What wallpaper is better for the kitchen: what color, what pattern to choose

In the kitchen, we, as a rule, spend quite a lot of time. There we create culinary masterpieces and have family breakfasts, we rarely take a guest or just hang out in a warm family environment. It is for this reason that you always want to visually “tie” the kitchen to the “living space”, making it even more comfortable and homely, although with all the facilities of the workers ‘workers’ household

What are they

Wallpaper for the kitchen as a covering material for walls is chosen quite often. And although this material is not the most practical, but with a great visual component, like one of the most important advantages of wallpaper, it is difficult to argue . Therefore, it remains for us to choose more durable versions of wallpaper – with a vinyl covering or washable wallpaper for the kitchen.

If it is difficult to deal with this alone, first consult with the seller and be sure to let him know about the kitchen you choose. A good specialist will not even offer you samples that require careful care and maximum care in handling them .

How to combine

  • tape the same wallpaper over the entire range of visible surfaces
  • combining wallpaper with different colors or shades of certain zones
  • Combine background and decorative wallpapers from one collection

Where can you glue

  • by sample of walls;
  • on a kitchen apron;
  • in the dining area.

After the wallpaper has been cut and the kitchen is installed, order a transparent glass apron of the size you need in the master’s room. As a result, you will get an absolutely clean kitchen, which uses only wallpaper on the

Where not

  • on the ceiling;
  • behind the stove.

There is a lot of fumes, condensate and temperature changes in the kitchen. It is best to protect yourself from unforeseen risks and unplanned repairs and simply align the ceiling and paint it.

Design options


One-color wallpaper often has a sleek, almost unremarkable texture, imitating paint or plaster . They are an excellent background for wall decor (picture, bra, luminaire, panno or mirror).

plain wallpaper for the kitchen

This is what plain wallpaper for the kitchen looks like

Having covered the kitchen with one-color wallpaper, you can not be afraid to overload the interior. Here you need to keep track of only the illumination – than the room light, the larger spectrum of colors you can use painlessly in this zone.

If in the creation of the interior you use complex colors, and you can not find the desired shade in the finished form, you will come to help in the background. The joints after painting are practically invisible, the texture is preserved. In the finished form, you will receive an excellent basis for any of a thousand flowers according to the fan of the paint manufacturer. And this, you agree, has a huge potential for working out and beautifully formatting walls and combining.

Geometric drawing

In the working area of ​​the kitchen, as a rule, clear lines predominate, therefore the geometrical drawing, the cell here will look very comfortable.

wallpaper for the kitchen with a geometric pattern

Wallpaper for the kitchen with a geometric pattern

Use squares, circles, polygons, rims. Similar, at first glance, primitive patterns, look stylishly in modern interiors.

You can find out about modern kitchen design ideas here.


The strip can be monochromatic and contrasting, colored or monochromatic. It can vary in width, rhythm and density of the pattern . Being one of the simplest and at the same time uncommonly attractive for the work of materials, the strip does not give up positions and at all times is happy with new colors

wallpaper for the kitchen with a geometric pattern

The most commonly used monochrome stripe

One of the most recent currents can be called the “textured” strip. This combination in the wallpaper of paper, wool, leather, fine glass sand, stones or rubbers.

You can find out about Provence-style wallpaper for the kitchen here.


Tsvetnye razvody, vertikalnye and gorizontalnye line razlichnyh proportsiyah and kombinatsiyah – odnim slovom, tsvetovye pyatna, kotorye sozdayut nastroenie, Nr ne imeyut chetko vyrazhennogo risunka . Looking at such a wallpaper design, we do not concentrate on figures and outlines, but we improve the color rendering.

wallpaper for the kitchen with abstraction

Wallpaper for the kitchen with abstraction

It is necessary to handle such prints carefully and use them in a modest amount, because as an abstracted drawing is sufficiently saturated and heavy. Be careful not to overload the interior.

You can find out about acrylic facades for the kitchen by clicking on this link.

Floristic motives

These are all possible floral and plant motives with intertwining flowers, leaves, berries, etc. The design of such wallpapers rarely looks very feminine .

Floristic motives

These wallpapers are suitable in combination with high quality historical furniture.

It is necessary to treat men’s tastes and looks with due respect and be sure to take a look at how much we will accept such a pattern for them and whether every member of the family will like


Prints on wallpaper are often a heritage of ancient cultures. Modern and stylized, ornaments, patterns and symbols move from collection to collection. These are French lilies, and Arabesque, and Damascus pattern, and many other patterns, which are already hundreds and thousands of years old .

historical pattern kitchen wallpaper

Wallpaper for the kitchen with a historical pattern

At present, eastern motives are especially relevant. There are many complex geometrical weaves and unusual figures, which combine in themselves many lines of different thickness and shades of flowers. They are often colorful and very saturated.

As you can see, the functional assignment of the room does not limit you in any way in the implementation of interesting ideas and their ambitions. Remember that everything should be in place and do not forget about the practicality, and everything else is a matter of taste.

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