The color of the kitchen set: how to choose a multi-colored kitchen, practical, beautiful, and fashionable – the latest popular trends

Before making cardinal changes in your kitchen, you should decide in advance: where to equip the working area, where to lay communications, and what style of the interior to recreate in the room. But, one of the very first things to choose is the color of the kitchen.

Which kitchen color to choose

Which kitchen color to choose? Limit yourself to one or make an interesting combination. And how they will be combined with the interior. Read about it in our article.

Different tones can affect a particular person in different ways. When choosing the right color for decorating a room, you should listen to your feelings.

When choosing a color, you need to proceed not only from what color you like, but also from the size of the room, the location of the windows, the style of the kitchen, and even the psychological type of the household.

Here are a few rules that you can rely on when choosing the color of the kitchen:

  • for design in a small area, it is better to choose pastel, light colors;
  • it is better not to paint large kitchens in one tone so that the room does not look empty – beat the main color with a contrasting splash;
  • kitchens facing the sunny side can be slightly smoothed out with a cold range, then the color will not seem too flashy;
  • the dark color scheme of the interior should not be chosen as the main one, especially if the kitchen is small. But at the same time, the kitchen-studio with a stylish black set looks original;
  • to add warmth and comfort to the kitchen, choose a yellow-brown range.

But at the same time, you need to choose based on your preferences. If you really want to have a bright kitchen, but its size does not allow you to use rich colors – make a few contrasting strokes that will enliven the room.

Among the huge palette of colors, there are several of the most popular. Which are used with pleasure by both professional designers and simple housewives. Perhaps your favorite color is among them. The feng shui meaning of flowers is here.


Many consider gray to be boring and inconspicuous, but at the same time it is an excellent base for combining two or more kitchen tones. Gray will become the very bridge that perfectly combines warm and cold colors, creating a harmonious interior.

Which kitchen color to choose

As the main color for the kitchen, gray is rarely chosen, although, in recent years, designers have increasingly chosen it when decorating rooms.

The gray color goes well primarily with modern styles: high-tech, loft, minimalism, constructivism, avant-garde.

Which kitchen color to choose

Modern styles in steel gray look great

But light shades of gray can be used to design a kitchen in a discreet English style, classic, Empire, or Provence.

Gray color is chosen by restrained people who have a goal in life, love regularity and do not accept adventurism.

Make beige

Which kitchen color to choose

Beige kitchen most often in a classic style

Beige color in the kitchen is increasingly common. Still, a light range, especially in a small space, looks advantageous. In addition, this color is perfect for a kitchen with north-facing windows.

But so that such a kitchen does not seem too pale, it must be diluted with other, contrasting combinations. A combination of beige and red, beige and chocolate, or beige and green is good.

Almost all styles are suitable for beige kitchens, except for high-tech and techno, which are often decorated in cold colors.

But the most common beige kitchens in the classic style.

Which kitchen color to choose

This kitchen will never seem empty.

But if you combine beige with blue, and add bottles decorated with twine, you will get a nautical style.

Which kitchen color to choose

Wicker furniture, striped tablecloth and beige and blue walls

Beige will be a winning color in any interior, so if you can’t finally decide on a range, choose a pastel palette. In addition, beige can be easily diversified with a bright patchwork apron.

Make black

Which kitchen color to choose

Black kitchen looks classy

Choosing black color for the kitchen should be careful. On the one hand, the black kitchen looks very stylish and original, but on the other hand, you risk getting a gloomy room. Therefore, carefully consider the choice of details:

  • choose a set with glossy facades;
  • among the finishes, it is also good to use shiny surfaces, these can be crystal chandeliers, for an art deco kitchen, mirrors, tempered glass apron, chrome chairs or glossy tiles on the floor;
  • to make the interior look more interesting, dilute the black with bright decor.
Which kitchen color to choose

Most often, black is combined with red, white or beige.

Black kitchen is suitable for brave people, adventurers in life who are not afraid of experiments.

Paint blue

Which kitchen color to choose

Blue is a cool color that fits well in a small kitchen.

The blue kitchen always creates an atmosphere of coolness and spaciousness, which is why owners of small-sized kitchens love this color so much. Light, blue gamma seems to push the walls, turning the ceiling into the sky. Such a kitchen goes especially well with the glossy facades of the kitchen set.

Blue color reduces appetite and is perfect for those who are struggling with their appetite.

The blue color is found in high-tech kitchens, minimalism, modern classics.

But at the same time, this color is one of the basic colors for Provence or Shabby Chic interiors.

Which kitchen color to choose

A tree painted blue looks like this in French

One of the main disadvantages of blue is that it fades very quickly and the kitchen takes on a dirty yellow tint.

Orange kitchen set, wall

Which kitchen color to choose

Orange – gives joy

Bright sunny color that will not leave anyone indifferent. Such a bright dining room will make you smile once again and enjoy even minor events. An orange wallpaper design is perfect for a room where there is not enough sunlight, but if the room is small, it should be combined with yellow or white.

Which kitchen color to choose

Japanese style in orange

Such cuisine is chosen by cheerful people with a firm life position. Interestingly, this is perhaps the only style that looks advantageous only in a modern interior.

Red color for fashion

Which kitchen color to choose

Red – bright passionate, but when there is a lot of it, it is a little depressing

A very complex color psychologically. In a monochrome red interior, many may feel uncomfortable. Despite the brightness, the color is depressing and after a while it simply starts to annoy. Therefore, it is recommended to dilute the bright red tone with a calmer decor, or contrasting floor and ceiling finishes.

Red is the color of passion and irresistibility, so if you are a romantic person, you should not choose it for your kitchen. And if you want to add bright notes, decorate the dinette with bright pillows or buy red dishes.

Brown headset

Which kitchen color to choose

Brown is perceived as natural wood

This color and all its multifaceted palette is associated exclusively with comfort and home. That is why so often housewives choose a brown set for the kitchen or lay brown linoleum on the floor.

Which kitchen color to choose

Beautiful classic kitchen.

This color looks especially advantageous in ethnic cuisine styles: chalet, Provence, country, Moroccan style, Egyptian. The latter, although they include a bright palette of colors, but brown remains one of the basic shades.

Which kitchen color to choose

But a beautiful combination of brown and green.

Brown is rarely used alone, more often it is combined as an additional color for green, beige, white, pink. It can also be combined with light or dark shades of its tone: chocolate and beige, golden and coffee.

Modern nice green

Which kitchen color to choose

Immediately breathes such calmness and relaxation

A green kitchen will breathe freshness and lightness into the room. For many, greenery is associated with the forest, so it’s even easier to breathe in green. Eco style is one of the best solutions for a green kitchen.

Which kitchen color to choose

Eco style kitchen

Also, greenish shades can be used in a classic style, Provence, country.

Which kitchen color to choose


In addition, this is one of the best relaxing flowers, on which both the eye and the soul rest. If you want peace in the kitchen, choose green.

popular now yellow

Which kitchen color to choose

Yellow kitchen is very sunny

Yellow color fell in love with its sunshine. Moreover, this is one of the few colors that people of any age are happy to choose. The yellow color can be both small and large, and in the first case, the color will expand the boundaries, but in the second, on the contrary, it will fill the void and add a bit of comfort.

This color is suitable for both modern interiors and classic yellow.

Fits well in vintage, retro or country kitchens.

Which kitchen color to choose

For a small kitchen, yellow is what you need

Another advantage of the yellow kitchen is that the color practically does not fade. The kitchen will remain as sunny and bright for many years to come. And besides, in such a kitchen the yellowed ceiling from hot steam will not be swept up.

White in interior design is always fashionable

Which kitchen color to choose

In a white kitchen, it is important not to turn it into an operating room.

But for many, many years now, white has remained the most popular color both in clothes and in the interior.
Color has many advantages:

  • goes well with any range;
  • will fit into any interior, whether it is white in the Scandinavian style or the majestic Empire style;
  • does not get bored;
  • suitable for any psychotype of a person;
  • easy decor.
Which kitchen color to choose

White kitchen in ethno style

But there is one small drawback – it is the most easily soiled. On white furniture, stains and scratches are noticeable like no other. All the drops are visible on the white walls. A white tablecloth after a sloppy dinner needs to be washed. But, despite this, white is still in the lead and remains one of the most popular colors that can be painted in kitchen interior decoration.

It is worth remembering that choosing a trendy color/color for the kitchen now, you will encounter it every day. And therefore, the color should be the personification of your soul, not only in fashion but at the same time it is important to correctly combine it with the kitchen interior itself. Read how to make a great black and white kitchen design here.


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