic.

The barrel vault (also known as wagon vault and tunnel vault) stemmed from the dome and is the simplest type of vault – a semicircle that extends into an unbroken arch. Next came the groin vault, where two barrel vaults intersect and create a true ellipse cross, known as a cross.

The rib vault originated in the Middle Ages, where builders first set up diagonal ribs and then built the vaulted ceilings on it. And the fan safe is a nice, padded version of the rib safe, where the lower part of the arc forms the smallest part of an open fan and the upper part extends outwards as an open fan.

Small Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling

An attic apartment is for most people an apartment that is located in the upper area of the house and is characterized by sloping ceilings. The loft apartment is not the same as the loft apartment – there are two types of interior design that can be located under the roof.

Attic Kitchen

  • Thus, an attic with “threshold refers to a form of the attic where the sloping roofs reach the floor. This results in a relatively small space with a low ceiling height.
  • The living space is different when the sloping roof rests on a raised outer wall, as is the case with an attic with a “knee-stick” . So the roof does not start directly on the ground, but only at about knee height, so that you benefit from more space and footprint on the wall. If you want to extend the attic or put a kitchen in it, knee-level attic floors are the more advantageous solution that makes planning and setting up easier.

Attic kitchen with floor to ceiling cupboards and shelves

The knee loft determines the planning height of the kitchen in the attic

The Pros And Cons Of Attic Kitchens

The fact that more and more homeowners are busy with the expansion of their attic and attic apartments in large cities rarely stand empty long, is due to the various advantages of charming living spaces. Usually there are one or more windows in the sloping roof, resulting in a light-flooded room .

For many top floor apartments, it is therefore hardly necessary during the day to turn on artificial light when preparing and cooking.In addition, the sloping roofs with their angles ensure well-being and a cozy atmosphere in which a fitted kitchen can optimally be set up. In addition, there is a pleasant acoustics in a kitchen in the attic  :

The sloping walls have a sound-absorbing effect, so that the clink of crockery or a turned on faucet is perceived as less unpleasant. A kitchen carpet on the tile or laminate floor provides additional room acoustics.Unfortunately, there is also a downside to consider when planning an attic kitchen. Due to the sloping roof , the room is smaller overall.  So that there is often less space for storage space than in a conventional kitchen space. The available space must therefore be optimally utilized so that all pots, pans and kitchen helpers are accommodated in the fitted kitchen.

Therefore, it makes sense to plan the kitchen together with an expert. Kitchen professionals are well versed in the pitfalls of top floor apartments and have a suitable kitchen solution even for the most angular rooms.

Sloped Ceilings

Advantage: natural daylight in the attic kitchen

Advantage: Sloping ceilings sound-absorbing and swallow noises

Disadvantage: sloping ceilings reduce the space

Attic Space Ideas

Sloped Ceiling Kitchen Lighting

If you want to visually enlarge a kitchen in the attic, light wall colors are a very good choice. Walls in white, beige or cream not only look especially homely, they also make the kitchen space look bigger. But you can also opt for a striking accent color on a wall to give the fitted kitchen a more lively look.

These shine particularly impressively when the light from the skylight shines on it.The same applies to the design of the kitchen furniture. Bright kitchen colors  such as white and magnolia, as well as light wood tones, have a light effect and lend the fitted kitchen a delicate character.

While you support the cozy atmosphere with kitchen fronts in acacia, birch or oak, you can create a romantic flair with magnolia or high-gloss kitchen fronts in rose. The room appears particularly elegant if you opt for white lacquer fronts in combination with airy glass elements.

Kitchen Cabinets with Vaulted Ceiling

Bright attic kitchen in white and wood colors

Individual color accents set highlights

The roof pitch skillfully set into scene

Kitchen Skylights Ideas

As is well known, storage space in the kitchen can never be enough – especially if the fitted kitchen is located directly under the roof. That’s why it’s important to create extra space with customized kitchen cabinets . Beveled cupboards, which are flush with the roof slope, use the available space optimally.

Angled corners can be achieved with corner cabinets and practical kitchen racks or tray pull-outs  , while drawer and pull-out panels keep things organized .Shelving is another great way to make the most of existing storage space. When these are designed to make kitchen shelves flush with the roof pitch .

Even the smallest nooks and crannies can be used to store small utensils such as spices, sauces, tea or coffee. You can also attach shelves directly to the pitch to place cookbooks, fresh kitchen herbs in jars or glasses on top of them.Even if the ceilings in the attic are rather low, it is worth planning on the straight walls the cabinets that reach below the ceiling. With floor-to-ceiling tall cabinets and wall units you also create space in the kitchen.

Attic kitchen with floor to ceiling cupboards and shelves

Sloped Small Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling

If you have to be careful when cutting fruits and vegetables, do not bump your head on a sloping roof. You lose over time the joy of cooking and baking in the kitchen. When planning, it therefore makes sense to comply with the minimum distance of 60 cm between the head and the ceiling .

At the same time, for most people, the optimal height of the work surface is around 90 cm , without having to stand bent or strained. If the working height and distances can not be realized. It is worth considering placing the kitchen cabinets including worktop on another wall in the room.

Another way to make the most of the available space is to use an over sized worktop and over sized cabinets to plan. This moves the kitchen further into the room, so more headroom is created. At the same time, the work surface increases and you have more space in the kitchen cabinets.In order to optimally utilize the storage space, pull-outs instead of cabinets with doors are available .

Attic Decorating Ideas

However, over sized base cabinets are somewhat more expensive due to their deviation from the standard dimensions. Whether these are suitable for your attic kitchen or another solution is the better choice, your kitchen expert answers.In most loft kitchens, it is not possible to install an extractor hood when the hob is positioned under the roof pitch.

But that does not mean that you should do without a fume hood. Especially on the sloping walls above the hob, resulting vapors quickly settle. Remedy here creates a hob with integrated extractor hood. The tray fans are installed in the base cabinet and pull the ascending vapors downwards.

In many cases it is advisable to cover the back wall behind the hob with glass or other materials to protect it from grease splashes and moisture.If the room is big enough, a cooking or kitchen island in the middle of the room is a great solution for a kitchen in the attic. Because at this point usually the maximum room height is reached. A kitchen island offers sufficient freedom of movement around the cooking area.

Attic Decorating

Especially when the attic is particularly large, an open kitchen living here is first class advantage. The combination of fitted kitchen, dining and living room brings all important areas of life together to create a comfortable feel-good atmosphere. Decide to set up a bench when the knee-stick is so low that you can not place under-cabinets.

Because the space underneath the seat can be wonderfully used as an extra storage space thanks to the pull-out.It is important that the dining table in front of a bench can be pushed forward. This is the only way you can bend forward unhindered when standing up to avoid bumping against the sloping roof. Alternatively, you can push the dining table into the room.

The space, which becomes free behind the table and chairs, is ideal for designing with a sideboard matching the kitchen design.Even if you rarely need to turn on electric light in an attic apartment during the day, this is a good lighting indispensable after sunset. Bright recessed spotlights illuminate corners and corners, which usually characterize an attic kitchen, very well.

Even LED light bars or multiple LED spots provide sufficient light when preparing and cooking. Lights, which are used below shelves, behind the niche back wall or in showcases, put the kitchen equipment skilfully in scene and provide a very special atmosphere.With our guide and a kitchen expert at your side, you realize your cozy and functional fitted kitchen equipment in the pitched roof.


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