Plastic chairs for the kitchen: colored and transparent plastic chairs in the interior

Plastic chair: colored plastic chairs for the kitchen, a plastic chair in the interior, a transparent table and a stool

The choice of kitchen furniture is very important: it should not only be comfortable for cooking and family gatherings but also meet aesthetic requirements. The interior of the kitchen and its “atmosphere” as a whole depends on it. When choosing kitchen furniture, special attention should be paid to the material from which it is made. It depends on him how durable and high-quality items will serve their owners. Wood and metal have proven themselves in the kitchen, but modern furniture manufacturers offer us to look at tables and chairs made of plastic (plastic) – a light, practical and easy-to-use material.

Plastic furniture in the kitchen

With the advent of plastic furniture, people no longer have the question of how to spend holidays in the fresh air and how to gather the whole family at one table on the street. But plastic tables and chairs turned out to be so practical and convenient to use that today they can easily be seen in the kitchen of many owners of houses and apartments.

The range of plastic furniture for the kitchen is very wide: large tables so that the whole family can gather, small breakfast tables, bar stools, kitchen corners, stools, and armchairs.

There are even children’s tables made of plastic, which provide comfort for the child and his parents.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the unusual designs of some models. If you wish, you can buy chairs of an unusual shape – with curved backs or seats that smoothly flow into “legs” – and surprise all guests and relatives.

Advantages and disadvantages

Plastic furniture, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include the following:

  1. Low price. If the budget does not allow you to purchase kitchen furniture made of expensive material, and a table and chairs are urgently needed in the kitchen, plastic is what you need. Price and quality are perfectly combined in this furniture;
  2. Easy to move and store. Plastic furniture is very light – even a child can lift it. Tables and chairs are very convenient to move from the kitchen to the living room and for this it is not at all necessary to have remarkable strength. If necessary, chairs or stools can be stacked. Due to the fact that they fold one into one, furniture for a small dining room takes up less space;
  3. Wide choose. The modern furniture market offers a wide variety of colors and shapes of models made of plastic. Some tables and chairs have an interesting texture that imitates natural materials: wood, marble and metal;
  4. Durability and practicality. Under the influence of moisture, it does not deform, does not swell and does not lose its original appearance. Such furniture is also not subject to corrosion or decay processes.

Tidying up plastic furniture and removing dirt from its surface is not difficult. To do this, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Disadvantages of plastic furniture:

plastic kitchen furniture

Plastic chairs are interesting and fashionable furniture in a modern kitchen.

  1. Possibility of mechanical damage. Over time, scratches can appear on plastic tables. To prevent this from happening, their surface must be protected with a tablecloth or oilcloth. Furniture can also crack from a strong impact;
  2. Possibility of damage from low temperatures or direct sunlight. Plastic furniture exposed to direct sunlight may deform, i.e. melt. And tables and chairs in bright colors can lose their color. A sharp decrease in the temperature in the room leads to the fact that the plastic bursts;
  3. The material is not natural. When buying plastic furniture for the kitchen, especially tables and chairs, you need to ask the seller for a certificate of product quality. The appropriate section should indicate the degree of toxicity of items;
  4. Plastic is not a universal material. This means that not all interiors will fit such furniture. In particular, this applies to classical styles. By the way, here you can read what wallpapers are suitable for classic cuisine. But for the design of the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or pop art, plastic chairs and tables will come in handy.
plastic kitchen chairs

Plastic furniture is not necessarily cheap garden stools, there are also expensive options.

The highest quality plastic is considered to be the one that is made from acrylic and methacrylic acids, and products made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, are of average quality. To ensure safety, it is also recommended to ventilate the kitchen more often and place plastic furniture away from heating appliances.

Variety of plastic chairs, stools and armchairs

The production of plastic chairs has long reached a new level. Manufacturers of furniture made from this material use the latest technologies that make chairs almost weightless, comfortable, compact, and incredibly beautiful. The variety of colors and shapes can amaze the imagination, and for this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to give preference to one or another set of chairs for the kitchen or living room.


Colored plastic chairs are always appropriate in the kitchen. They, like other furniture made from this material, are light, simple, and pleasing to the eye, thanks to their bright colors.

In addition to their brightness, such chairs often have an unusual, avant-garde shape.

Translucent chairs or stools made of colored plastic will become a bright and original accent in the kitchen and a wonderful decoration for the living room.

The shades of plastic are so diverse that it has become much easier to choose furniture that would be in harmony with the kitchen set or wall decoration materials. The buyer will find the furniture of the color that is required.

Transparent plastic

Transparent chairs, armchairs, and stools look unusual, stylish, and relevant. They are equally well suited for a large living room dining room and the interiors of a small kitchen. Moreover, in the space of the latter, they will seem almost weightless, they will beautifully refract light and at the same time perform their main function.

plastic kitchen furniture

Transparent plastic looks especially good in modern kitchens.

Transparent plastic furniture blends harmoniously with the interior of the kitchen, made in the style of a loft, avant-garde or high-tech. The main thing is to choose the right shape and add the right accessories to complete the composition.

Plastic transparent stools and chairs are made of thermoplastic. Typically, manufacturers use polycarbonate or polymethyl methacrylate. They are very practical and resistant to scratches and minor mechanical damage. Most transparent chairs are made entirely of plastic.

Some models have metal legs or a frame.

However, behind the beautiful outer side of the furniture, its functionality should still stand. On any of the purchased transparent models, whether it be an armchair, a stool, or a bar stool, in the first place, it should be comfortable to sit.

Interior furniture: table, chair, stool

For the interior of the kitchen to look stylish and harmonious, it is necessary to choose the right shape of the chairs. They should go well not only with all other kitchen items but above all, look harmoniously with the dining table.

plastic kitchen chairs

Chairs can be an interesting design move, such a highlight of the interior

If the entire interior of the kitchen is furnished with wooden furniture and the table is also wooden, then plastic chairs or armchairs, the design of which resembles natural wood, will look appropriate.

plastic kitchen furniture

It is difficult to make the shape of such a chair from wood, but it is easy from plastic.

But best of all, plastic chairs are like glass, plastic tables, as well as tables made of MDF, PVC panels pasted over, which are ideal for PVC aprons.

Some models of chairs, stools, or armchairs have a seat covered with fabric. Such unusual newfangled models will become a real highlight of the interior and will fit even into a strict classical style. They can be placed not only in the kitchen but also in the living room and even in the bedroom.


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Colored plastic care

Original and comfortable plastic stools and chairs are good because they require a minimum of maintenance.

If the chair is made entirely of this material, then to clean the surface from stains, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Manufacturers of the best plastic furniture today are Italian, Turkish, and Russian companies. The former produce luxury furniture, which often has elegant carvings and a metal frame. And you can read about how to choose high-quality Ikea stools in our article.

Other manufacturers cannot yet boast of such a wide selection of plastic tables and chairs, but “regular” models are much cheaper.

Whether or not to buy plastic, plastic furniture for the kitchen is up to the owners of the house to decide. But after weighing all the pros and cons, it can be argued that plastic furniture is what will give the kitchen multi-colored lightness, beauty, and functionality.


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