Smoothie king recipes at home

The habit of drinking smoothies is the best for living healthier lives. The most premium option is to make smoothie king recipes at home. It leads you towards an active work routine. This smoothie has beneficial nutrition and provides you with a delicious taste.

Moreover, the king smoothies contain natural ingredients. It is the best alternative to the immediate consumption of food in drinks. Further, if you are a sports person, you should add it to your daily diet.

Unique and easy to follow recipes

The smoothie king recipes are uncountable. And, all are in good taste and ensure the health of the body. We will provide you with some interesting recipes that you should try. When you make any one of them, you will make sure the healthy lives of the body.

1. Smoothies King Caribbean Way Recipe  

It is a refreshing smoothie. All the major ingredients are sweet fruits. The ingredients used in it are excellent to give the best copycat drink. The Caribbean way is the most suitable for making different refreshing and colder smoothies. You can make it in any month of the year, especially the summer season, as we all know that the yummy taste will encourage us to drink. It is much similar to a tropical paradise. If you want thicker king Caribbean, you have to use frozen fruits.


Papaya nectar of 2 cups

Two medium-size bananas

Turbinado sugar of ¼ cup

Strawberries of three cups


A high-quality blender is necessary equipment for smooth blending. Put all ingredients in it and then cover it. Blend it until all the fruits mix well.

After that, add ice. The measurement of ice can also depend on your desire. When the mixture becomes smooth, it is great to serve instantly.

Smoothie king recipes at home

2. Smoothies King Island Impact Recipe

This copycat smoothie king has the best refreshing taste of tropical taste. The most extraordinary thing about it is that it has a large quantity of protein. We will show you the easiest way of its making. It will need only six minutes. You can serve it to three persons at a time. This American cuisine has 430kcal.


2 cups of mango (cut into small pieces)

2/3 cup of apple juice

2 cup pineapples

2/3 cup papaya juice

2 cups of ice cubes


Put all fruits and juice in the container. Always add ice in the last. Then, blend for two minutes to get a smooth consistency.

Pour it in the glass for instantly serving. If you want to drink later, store it in the refrigerator.

3. Strawberry Banana Recipe

The combination of strawberries with banana is one of the favorite ones for all children. They will happily drink it and also gain the best nutrient and vitamins. It is in refreshing pink color. The total time for its making is only eight to ten minutes.


10 oz strawberries

7 oz banana

2 cups of milk

4 tbsp of caster sugar

2 cups ice

1tsp of vanilla extract


Take a high-powered blender. Combine all ingredients except ice in the container for one minute at high speed.

Now, add ice to it and again blend for a minimum of one minute. You will get the smooth results of it.

Pour it in the tall grass and then server. You will be happy to see how quickly you make it in a very short time.

4. Keto Champ Chocolate Recipe

This recipe includes in the list of the smoothie king menu. It is specific for all chocolate lover kids. They will love it and want to drink it daily. 


Almond milk of 3 cups

3 tbsp cacao powder 

One scoop collagen boost 

3 tbsp almond butter 

1 cup ice 


Place all ingredients in the blender. Blend until it becomes smoother. Serve it into a beautiful glass and enjoy it. 

If you do not have cacao powder, you can also use dark chocolate. 

5. Coffee High Protein Almond Mocha Recipe

The best part of this recipe is that it combines coffee, dates, almonds, etc. The cacao powder gives a yummier taste. This drink will need only five minutes for its complete preparation. The calories are 638kcal.


1 cup coffee

¼ cup almonds

Vanilla protein powder of ½ cup

Two dates

One cup ice

Unsweetened almond milk

Collagen boost (optional)


Place all food items in the container and blend for one minute. After 1 minute, you will see the smooth consistency.

Put it in the glass. If you want to drink it later, store it properly in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

6. Smoothies king for weight loss

It is a fantastic way to reduce the extra weight of the body. There is no additional sweetener. The green vegetables help you with weight loss. Even, it is full of protein but not with extra calories. You will prepare it in only five minutes.


Spinach of two cup

Mango chunks of 1 cup

Frozen bananas of 1 cup

The cinnamon ground of ½ tsp

Unsweetened almond milk of 2 cup

Protein powder of 2/3 cup

2 cups of ice


Put all the above food items in the container and then process them quickly.

The high speed will provide you the good consistency.

Pour it in the glass jug and then serve.

7. Island impact smoothie at home

If you are finding the weight watcher recipe, this place is perfect for you. It is full of fruits and healthier proteins. You can add non-artificial enhancers to this recipe. We love to make it because it is with few calories. If you are too conscious about your healthy diet, then drink it. Furthermore, it efficiently helps you in the achievement of fitness aims.


Two glass pineapples (cut into chopping style)

Four tablespoons turbinado sugar

One glass of apple blueberry juice

Two glass mango chunks

One glass of papaya juice

Half glass ice-cubes or water

One glass protein blend


Add pineapples, mango pieces, sugar to the container. Then, pour water on them. Mix them for 1 to 2 minutes.

After finely blending, put the juices of papaya & blueberry with the protein. Now, it’s time to do again blending at high speed. You will get perfect texture after two minutes.

If you like more crunchiness, add some ice cubes. It is as per your favorite taste.

8. Smoothie king recipe pineapple surf

This great taste is with the wealthiest flavors and nutrients. It comprises all natural fruits that are healthier. This copycat method is to easier prepare it in your house at an affordable price. You will know about the easy preparation of pineapple surf.


Chopped pineapple of two cups

1 cup strawberries

Two teaspoons of brown sugar

Kiwi apple juice of two cups

1 cup of milk

Ice cubes for serving


Put the strawberries in the tray. Leave them for two hours in the freezer. It will help in the making of thickening textures.

Add the frozen strawberries with all other food items in the blending jar.

Blend them for two minutes. When you notice the smooth consistency, it is good to serve.

Put some ice cubes in the glass and then pour this mixture. Your tasty pineapple surf drink is ready.

9. Smoothies king recipe hulk

This smoothie recipe is the simpler one. Most of the time, I love to make it in the house whenever some guests come. In general, it is also the best option for those who want the development of their muscles. Besides, it helps enhance weight. If you are a gym person, you should drink it daily to get enough energy for the next workout. The reason is that the main ingredient used in it is the hulk. The hulk consists of a mixture of protein powder and a flavor of ice cream. It works as a weight gainer. You have choices of numerous flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc.


Three bananas (frozen)

Four tablespoons sugar

Two tablespoons of protein powder

Four tablespoons pecan butter

Two teaspoons of chocolate flavor

Half glass soy milk

Ice-cubes (as per your desire)


First, put butter with soy milk and blend for one minute.

Second, add all remaining ingredients to the blender.

Third, secure its lid and then blend at high speed. It will take only one minute the complete blending.

Pour it into a jug and then serve it to your loved ones. You can use different flavors every time you make it and enjoy the best experiences.

10. Smoothie king recipes peanut power plus

It is one of the amazing drinks for breakfast due to its healthy and energizing quality. You will prepare it in your budget. Without spending a lot of cash, you will drink it at an affordable price in your home. It requires only a few ingredients to get the outcome of a thicker texture. It makes the immune system more vital for everyone.


Peanut butter of four tbsp

Two medium sizes of bananas

Two scoops chocolate flavor of protein

Half cup of non-fat yogurt

Four dates


Put everything in the blender’s jar. Securely tight its lid and blend smoothly.

Pour it into the glass and serve.

11. Smoothie king recipes slim and trim

Chocolate lovers will love it. It is one of the creamiest chocolate shakes. Many of the youth want to develop muscles. They should drink it daily and see its best results in building muscles. The calories in it are 320kcal.


Frozen slice of one banana

Use non-fat milk of one cup

Half cup of chocolate protein powder

2 tbsp stevia

3 tbsp of cacao powder

Ice cubes


Place every ingredient in the blender’s container. The consistency becomes smooth after two minutes.

Pour it and enjoy its yummier results.  

12. Smoothie king recipes angel food

 The angel food smoothie is the best for all the lovers of drinking juice. Even it’s one sip will give the most refreshing taste. And, you will feel that as you will at the sunny beaches. The high-powered blender gives you the best consistency of the king angel texture.


Two ripe bananas

Turbinado sugar of three tablespoons

One cup ice cubes

Two cups strawberries

Three tablespoons dry milk powder

Half glass water


Remove all the stems from the strawberries. Cut the bananas into small pieces. After that, add all ingredients to the blender.

Make sure that you securely close the lid. You can add more water to get your favorite consistency.

Pour it in glasses and serve immediately. This method is for the serving of two persons in just five minutes.

The ice cubes are great to add water because they give a crunchier taste.

Tips for making it At home

There is the various tip of smoothie king smoothies. All of these tips are for enhancing the taste. By following them, you will enable to prepare excellent drinks.

  • The essential tip is to always use frozen chunked fruits.
  • If you have fresh fruits, cut them and put them in the bag. Store in the freezer and then use them in the recipes.
  • The high-powered blender is crucial to efficiently handle any sort of tough ingredients.
  • Many of us want to drink in the morning. For this purpose, you can prepare before one night and put it in the glass jar.
  • You can add any of your favorite fruit and vegetable. Do experiments with different combinations of food items.
  • If you want to enhance the energy, add nutritious protein powders.

Which sugar is best to use in recipes?

You can use both regular and turbinado sugar. Turbinado sugar considers as raw sugar. Due to its being less processed, it provides health advantages compared to white sugar. Hence, it is more suitable for the making of drinks.

Final Thoughts

All recipes ensure to provide you with a large variety of healthy drinks. It enables you to change your lifestyle to be more active and energetic. We prefer these recipes due to their unlimited amazing health benefits. With benefits, you will enjoy good tasty flavors. You can easily try any one of them in your house. Even you can make different drinks daily.


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